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Travelling s/v Afrita
Holiday Lites on Boat
Jackie / lVery windy
11/29/2011, Sausalito

We finally got some lights up - it's been a few years, we've always had good iintentions. Otherwise, not much. Jonathan did get another job at another ACE hardware so we're relieved about and Santa may visit us this year - maybe!!

Hope everyone is healthy and doing okay these days. Be in touch.

First Road Trip
Jackie Adams/Perfect!
10/27/2011, Muir Woods

Jonathan had the week off which was supposed to be fun. Unfortunately the day before he left the store, the owner told him it was closing effective December 31st. Needless to say, this announcement was not well received and put a damper on plans to do some costly repairs during his time off - we need to see what plays out.

Anyway, the weather has certainly cooperated this week and we did get a few cleaning and winterizing projects done, not to mention repairing the toilet (way past necessary). We took our first road trip in the car this morning too to see the Redwoods. It was just beautiful and they are an awesome sight. It was a peaceful place and we were glad to be able to get off the dock and out in the world.

Not much else. Attached are a few photos - as one of our friends said, "you guys wouldn't have any luck, if you didn't have bad luck!!! We will survive. More later.

Proud Owners of a CAR
09/29/2011, Sausalito

Two huge milestones were reached this month: My first social security deposit, and not more than 8 hours later, we bought a car (photos will follow). As is our way, we thought we were going for an Izusu, but ended up with a Cadillac. After talking to the guy for a week, yesterday it was sold. Hence, the Cadillac. Of course, we're concerned about the gas mileage, but it drives like a dream. The mileage is 17 city and 23 highway. Our prime goal though, was to get Jonathan off the bike before winter set in, and that was reached !!. He loves the idea of driving a "Cadillac." He says it's one of his childhood dreams. I have created a "monster." So, we are getting into lots of wind and rain, and will no longer be concerned with the awful weather forecasts. More later - and will post photos.

10/02/2011 | Jack Calinsky
Well if I owned a Cadillac I'd much rather drive it on the highway than in the city, and the mpg numbers give credence to my thought. Consider this, the est. city mileage is 17mpg, and the est. highway mileage is 23mpg. Jackie as my legal secretary, would you please pass on my thoughts to all interested parties.

P.S. M.A. and I drove from Oakland to Tacoma in 13 hours. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Always good to hear from you, as long as you're not in Spain.
Jack & Mac

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