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Sailing in Abundance - Live Your Dream
"Third Star to the Right"
Leaving Buzzards Bay - First Passage
David - S 20-25 knots, 47 F, ebb tide
11/25/2011, Onset Bay, Massachusetts

We determined to set off with the high tide and had to top off the water tanks. We moved the boat to Onset Marina and filled them there. John and Juli came with Little John to wish us off from there.

We headed out of the bay, and entered the Hog Island Channel where we were greeted with steep tall swells occasionally breaking right in the main channel because there was a south wind directly against the outgoing tide. This gave us a chance to find out where the boat leaked - happily, the dodger proved to be dry when we took a layer of green water over the bow time and again. The leaky chainplate area of the deck shipped a lot of water into the boat, but otherwise we were fine. The swells slowed us to 4 knots or less when they would hit us but the Lehman kept pushing us ahead.

The wind proved to be right on our nose for the whole 44 hour passage to Atlantic City so we didn't bother with sails until the next leg to Norfolk.

Our Sunday sunrise arrival at Atlantic City was welcomed by the reflection of sunlight from the hotel/casinos and reminded us of Las Vegas. We stormed into Absecon Inlet at over 8 knots over the ground on the flood tide and tied up at Gardner's marina which was closed, and didn't open for the two days we were there...

We later moved to the Golden Nugget marina where it cost $100 per night, not bad - and we were handy to the casino for food and transportion. We waited for a weather window for two nights, and then the high pressure came - so we sailed out on Thursday morning around 0700, a week after Thanksgiving bound for Norfolk.

12/06/2011 | Juli
what a beautiful boat !
Thanksgiving Eve Closing
Overcast and Getting Colder
11/22/2011, Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts

On Monday, we motored to Kingman Yacht Center for the survey and all went very well except the forward sling impinged on the rub rail on the starboard side and opened a crack that runs about 15 feet along the underside of the rail. We will need to seal it ASAP, but for now it seems to be no problem.

Once we accepted the boat after survey, tons of things had to be done. My funds from my 457 deferred compensation account had to be wired into escrow for the closing, which was scheduled for Tuesday, the 22nd. We had to secure insurance, buy a liferaft, a dinghy and a new outboard for the dinghy.

I had Al Golden, president of IMIS (Jackline policy) standing by for the insurance binder, and we had someone at the credit union watching for the incoming deposit from Hartford. We hurried to West Marine where we had already had the manager, Todd, bring in a HP-350 dinghy - Yvonne wanted the larger model at 11.5 feet. We had taken a ride in John and Juli's HP-310 and I thought 10 feet would be fine, but it seemed a bit small for us, so we went for the Hp-350. We also bought a Mercury 9.9 outboard for it so it will move along nicely when we need to cover some distance.

We bought a new LED spotlight that has a red floddlight as well as white, which preserves our night vision. We also bought some engine oil at John's recommendation, for the main engine and the genset. Diesels need their oil like sailors need their rum! Why is that, Captain Ron?

With the dinghy and motor crammed into the rental car, we drove to the survival shop, LRSE We bought a 6-person raft - here's the page:

We jammed that into the rental car and sped off to John and Juli's where they had graciously put us up in their basement apartment.

Somewhere in the midst of this running around on Wednesday, we got a call from the credit union that our funds had arrived. A quick call to Tom Morton, our treasured broker, set the closing in motion. I called Al Golden and he sent a binder to us via email. Tom then called to say WE CLOSED THE DEAL! All this on Thanksgiving eve left us with lots to be thankful for. Our boat buying days came to an end just like that. Now we own a boat and all that goes with it.

John and Juli had us over for a fabulous Thanksgiving feast on Thursday and we all had a fine time, swapping stories and vowing to stay in touch. They want to be able to buy the boat when we are finished cruising!

Survey and Sea Trial
David - Chilly and Brisk weather
11/21/2011, Buzzards Bay Massachusetts

We met John and Juli Thompson at the boat this morning to prepare for the survey and sea trial. Once Jeff Gonsalves, our surveyor arrived, we started the engine and dropped the lines heading for Kingman Yacht Center to haul Lucky Escape for her hull inspection.

John and Juli are wonderful people who have owned and sailed Lucky Escape for over two years and are sad to be selling her, but have made a decision to stop sailing to raise a family, starting with their very young son, only a few months old.

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