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2012 Island hopping to Grenada
Bequia Reading Club
Carol/Sunny, windy and hazy
07/29/2012, Bequia

(Cheryl Johnson, her granddaughter and I)

Ann and I got in touch with Cheryl Johnson, who is the founder of the Bequia Reading Club, and wanted to give her some of the school supplies Ann had gathered in Oregon. Cheryl works for the Bequia Bookshop and she noticed that there weren't that many children coming in to purchase books or even checking out books from the library. So the Bequia Reading Club was established by Cheryl in 2006 to encourage reading among the children of Bequia. They meet at the Fig Tree Restaurant (which is right on the waterfront in Admiralty Bay) twice a month. She appreciated the donations and said what they really needed was more chairs and some plastic cups to serve the children a snack and a drink at the meetings. And of course they could always use some more books! Volunteers are always welcome to help with the activities. For more information you can contact Cheryl at [email protected] or on Bequia's morning VHF 68 Cruising Net at 8:00 am.

08/02/2012 | Sue
Loving your Travelogs Carol
Lower Bay, Bequia
Carol/Sunny, windy and hazy
07/29/2012, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

(De Reef Restaurant, Bequia)

As Customs and Immigration charge over time on Sundays, Ron decided to check out tomorrow. There was a beach bar and restaurant called De Reef in Lower Bay that had a Sunday BBQ. The wind and waves have already picked up from the weather system we're watching that is supposed to come through next Saturday and Sunday. We braved the shore break, anchored the dinghy out and went to De Reef for lunch. There was a steel pan player and the food was pretty good. As we finished lunch and talked to the steel plan player, he said he had played at Foxy's (in the British Virgin Islands) for three years. There were many families enjoying a Sunday on the beach as we walked to the end of the bay. We had a nice swim off of Alaunt and a sun shower as we readied the boat to leave tomorrow.

Carol/sunny and gorgeous
07/27/2012, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

(Alaunt was anchored off this beach, Princess Margaret Beach, Bequia)

The sail to Bequia was absolutely gorgeous. The wind was abeam, the seas were moderate and we were sailing along most of the time between 7-8 knots. As we entered the bay and timed furling the jib between the Bequia blast and a lull, we then dropped our anchor in 20 feet of sand in beautiful turquoise waters off Princess Margaret Beach. We still had an hour to make it to Customs and Immigration before they charged overtime, so we launched the dinghy and outboard in a record 10 minutes. Port Elizabeth was busy with ferry traffic, small boats, and all the transient sailboats and power boats enjoying the beautiful Admiralty Bay anchorages. We walked along the colorful waterfront (more gingerbread!) with the bars and restaurants located on a walkway right on the water.

The next day we did some shopping and then took a dinghy ride across the bay to find a locals restaurant. Cocos Place had one of the best conch chowders that Ron had ever tasted. Ann and I then took a swim to the beach, not realizing how far it was until I noticed the the people on the beach were really tiny. The water was wonderful and we enjoyed a walk down the beach where there were some caves and archways. It rained really hard as we swam back to Alaunt, and Denney could hear us laughing and knew we were OK.

The Sunday weather report has a system headed our way next week, so we're going to skip a few anchorages and head to Carriacou and Grenada tomorrow.

07/30/2012 | Captain Sharon
Perfect! Safe sailing!
The Pitons
Carol/sunny and gorgeous
07/26/2012, St. Lucia

(Petit Piton, St. Lucia, 2,460 ft)

As we dropped the mooring in Marigot Bay, we decided to sail to the Pitons and spend the night. Petit Piton and Gros Piton (2,619 ft.) are dramatic rock formations that tower above the bay near the town of Soufriere. This marine park is managed by the Soufriere Marine Management Association and they rent out moorings to protect the environment. We took a mooring near the Bat Cave (sounded ominous, but we didn't see any bats) and enjoyed an afternoon of snorkeling. The snorkeling area was right off the boat, but there was quite a current and we had to be careful. The sea fans, sponges, brain coral and colorful fish were beautiful to see.

We awoke at dark:30 (4:30) the next morning to get an early start to sail to Bequia.

Marigot Bay, St. Lucia
Carol/Sunny, windy and hazy
07/24/2012, St. Lucia

One of our favorites, this bay has a beautiful sand spit lined with palm trees at the entrance (see picture). The marina and hotel have recently been rebuilt and the Moorings fleet has one of it's home bases in Marigot. The boat boys all visited us with their baskets, fruit and jewelry as we were the new guys in town. The "cattlemarans" and dive boats full of tourists love to come into the bay and we were part of their tour.

After a walk around the Marina Village and the lush Discovery Marigot hotel grounds, we dinghied to the outer anchorage for a swim. There are some fancy restaurants, including Doolittle's which was built after they filmed the Rex Harrison movie "Dr. Doolittle's" in 1967. Happy Hours are plentiful in the bay (It's Five O'clock Somewhere), but of course the best Happy Hour drinks and food are on the Alaunt.

Studying the Cruising Guide, we are contemplating the many anchorages available on our next sail to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Rodney Bay, St. Lucia
Carol/Sunny, windy and hazy
07/21/2012, St. Lucia

(Spinnakers Beach Bar, Rodney Bay)

What a beautiful sail we had from Martinique to St. Lucia! All the sails were up, the wind and seas were lovely, and we dragged a fishing line. We didn't catch any fish as there was too much seaweed in the water. There was a huge whale splashing twice near the horizon. We had to drop our anchor in the outer harbor near a very pretty beach as the IGY Marina has basically taken over the inner harbor. After checking into Customs and Immigration, we found an internet cafe that had free WIFI and buckets of beer for $20 EC ($8 US). The next day was Sunday and most of the stores were closed except for the Super J grocery store. And it had a dinghy dock! We actually went into sensory overload as most of the small island stores and open markets were limited in their selections. A full cart and $200 US later, we were happy campers.

The next day we accomplished so much before lunch: laundry drop off, propane tank filled, internet, sail blogs, and side trips to hardware and computer stores, plus topping off our groceries at the Marina Market. Now we have the day off to go to the beach. We went for a walk along the beach we're anchored off and had a few beers at a cute thatch roofed beach bar (see picture). The next day we went to the IGY fuel dock for gas, diesel and water and then we're off sailing down the coast to Marigot Bay.

07/27/2012 | CaptainSharon
Loved those Super Groceries which are few and far in-between so after all that work understand the need to take a day to vacation:-)!

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