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2012 Island hopping to Grenada
Hog Island
Carol/Rain and Sun
08/12/2012, Grenada

(Our own private beach on Hog Island)

We told Ann and Denney about the BBQ at Roger's Bar on Sundays and we were looking forward to seeing other cruisers there. We dinghied over ahead of time to check out the beach for a swim. Talking to a couple of locals, it seemed things had changed. We found that several of our favorite restaurants and bars throughout the islands had changed from picnic tables to tables with white tablecloths and we felt uncomfortable in our wet bathing suits and sandy feet. Oh well, they were probably making more money off the mega-yachts and bare boat customers by upgrading their services and prices.

The Sunday BBQ at Roger's Bar used to be a casual affair where you would bring something to put on the BBQ and a dish to share with other cruisers. Now we learned that Roger's "woman" prepared the food and sold it while Roger sold beverages. As we approached Hog Island last Sunday, we encountered a huge catamaran full of Grenadian tourists tied up in front and a table full of buffet food (chicken legs, potato salad and green salad) for $25 EC ($10 US) each. We decided to pass and had pizza at Secret Harbor. But, as you can see from the above picture, we still found a private beach for swimming on beautiful Hog Island.

Mount Hartman Bay
Carol/Rain and Sun
08/11/2012, Grenada

(Alaunt anchored on the East side of Mount Hartman Bay)

The next bay over from Prickly Bay is Mount Hartman Bay and the Secret Harbor Resort. The old marina was pretty much destroyed in Hurricane Ivan, but it was rebuilt and is now called Martin's Marina. Th bay is less developed than Prickly Bay with a few houses on the west side and only mangroves on the east side. There are a series of reefs to the south that make it less rolly than Prickly Bay, perfect for riding out the remnants of Tropical Depression #7. The Secret Harbor bar offers free WIFI, so every morning we take advantage of this to check the internet. There is also garbage disposal, laundry facilities and a great bar and restaurant. We're hanging here for a few days until the weather settles down.

Prickly Bay
Carol/Rain and Sun
08/07/2012, Grenada

(Alaunt anchored in squall)

It took a rough sail around Point Saline to get to Prickly Bay. As you round the point, the wind and seas are usually in your face and we had to do some short tacks before our arrival. Once again, Ron and I hadn't been here since 2004 and we were amazed at the development. Besides rebuilding Prickly Bay Marina (without the travel lift and boatyard) and Spice Island Marine Services, there were huge houses and condominium projects along the bay. There was still plenty of rain and we anchored Alaunt in the middle of a squall. We were so wet, the rain didn't matter so we dinghied to De Big Fish (a local restaurant and bar) for a draft Caribe. There was quite a crowd gathered as we saw Kirani James awarded the Gold Medal for the Olympics. The staff at De Big Fish knew him and they were thrilled.

We're still watching another storm (92L - Tropical Depression 7) go north of us and we decided to spend a few days here to get laundry and shopping done. We have the HotHotHot WIFI connection paid until Sunday, so it's easy to get e-mails and weather updates. Plus there's a party Friday night at Prickly Bay Marina with a Happy Hour and a live steel pan band.

08/10/2012 | Linda H
hi guys... glad to hear you made it safely to grenada. carol, wasn't able to access your blog from europe :( . stay safe and have fun. xoxo
08/11/2012 | CaptainSharon
To be there when James won and also got the gold medal your timing was perfect! Are you going to settle in to Hog Island? Guess we will both get lucky as the depression that is going north of you and south of us has been down graded to a tropical wave:-)!
We're Here! St. Georges, Grenada
Carol/Rain and Sun
08/06/2012, Grenada

We sailed out of Tyrell Bay early Monday morning and had a very wet and windy trip to Grenada. There were still bands of weather associated with Tropical Storm Ernesto. Giving a wide berth to an underwater volcano, we sailed past several beautiful islands (Kick Em Jenny, Isle de Ronde, The Sisters and Caille Island) before reaching the northern tip of Grenada. the wind and rain let up a bit as we motor sailed along the beautiful Grenadian coastline before arriving in St. Georges, the main town and capital. Ron and I haven't been here since Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and we were delighted to see the restoration after such devastation. We toured the inner harbor in Alaunt before anchoring in the outer harbor along the beach. We used to anchor inside, but the new Port Lewis Marina now takes up the entire bay.

We launched the dinghy and outboard and made it to Foodland before they closed early for Independence Day. Stopping at the Grenada Yacht Club for a Happy Hour draft Caribe beer, we were fortunate to see Kirani James win the 400 meter run in the Olympics. He won the first Gold Medal ever for Grenada and the crowd went wild. We heard cars and boats honking and cheering - it was quite an experience.

The next morning we dinghied around the Carenage and inner harbor taking care of business (before the declared half day holiday for the Gold Medal Winner Kirani James) and doing a major shop at Foodland. This market is right on the waterfront and has a dinghy dock. The prices are great as they are associated with the Hy Top brand from Winco in the states.

Alright! We're ready to sail to the southern coast of Grenada to Prickly Bay.

Alaunt in the Lagoon
Carol/ Tropical Weather
08/05/2012, Carriacou

We watched the weather pass through and stayed in the lagoon at Tyrell Bay until the swells in the anchorage had diminished. We had to wait until the boat next to us took up their anchors as one of theirs crossed over our second anchor. It was a lot of work to undo all of our lines to the mangroves and pick up anchors that were stuck in the mud. There were still parties and live bands in full swing from the Carriacou Regatta in the anchorage and we tried to anchor as far away as we could from the pounding beat. We're on our way to Grenada tomorrow and are looking forward to reaching our destination.

Tropical Depression Five/Tropical Storm Ernesto
Carol/ Tropical Weather
08/02/2012, Tyrell Bay, Carriacou

The system we were monitoring turned into Tropical Depression Five as we checked the weather report on Thursday morning. The "cone of death" (see picture) has it passing closer to St. Lucia and north of us. So we went ashore and checked out the rest of the grocery stores and restaurants that are in our cruising guide. There were a few boats heading toward the Mangrove Lagoon, an excellent "hurricane hole" and we went there in our dinghy to check out the depths. There is a passage that is deep enough for our 7 1/2 foot draft. After one more stop at the store to top off our supplies, we headed over to the lagoon. No problem! We cruised right in and motored over to the far side of the first lagoon area. The anchor was dropped and we backed into the mangroves. Ron tied up three of our big anchor lines and then set a second anchor off our bow. Then the exodus into the lagoon started. "Here comes another boat." Everyone saw the boats coming in and thought they should come in too. Also we found out that TD 5 was upgraded to Tropical Storm Ernesto that is heading south and closer to us. Some of the larger boats just gunned their engines and went bow first into the mangroves. Tensions were high and there were some "discussions" as people sorted out anchors and lines. Somehow Ron managed to feed us as we watched the show. At least we were safe.

08/04/2012 | Captain Sharon
Always better safe than sorry! You certainly have the experience to know exactly what has to be done. The good news is that Florence is going in probability way north of us. You are a hop skip and jump to Grenada so enjoy that lovely island.

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