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S/V Alli-Rose
Vessel Name: Alli-Rose
Vessel Make/Model: Ericson 380
Hailing Port: Anacortes
About: Charley and Sara Cooney
Recent Blog Posts
05 July 2013 | Kyuguot Sound
How we celebrated 4th of July in Kyuquot Sound Petroglyph Cove. Charley caught 2 rock fish and a lingcod for a fish fry. While cleaning the fish I stabbed Charley's thumb and had to suture it to stop the bleeding(he is just fine no big deal but you wouldn't know it). I went kayaking. A sea otter followed [...]
28 June 2013 | Busby Islands
Left Quatsino Sound today .Currently south of Brooks Peninsula(seas calm no wind for sailing) in Scow Bay in the Bunsby Islands. 6 nights in Quatsino Sound. Julian Cove, Winter Harbor and Browning Inlet Julian Cove is approximately 15 miles into the sound close to Quatsino Narrows leading to Coal [...]
05 June 2013 | Gun Boat Passage
6/5/2013 1900
04 June 2013 | Pruth Bay
A few pictures.
30 May 2013 | Green Island Anchorage Fish Egg Sound
Very smooth crossing past Cape Caution. Low swell, winds less than 5 knots and a bit of a push with the current. Left Bull Harbor about 0515 riding the last of the flood around the south part of the island and then set course to Fitz Hugh Sound.
22 May 2013 | Grace Harbor Desolation Sound
If you would of told us we would still be in Desolation Sound on May 22 we probably said well maybe but doubt it. It has been wonderful!!! We took in the Oyster Festival in Squirrel Cove our friends Randi and Dennis arrived in time participate in the sampling of the oysters. We will be moving north [...]