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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Altair's Photos - Live Simply so others may Simply Live
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Our first peak of the island.
Indian River tour boats...guides are just as colorful!
Kevin is rowing (they turn the engines off and row to protect the rivers), and Alexis is narrating for us...flora and fauna info.
Basket weavers all over the island...
Artisans everwhere too!
Location, location, location...east coast Domineeka!
365 rivers in Dominica, with waterfalls to boot!
Spectacular coastal vistas!
Indian meeting room for "guys only"...
Indians building canoes which take months and they still do it today!
They shape and stretch the canoes as leaves evaporate.
Teresa was a very entertaining and welcoming indian artisan.
Striking everywhere we turn.
Glenda and daughter at her "Atlantic View Restaurant" with a view to die for.
Locals embracing their fertile island and maximizing the soil, rain and altitude.
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Who: Dudley Clark and Becky Butler
Port: Coconut Grove Sailing Club
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