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Easter Sunday
04/08/2012, Nassau Bahamas

Ok......a little more time now to actually think about the last week. We motor sailed the majority of the way to Rodriguez Key, where we anchored to prepare for the morning crossing of the Gulf Stream. Quite uneventful, we motored across smooth seas. Anchored at Gun Cay, SE. Again, easy peasy. Gary, Bob and I swam and snorkeled a bit in beautiful, clear water. Weighed anchored at 0330, or actually woke to a dragging anchor! No harm done, we took off and motored to Chub Key. Anchored and had a great dinner, chili dogs! Next up, Nassau. Hoisted the anchor at 0530 and headed for Nassau. WOW! Wind and seas climbed steadily as we sailed.......pretty steady 25 knots, gust to 30, and seas 5-7. Very sloppy, and we've learned that we are no experts when it comes to stowing gear! We did manage to sail most of the day, double reefed. Bob L and Gary have been great crew, and we were all very happy to pull into Nassau Harbor Yacht Club.

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04/08/2012 | Lisa
Awesome! so happy for both of you. Happy Birthday Bob :)
04/09/2012 | Linda Williams
Fantastic! Have fun in Exumas! Make sure you dont get exema in exumas!!1
04/09/2012 | keith
Happy Easter and Happy belated birthday. Keep living your dream . tHAT IS AWESOME!Your Cuz Keith
04/12/2012 | Robert Wakelam
Thamks all.......
04/13/2012 | Steve evans
God is looking after us and especially nice
To have him as copilot when at sea. thanks for keeping us posted of your adventures.
Arriving at Nassau for Bobs Birthday

We will be spending a few days in Nassau until weather window opens and then on to the Exumas all has been great. We had a great crossing of the Gulf Stream

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04/06/2012 | Sheila
Congratulations on safely completing the first leg of many on your new adventure. Take care and have a Bahama Mama on me.
04/07/2012 | Clarence - Prime Time
How delightful to hear about your trip and position! Please get in the habit of telling us more as the adventure progresses. Happy birthday, Bob.
04/07/2012 | svalbita
Happy Birthday Bob!

We are waiting for you in the SVI.
04/07/2012 | Sue & Ken
Happy Birthday, Bob. Congrats on a great beginning of the sail adventure. We are still enjoying Belize, but have moved in land to the Guatema border
04/07/2012 | Mike Fauser
Hey Capt Bob, Happy Birthday and Happy Landings. I'm glad you had a nice crossing, wish i could have gone. I'm jealous
04/07/2012 | Mike Litzkow / Karen Ludwig
Wow! You guys really did it - congratulations. How many years ago was it that we all dreamed of making such a sail. I am really happy to see that at least half of us are making that dream come true.

my very best regards,
-- mike
04/07/2012 | Renee
Bon Voyage! I guess you're really off sailing. It wasn't an April Fools joke. Keep us posted. I love details! Enjoy the journey not just the destinations. I keep telling Sheila that while she is engrossed in her studies. May 2nd is her big day! Now educate me on sailing "terms". :)
04/08/2012 | Princess
Happy birthday dad. I've been trying to call you guys. I love you so much. I just missed your call yesterday I cried. Next time try 3 times please. I miss you so much.
04/08/2012 | JLUA
Sounds like adventure starting out great. Keep us in loop as to your adventures.
04/09/2012 | Mark "the" Shark
Happy Belated Birthday Bob! Enjoy your adventure!
At Home on Adastra
02/19/2012, Bradenton

Ok, first attempt at blogging! Bob and I are having a somewhat lazy Sunday aboard Adastra, it's raining sporadically and spoiling our plans to visit the Cortez Seafood Festival with our daughter, Dana.

We are currently preparing Adastra for our upcoming trip South. Sorting out spare parts, building storage and recruiting unsuspecting crew for the various legs along our way. Hoping to depart April 1st, anyone else see the humor in that?

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02/19/2012 | bruce matlack
I do!!! Only the second time I saud those words in my life!.. so where art thou/ AAnywhere i couls take my golf cart to? no doors to worry about.

Keep the take off date- Graeham passed away last evening at 7 pm
02/19/2012 | Betty & Ed
Yea we missed out on seafood fest also with rain. Oh well.
04/02/2012 | Lisa
I hope for more wind for you all. Safe sailing!!
04/02/2012 | Leo Freeman
Sorry I missed you on the 23rd Judy enjoy & be safe...thanks for everything! Leo
04/05/2012 | Cheryl
Happy Birthday Bob!!! Hope u r having the time of your life out there. Enjoy your day, tell Judy we said hello. We miss u guys!!! Love ya.........
04/06/2012 | Michael R Watson
Keep on keeping American free Bob! I love hearing of your travels; keep the updates coming; it brings me up sitting working on cases in an oil boom courthouse.

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