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2012 Pac Cup - E.T.
Navigators Don't Drive...
ET Navigator
07/22/2012, Pacific Ocean

Apparently it's tradition to let the Navigator drive if&when you get in first place. Big day today because the Pac-Cup Daily Report shows E.T. in first place today...we are still trying to verify this onboard with much discussion about Rhumblines & Great-Circle Routes & handicap systems. First place was nothing to do with me though - it was the Drivers last night who put it together thru all the weird squally lumpy stuff. On E.T. of course we all have to stand our watch coz we only have 4 people...but I still have my training wheels on. An Antrim27 is a lot like a Laser but very different too. A27 carves differently on a wave because of the keel...also rather handy for not capsizing and I'm starting to wonder if one might be class legal on a Laser? But Antrims do go sideways if you mis-time something. I am terrified I'll break our Toy if I go sideways and spoil the ride for everyone. Good News is James & Tony are gonna offer some coaching on going fast while avoiding the other. Who knows maybe I'll get it together before we get to Hawaii? Simon :)

2012 Pacific Cup
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Oh What a Night

Last night after dinner we had a discussion about whether to drop the large spinnaker and go to the small one because the wind typically gets stronger after dark. After heated dialog, it was agreed that we would stay with the large kite for awhile and then I would make the call. When I finally said we would go to the small sail, two people were unhappy for different reasons. This morning, only one isn't happy. But, that's life. Today we are dodging squalls, trying to stay to the left of those on our right, and staying away from the ones on our left. Working so far, and looking forward to this morning's position report in about an hour. Hope everything is going well for all of you. Next task is to let people sleep. I'm off to relieve Simon. Cheers, All..

2012 Pacific Cup
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07/22/2012 | Don English
Been following your progress on the Pac-Cup tracker. with all boats displayed it y'all look like little swimmy sperm heading out across the briny blue. Today it looks like you're making good way.
07/22/2012 | cheryl antrim
WOOHOO-ET U R looking TERRIFIC! Happy there is harmony,again. Sending U good speed.HAVE FUNNN!CHeryl
07/22/2012 | Paul Dietrich
Very well done! Keep pushing... safely please. I'm sure Simon is keeping everyone smiling. Fun is what it's all about. Winning doesn't hurt, though.
Out of the Low

We have finally broken out of the low that was controlling the CA coast, have the big kite up and bebopping along toward HI. Folks are feeling more hopeful about arriving before our planes leave and Linda and LeeAnn go home without us. Want to thank them for the food they put together and LeeAnn for the cookies. I hope they were good...Simon ate all of them. I think he finds this navigating thing more stressful than his real job.

Only casualty so far has been the flying fish that landed on deck and someone squished when they sat on the poor little guy. I thought I did a really good job of cleaning the boat, but this morning I found a half bag of almonds from 2008. They became fish food.

Cheers from all of us on our little world. Tony

2012 Pacific Cup
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07/21/2012 | cheryl antrim
Almonds dated '08 wud be considered fresh in our pantry, T! ET must be very happy to be flying the BIG kite.Don't stop til you taste that first mai tai..Sail On, Cheryl
07/21/2012 | Paul Dietrich
Glad to hear you're in kite flying weather. 14 more days... I don't think so! Time for some double digit scheds. Enjoy the ride.
07/22/2012 | tom montoya
Your own almost 28 foot world. Good for you guys and gal Tony.

Big kite sounds good.
07/22/2012 | Liz Menis
flying fish are tasty fried, if you find them before the sun does, assuming you have a frying pan on board. Are you letting all the tasty Mahi mahi and tuna swim under your hull.
Sail fast, sail safe, eat cookies.
ET Day #3
ET - Sherry and crew
07/20/2012, GC-Route...

From 2-6am this morning, we tried to catch a single white dot ahead of us -- this game is huge when sailing in a blanket of grey fog all night. In spite of the challenging night driving and light breeze conditions, ET is moving along nicely under white sails between 6-8 knots just itching for her kite to go up. Seen 20+ dolphins and 2 ships and yesterday we shouted out to our bigger competition crossing barely ahead. The chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies are gone, please notify the coast guard to arrange a provision drop.

2012 Pacific Cup
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07/20/2012 | Sue Senescu
HI. Your communications is working well and great to hear from you. I haven't been watching the weather faxes nor would I tell you, but us know when you get to the first spin set and then the ridge crossing. Not much to report from the real world really. Let's see.. Today, July 20, in 1969, Neil and Buzz landed on the moon. Fellow explorers. Good Luck. - Sue
07/20/2012 | Linda English
Sherry, you have your priorities straight. Cookies, cookies, cookies.
07/20/2012 | Paul Dietrich
We're keeping an eye on you and wishing a safe and fun ride. Can't wait to see the dailys when the breeze builds and goes a bit more aft. Does Simon smell, yet? :)
07/21/2012 | cheryl antrim
Go,ET,Go!!Sorry to hear about your cookies!
To Set or Not...
ET - Navigator
07/19/2012, GC-Route...

Lovely Day on the Water... 8kts of steady wind from 340-350 which is AWA 065 for us. Delighted to run the Daily Position Report & find we ALL chose the GC-Route - phew! We have a wind shift coming but it takes 2days to Shift. So we have been struggling with whether to Set or Not. We tried it once today & ended up heading to Mexico. So we promptly took it down & Tony announced we'll try again tomorrow...which has folks testy every time the Wind shifts past 350! Tried the E.T. Commode tonight... Big relief in more ways than one :) There is something quite liberating about hanging your butt over 10,000ft of water. But we do have to clip-on - Boat Rule. OK...back to the Grind. I think I'm on Watch at 12midnight? Simon :)

2012 Pacific Cup
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07/20/2012 | LeeAnn
For those that are not quite boat savvy, he's talking about setting the spinnaker sail. You put that up when you are going down wind. It's fast, comfortable and they are quite looking forward to sliding down wind on a plane (if the wind picks up from the right direction).
Who's On First???
ET - Navigator
07/19/2012, GC-Route

Started Watches 6pm approaching the Farallones Sherry's on first? the Schedule! James&Simon are on first. Then James goes Off at 6pm and Tony comes On at Simon is all alone on First - Damn!

2012 Pacific Cup
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07/19/2012 | Linda English
You need to fire the person who made the schedule. I hear he made 2 scheudles so you might want try the other one.

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