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Cruising Active Transport
We left San Francisco on September 7th 2008 and are off to see the world in our Tayana 37 Pilot House cutter.
Active Transport's Photos - Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art
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As with many museums of modern art Brisbane
The best example of the way the gallery building shapes the visitors view of the outside world is the hall with floor to ceiling windows that looks out onto the Kurilpa pedestrian bridge and the city beyone.
Yayoi Kusama is an 80 year old Japanese woman who started becoming artistically active in her 70s.  She designs installations of art that cross a variety of materials and styles.  She is featured in a movie called "Habitual Suicide" where she speaks about her philosophical views.   Its subtitled.  She does not look 80.
Here is one of Kusama
The gallery has an extensive collection of modern works by aboriginal artists.  This photo shows a collection of stylized baskets that were derived from baskets that aboriginal people carried on the backs of their heads.  Like the other exhibits in the gallery, the display was minimalist is concept so the viewer
This photo shows some of the detail of one of the baskets in the previous photo.  The intricate design and workmanship is impressive but no more impressive that a tiny basked I bought for my Mom from an artist named Mama Aka on Palmerston Atoll in the Cook Islands.
In the Sourris collection there were several pieces that were enameled spider webs.  They were very captivating pieces.
This is another of the spider web pieces.
This is a photo in the Sourris collection that really amused us.  Its called Australian Gothic and is an obvious spoof on the Norman Rockwell "American Gothic" but at the same time pokes fun at some Australian idiosyncrasies.
Another photo from the Sourris collection
And one last photo from the Sourris collection
On the hook in Tomales Bay
Who: John and Shawn
Port: San Francisco, California
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