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Cruising Active Transport
We left San Francisco on September 7th 2008 and are off to see the world in our Tayana 37 Pilot House cutter.
Active Transport's Photos - La Venta Part
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The area where the Olmec sculptures was discovered in shown by the white outline on this map.
The most famous of the Olmec sculptures are referred to as colossal heads like the one shown here.  These things were up to 6 feet tall.  Most looked like they were wearing helmets so are thought to represent warriors.  The Olmec ruling class intermarried so there are many birth defects shown in their sculptures.  The archeologists tell us that the culture revered birth defects as signs of high status.  The Olmecs also practiced cranial deformation where they shaped the heads of newborn infants to try and make the face look more like that of a Jaguar (revered god/animal).  They also dangled shingy stones right in the middle of the infants
This is a monkey looking up.
A seated figure.  This one had a bad overbite.
An altar with a carved figure
Another colossal head
These were not the best looking folks we have ever seen.  This guy had a hare lip.  The gods were really smiling on him.
This one is thought to be representative of an old woman
On the hook in Tomales Bay
Who: John and Shawn
Port: San Francisco, California
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