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Cruising Active Transport
We left San Francisco on September 7th 2008 and are off to see the world in our Tayana 37 Pilot House cutter.
Active Transport's Photos - The Brewery
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This photo shows the components of my starter kit for beermaking.  You and see the plastic bottles in the back, packages of various ingredients, the hydrometer and the fermentation vessel.  They also throw in a DVD of instructions, a long plastic spoon and a stick on thermometer for the outside of the fermentation vessel.  There is also a nicely designed stop cock that installs in the hole in the bottom of the fermentation vessel.  You can see how the hole the beer comes out is slightly above the bottom of the vessel.  This should help leave a lot of the yeast behind when bottling the brew.  Excessive yeast in the bottles was always an issue with my homebrew years ago.
Here is the fermentation vessel sitting on the seat in the shower on the boat.  The shower seemed like to good place to keep it while brewing as any spills will go into the sump tank for the shower and having the vessel on the seat let me get the sample tube under the spigot to get samples for specific gravity readings.  You can also see the stick on thermometer on the side of the fermentation vessel.  The interlocking lid prevents contamination of the brew and allows the escape of excess carbon dioxide that is produced during the brewing process.
On the hook in Tomales Bay
Who: John and Shawn
Port: San Francisco, California
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