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Aisling I
Still in Horta

Sad day today seeing Dave and Wally leave by taxi for the airport. We will miss them. As many of you know, Wally has a great knack of meeting more people than you would think possible. So many, in fact , that when we entered a bar or walked down the dock in the last day or so, people would be calling out his name. It's fun to be along for the ride. We ate last night at a new restaurant that served the food raw at the table and then placed small, very hot rocks on a tray in front of you so you could cook your own. It was both unique and delicious.

Two days ago we rented a car and drove around the island (60km) It is beautiful farmland , much like the Gaspereaux Valley in NS during the peak of the summer-but with stunning views of volcanic peaks and cliffs. The land is very lush with mixed fields or farm produce, dairy cows and thousands of flowers. Many will know how lupines line the roads in NS in summer: here the road and the fields and the hills are covered in beautiful blue hydrangeas, but in far greater profusion than our lupines.

Two more Canadian boats have arrived from Nfld and Toronto, that makes about 8 of us here at the moment. I think we have pretty good representation per capita.

Bonnie and I will take a couple of days to regroup and then we will probably sail to Sao Jorge- known for its lovely scenery and delicious cheese . We plan to remain in the Azores until the 3rd week of July, when Al and Rob (and possibly Nancy Lewis) will join us for the passage to northern Spain.

Azores 2007
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07/17/2007 | Tom & Shirley Prescott
Hi Rick & Bonnie, Alan just gave me your blog site so I tuned in. We had a spectacular "happy hour" tonight with a warm breeze and a great sunset here at Evangeline Beach. Wally was here to update us on your trip and Alan & Rob are getting ready to join you on the weekend I think. The wine was flowing and ther BBQ's were cooking up all kinds of food including hamburgs, pork chops, chicken, steaks ( med. rare ), Atlantic salmon, rack of lamb, etc. etc. We miss you guys but know you'll have a few

Just a brief update. The last couple of days have been spent cleaning up and relaxing and then out for an evenings revelry. Last night We were invited to a Canada celebration for drinks on Dean and Cherie's Corbin 39 from Owen Sound, Ont. Mark and Anna from Kula (Halifax) also joined us. We then went for dinner to a restaurant in Porto Pim. Octopus salad and Wreckfish. It was delicious. We then moved out to their deck which is on the ocean to watch the moon rise and listen to Calypso music played by some locals. What a beautiful setting. On the way home we stopped into Cafe' Sport for a nightcap. Late getting home.....again.
Dave and Wally have gone to the ticket office to see what they can arrange for tickets home, this morning.
Today we plan to rent a car and explore the Island of Faial.
We hope to have pictures on the blog later today or tomorrow. The town or Horta provides free hi speed internet access to all and I can get it at the Nav station. It's great! The weather has been hot with scattered clouds.
Belated ..... Happy Canada Day!

Azores 2007
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07/03/2007 | john& Lucille
Captain & Crew

You are our heroes.
Check us out...

Check out the marina at Horta using our position on google earth!

Azores 2007
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We are Here! :-)
06/30/2007, Horta

Wow... we made it. Not that I had any doubt, it's that we were able to do it as quickly as we did. It now feels like we flew across the Atlantic on Aisling's wings: 11 days and 21 hours. This will always be remembered as 11 days and a bit.... it's called "poetic licence".

The front went through yesterday afternoon and eventually the wind turned to West and died. We motored into Horta just after customs closed but were assured by the marina staff that it was OK to go ashore for dinner. Horta is an exotic and charming place, with beautiful Portugese architecture: a bustling spot. We all went to Cafe Sport, the yachtie's hangout, for supper. The food was delicious and the people are friendly and helpful. Dave had Wreck fish for supper. I asked the waiter what wreck fish was and he said "what other types of fish do you know?" and we started reeling off names of fish. I thought he might say "yes, that's it" but he looked at me and said, "Ok yes you know your fish and wreck fish should be added to the list!"

We had rum colas to celebrate and sat in the cockpit listening to Stan Getz for a while before turning in. We plan to spend a week here and then move on to explore some of the other islands.

All the best from Aisling I

Transatlantic part 1-Halifax to Azores
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07/01/2007 | June
Well done and welcome to Europe! Enjoy your rest in the Azores.
07/05/2007 | Ron Sabadash
Well done Rick. I followed you every step of the way with interest. This is a great accomplishment. "ECLIPSE" will have her turn in a few years.
Have a safe trip the rest of the way.
All the best

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