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Cruising Active Transport
We left San Francisco on September 7th 2008 and are off to see the world in our Tayana 37 Pilot House cutter.
Active Transport's Photos - Our Bus Trip to Mulege
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This is a google earth view of the area of Mulege.  We have added labels identifying a few of the features that are shown in the photos included in this album
We got up to the bus station a little early (as it turned out a lot early) and found ourselves with time for breakfast.  So we stopped in at the little restaurant next to the bus station for some breakfast tacos.
This is the inside of the little restaurant complete with the TV for the novellas.

The lady who was cook and waitress was in the back whipping up what turned out to be more than a couple of tacos.  It was actually scrambled eggs with chorisos (sausage), refried beans, rice, and a big stack of tortillas.  So far the rice we have had here in Mexico is much better than the rice we get in Mexican restaurants in the states.
Here is the bus that stopped for the driver
This arch marks the entrance to Mulege.
A lot of Mexican towns have a thing for these gold painted busts of national heros.  Shawn included some pics of the big gold heads in Ensenada in a previous blog entry.  There was nothing with this bust to tell us who it is supposed to be but its probably someone familiar to every Mexican school kid.  The building behind it is vacant and for sale for about $600 a square meter.
This was an interesting house we passed.  The architectural detail is interesting and the satellite dish very typical of the contrasts one sees here.
A bar whose name reflects the high percentage of gringos living in Mulege
We have been seeing campaign advertising for this guy (Che Murillo) since we were in Turtle Bay.  Turtle Bay is withing the municipality of Mulege.  A municipality seems to be something akin to a county in the US only a little bigger geographically due to the lower population density.  It would be a real shame if Che looses since he is obviously outspending the other candidates.
This is the mission church.  It is very well preserved and on a hill overlooking the river bed.  We heard that the river flooded badly last year in a hurricane which would explain why many structures are not built along the river. That
This is the inside of the church.  The photo is a bit off center because I had to hold the camera against a pillar steady it enough to take the picture without a flash.
Another view of the mission church that puts the incredible size of the cactus plants perspective.  There are forests of these plants between the towns.
This lookout platform was built up behind the mission church and provides and excellent view of the riverbed and its forest of date palms.  The town of Mulege is in the background with the tower of the prison building being the most obvious detail.
This is a view of the famous Mulege prison as we walked up a dirt road while following a sign to a museum.  The museum turned out to be closed but we did get to see one of the local dealers deliver a nice package of grass to a lady at the bottom of the hill.  He just tossed it down to her.
Here is a view along the river showing the lush growth along its banks.  There are a lot of fancy gringo houses built along the south side of the river and many were several feet deep in water during the last hurricane.
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This album contains pictures of the junk that Shawn removed from our prop and prop shaft on New Year's Day.
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