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Aisling I
Just for Fun!
Bonnie, Rick, Nancy, Roy, Wally and Steve
02/19/2010, Halifax

 Download a_voyage_to_bermuda_may_2002abc.pdf (1.5MB)

I've been thinking it is long past time for us to post something new on our blog. Soon, we'll be planning our route through the waters of Turkey (launch date= April 15th) but at the moment we are so caught up in the daily routine of our lives in Halifax that we've hardly had time to think about it. Well, that's not quite true. We're certainly dreaming of sailing whenever we have a spare moment, but unfortunately, we don't really have any sailing news to pass on. Assuming that people who read sailblogs probably aren't very interested in hearing that our dog had surgery this week, that we had a big snowstorm on Wednesday, that our son's girlfriend's cat is hiding somewhere in our house and won't come out or that we cooked a rack of lamb dinner on Valentine's day...our blog has remained silent.

But when I was editing some photos this week, I stumbled on a journal that we wrote after our first ocean passage on Aisling, from Halifax to Bermuda in May, 2002. All six crew members on the Halifax-Bermuda leg had a hand in writing the journal. After all these years, I was reading it with new eyes. When we arrived in Bermuda, we felt like we'd just climbed Mt. Everest! We made lots of beginner mistakes, but we blundered through. A lot of water has passed under Aisling's hull since then, but we still look on that trip as one of the best adventures we've ever had. Three of the four friends who sailed with us on that trip have since joined us in the Med for a different type of sailing adventure, but I suspect they found the sailing rather dull by comparison.

The question I was most frequently asked about that trip was "Why didn't you sail down the eastern seaboard of the US first"? The answer, in case you're wondering, is that Bermuda is almost due south of Halifax. And it's almost the same distance to sail from Newport to Bermuda as it is to sail from Halifax to Bermuda. Who knew?

Unfortunately, the journal of the return voyage from Bermuda (with Rick, Roy, Al and Richard Dube as crew) was never written. Too bad, because that was when they caught a big Mahi Mahi!

To read the journal (and see a few photos) download the pdf file above. I hope you enjoy reading our journal as much as we enjoyed writing it!

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02/27/2010 | Christine
Salut Rick et bonnie,
Comment allez-vous?
nous on est toujours à Solenzara, mais on ne va pas tarder à repartir, direction la Sicile.
Gros bisous
How We Enjoyed a Summer in France (Without Crossing The Pond)
Bonnie and Rick

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05/27/2007 | Liz
Wow!! Your trip reads like a story! I can't wait to read about the sojourn across the Atlantic.


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