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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
A cooler job!
08/19/2009, Aloft at the dock!

I don't really blame him for wanting a 'cool' job. We're not talking about attitude, just temperature!

There's a lot that needs to be done aloft, but this trip up there is for sail protection. We wanted baggywrinkles, but they never made it on board! The tape he's wrapping if for antichafe rubber thingies!

We just got the small jib repaired, so we want to keep it safe from the spreaders!

Just another thing to check off the list.


08/18/2009, Where else, working on Altair, ugh!

I really am glad we have lots of friends to drag us away from all this work! He would never stop! It's also an old boat and living on it is just like your home! We did get a spot at a marina for the work, but we should have a 55' boat by now with the amount of work we've done on her.

Now he's replacing the water lines! They are a mess, and we are eating the filters way too fast which are exorbitantly expensive! Whatever!

Maybe we should rename the boat....'NEXT?'


08/17/2009, Port Louis Marina! Still....

Even though he loves this boat, loves working on's just crazy! He has all these tools at home, but nooooooo, gotta buy new ones for these monster jobs! I'm truly amazed!

Now all he has to do is build a dam in the anchor locker to keep the West System resin stuff from going where he doesn't want it to go. Of course, it's major designing, bracing, recutting, measuring job, bigger than expected, of course and IT'S FRIGGING HOT AS HELL!

I love you honey....wish we could afford a 'crew' of maintainance guys to replace him! Aren't you supposed to relax and enjoy your retirement?


Belair Plantation, Magnifique!
08/16/2009, St. Davids, SE Coast of Grenada

We've been trying to space the blog entries from one a week or a couple times a month. Hmmmmmmmmm...Grenada has packed our calendar to the max! not that we're bitching, hence the non stop exclamations from Altair's Cruz Nuz!

We already had this trip to the Plantation at St. Davids planned before Carnival. We wanted to check out the farthest reaches of the southeast tip and check out the Belair Plantation. The Carnival energy just kept pumping and propelled some of our big gang to join together again for some great scenery, a delightfully good meal, crankin' rock and roll music and very dear friends. Location, location, location! We managed to walk around and burn off some of those calories too, but we didn't check out the cottages on the plantation grounds. Every slick brochure we'd seen so far dipicts this resort as 'exclusive'. Maybe if we win a lottery!

Can you see why we've fallen in lust with this country! So much to see and do! So incredibly gorgeous. And we haven't seen everything yet! So much work to do too, how? We just don't know when we can squeeze it in.

Dudley and Bec

08/15/2009, St. Georges, Miles around the Lagoon!

Here we last. We've been geared up for weeks now! This is all everybody has talking about, living for, breathing and embracing! SPICEMAS, Grenada STYLE.

There was no grass growing under Altair. OK, I take that back, we are in a closed lagoon after all, but we can always take a break for something as momentus.. The SpiceMas Queen was not available for the reschedule, she's an ER nurse and couldn't the King carried the weight! As you can see, thousands of people joined us for a spectacular day steeped in history and traditon.

We had a blast! Check out the pics marked "Carnival at Last"!

Dudley and Bec

08/10/2009, St. George's and the Wharf...

The Africans creolized the French word for the evil Satan, diable, and created a devil masquerade that is now popularly known as the "Jab Jab". While other carnivals such as in Trinidad and a Labor Day in Brooklyn, have their Jab Jabs, nothing compares to the jovial, villainous Jab Jab masqueraders who playfully haunt the streets of Grenada at J'Ouvert.

Traditinally, Jab Jabs would use any available sustance, including stale molasses, tar, grease or mud to darken their skins to an extreme blackness. Sparsely dressed and accessoriesed with items such as broken pots and pans, cattle horns and cow chains, the intent to the Jab Jab was and still is to horrify and gross out the onlookers. Jab Jabs now appear in various colours, including yellow, red and blue.

Jab Jab has also spawned its own calypso spin-off, Jab Jab Music", which is the most glaring indigenous, locally made artefact of Grenada's carnival. Jab Jab music is characterised by a deep rhythmic bass accompanying conch or flute blowing and a repeated chant as part of the chorus. For example, Grenadian Tallpress scored a mega reginal hit with his "Ole Woman" calypso. Audiences everywhere were singing the refrain:

Ole woman we taking home ole woman alone Ole woman alone we taking home Ole woman alone

This all starts in the dark, 3:30am and there was a huge turnout of locals and tourists both.

Enjoy "J'Ouvert Madness" photo album!

Dudley and Bec,

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