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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Kick'em Jenny....Active Underwater Volcano
07/08/2009, Carriacou to Grenada Passage!

We are heading to our southernmost hurricane hidy place at last, but not before we give a wide berth to the active underwater volcano. We discussed it, read about it and even checked out to get the status of this volcano. Nothing blowing today nor since 1988 and again in 1989 respectively, but "Dudley Do Right" is taking no chances.

As we headed south from Tyrell Bay in the southwestern tip of Carriacou this morning for a short 20nm sail to Grenada, we had to consider the exclusion zone. An active volcano that lies a little west of Isle de Ronde called Kick'em Jenny reportedly will give you a bit KICK if you happen to be over it when it erupts. To prevent this the Grenada government has declared a l.5km exclusion zone at all times and increases to 5km when the volcano is rumbling. Yeiks!

So far the best sailing is when we clear the lee of these windward islands and get the blow! How spectacular! The speeds are not tremendous on a normal day, given our waterline, but the current southeast to northwest would surely enhance our arrival time if we were heading north instead of south.

Those islands far off in the distance with this little point and shoot (thank you Olga and Don), Ile de Ronde, Diamond Rock, the 200m monolith named Kick'em-Jenny, Ile de Ronde, Caille Island, Les Tantes and the Sisters...all in the future plan to explore by sloop or dink.

What a great day and great a milestone. Grenada at last. Just a year later than our goal in 2008. Yippee. Ooooh, the life of a cruiser.

Excitement continues!
07/07/2009, We WERE moored here, off the Lazy Turtle, Tyrell Bay, Carriacou

The cruising community is truly remarkable! Our neighbors Eloan, was a big family that we adored watching! They were so loving, helping their parents, playing, and being part of the big team. There were 4 boys and a girl that we would finally meet, but we really wanted to meet the amazing parents of this huge family.

It was about 6:30a when I got up to find us flying across the bay toward the reef. I got up to the bow to see the frayed and sawed mooring lines hanging off the bow, when I yelled to my Captain that we are in danger with that reef and the wind kicking up at a steady pace. Dudley and I both yelled to get the key in the ignition when two boys and the Dad from Eloan arrived in their dink to push us away from the reef! We learned later that the youngest rescuer actually saw us first and woke everybody on his boat to get help for us. They got us back on the mooring and a squall came thru that was timed so close to getting back on the mooring it was spooky.

I spent the day painting a thank you card depicting the little guy pulling on a line, the older boy helping and Dad driving their dink! They were so excited and we did get introduced to the whole gang!

The Dingy died, Chris and Yannie to the RESCUE...
07/06/2009, Tyrell Bay, a very sweet Carriacou harbor...

Dudley was going to town, via the "Yacht Club", but was taken by surprise when the dink concked out...I didn't hear him, but he was yelling for me from a mooring he managed to catch. He was hoping I could hear him and then swim some fins to him so we could both be powered up for the 'tow' back to Altair! Chris and Yannie, our friends since Dominica, just happened to sail by in their Walker Bay, for a perfect rescue with the timing and the better solution. Dudley helped by paddling, and the lemons we were dished turned into a sweet and tasty lemonade. Thanks Yannie and Chris.

French Buddies, Lots of Laughs...
07/03/2009, Tyrell Bay near the Lazy Turtle

We have a new found appreciation and love for Frenchies. They are smart and speak five languages, English being one of them. Isabelle, Eric and us at Lady "D"'s floating bar. We had dinner later on their boat, S/V Catleya, a giant capon baked in their oven (wheeeennnn, we'd love to have one, an oven that is), and laughter all evening continued. Gin and rum punches probably helped in the giggle department, ya think?

Lady D's Floating Bar...Exciting!
07/03/2009, Tyrell Bay

It didn't take long to figure out we needed to go back to town for vittles and stuff. Yup, Hillsborough is the town, and has it all. We thought that Tyrell Bay was the place for 'everything'...there we go thinkin' and trying to remember everything people have shared along the way.

You know that we've been gone from our US land of plenty when we get excited over tortilla chips, jalapeno, cubanelle peppers and sliced bread! Wow. We really miss the French islands with their boulangeries and patisseries, but a 12 grain bread with preservatives, now that's special. Hah!

We met a fun French couple on the bus and agreed to meet at Lady "D"'s floating bar! Lady D is Denise, and she is very excited about her new biz. Isabelle and Eric cooked dinner for us because Lady D can't yet since she just opened her place here in the bay.

Dudley and Bec

Ready for a Tamer Anchorage
07/01/2009, Good Morning Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou

We arrrived here in Tryell Bay this gorgeous morning to find a vast, yet roomy, harbor ready to welcome us. Carriacou is a peaceful, pretty and revered island. What a wonderful way to ease into a country...island by tiny island. Businesses line the waterfront with only a narrow bumpy road seperating them from the sea. The shore used to be thickly covered with seagrape trees and the local manchineel tree. They removed them to allow the view of the sea. Not a bad thing with the manchineel because it's one of the most poisonous trees in the world...YEIKS! Unfortunately, hurricane Lenny barreled thru the bay destroying the unprotected shoreline and much of the road, turning several properties into waterfront real estate.

This is the first of the month, so we want to send birthday wishes to Mike Arnold, Pat Zumpfe, Tricia Krahling, Angela Blackburn and my honey and love of my life, Dudley. We miss you and wish you all a fabulous birthday, wishing we are there to help you celebrate!!!

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