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Travelling s/v Afrita
Winter Slip
Jackie Adams

Well, as of November 1st, Afrita is tucked into her slip for the winter. We managed to get a liveaboard slip in the heart of downtown Sausalito and the convenience is incredible. We are happy in our new home and are enjoying getting to know our new neighbors. Jonathan is biking to work and feels much more energized from the exercise. The weather has been fantastic and altogether we are feeling set up.

I am just hanging out and cleaning daily, not to mention the cooking. All part of the "retirement" regime.

Jackie Adams

Well, Jonathan got work in Mill Valley at a hardware store. He's really thrilled and so am I. It's 40 hours a week and he enjoys helping people. I have learned to start and drive the dinghy, get off the boat and back on without help, dock at the various dinghy docks, and am altogether the independent lady once more. It feels so good.

We have had a string of spectacular days weatherwise. We know it can't last much longer because fall is upon us, but it has been wonderful. We also think there is a slip available, and will talk to the Harbormaster on Sunday and hopefully get in there by the first of the month if not sooner. It's not a good idea to ride the winter winds in the anchorage - or so we've been told by many locals.

Again, we would not be here if it weren't for the support of our friends and there's no words to express our thanks. Will be signing in later after we find out about the moorage. Take care all --


We are still in Sausalito and can't say that we're doing all that well. There is NO work and we are in the anchorage. The motion of the anchorage gets to be really challenging. It's a busy little place, and that's fun. Otherwise, plan to winter here, and are hoping work will finally happen. We have plans for our tax refund in January, and hope to get some work and replacement parts for the engine, as well as new batteries, including a new bank. Generator is doing it's job and the systems certainly work. Power is EVERYTHING.

The weather has been superb and we got a long range antenna to allow for internet at the anchorage. Love it. Take care all and be in touch.

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