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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
09/10/2009, Budget Marine @ Prickley Bay

He bought the windlass! He bit the bullet, or the winch handle. He finally did's big, powerful, shinny and ELECTRIC! He purchased a brand new Lofrans Tigres windlass and doesn't have to ever pull up an anchor if he doesn't want to... EVER AGAIN. Now his decisions are, one, choose to steer or two, smash on a foot button. He's been on manual labor mode for the 10 years we've been sailing together and anchoring plus all those years BBB. He had hand surgery once and was amazed I could pull up the anchor. "Stttttrrrrrrrrrong woman" he constantly exclaims. He so deserves this! Now all he has to do is install it!

He did sell the Sparkman Stephens he bought at Sailor man last year to Larry on S/V Thunderball. It's nice to know it's being "given away" to some great guy at least. My excessively optomistic announcement on the morning net that the "purists" out there without a windlass, might want to segway into the world of a windlass by slowly with pump, manual variety didn't bear fruit or EC dollars. No American dollars, Euro dollars, nadda.

Right now it's an arm rest and this his Wendy and Doug. It'll be a piece of furniture in our salon for a little while, I'm willing to bet.

Congrats honey!

Your first mate, only mate...Bec

S/V SAAVY! Sailing on a Carriacou Sloop with Danny Donelan!
09/05/2009, Dragon Bay and Grand Anse Beach on the Lee coast of Grenada

Our day started beautifully with a walk to the market downtown! All knapsacks were exploding with fresh food, when we came back to the marina and "jumped-up" (new word since Carnival) for a day of work. I'm just about finished with my sunbrella sewing and Dudley's never going to finish because it's an old boat and there is a revolving "to be done" list. That's when Danny saunters by. He's so suave and debonaire!

We're going sailing! What an excellent surprise invitation. What a gorgeous day! SAAVY is a cool Carriacou Sloop, her design replicates sailing workboats of yester year! Danny, the marina's star sales and marketing guy, is a modern, exotic version of Cary Grant! He is an energetic 30 something and a lot of other 30 somethings friends of his came along for a stimulating afternoon of sailing and swimming in Grenada. SAAVY was exhilerating! Her Captain du jour, Danny Donelan and our french friends Lucy and Richard were all in good company. Serendipity is my new favorite noun.

Danny took us up a few miles north and past St. Georges. I love that scene of the colorful town from this angle. We ended up sailing right up to the same mooring at Dragon Bay that Moondancer tied up to last month, and we all went snorkeling!

As if that wasn't enough, Danny brought food from a restaurant of his and fed us all a sumptuous chicken and rice creation. How very nice of him to invite us along. The converations were fresh and the sail was the salve on the overworked spirits of Altair.

With the anchor up we took off on another beam reach, this time going south when tied to a mooring at Grand Anse Beach. I failed to mention until now that we were the grandpas and grandmas of the group and didn't mind chilling out with nothing to do but enjoy the breeze and the siesta. These gorgeous young smart kids all dove off the side and swam to a bar on the beach. If you're in the "in" crowd you would know the name and could share and I could look it up or go there again.

Another great Grenadian day.

Thanks Danny...Thanks Grenada!

Photo album is S/V SAAVY with Danny D.

Loved One's Birthdays in September!!!
Dudley and Bec
09/01/2009, Worldwide

It's really hard to be away from everybody for this long! It's especially hard to be missing your birthday celebrations!

We are starting this blog entry to celebrate you all each and every month! We love you!

We just want to honor the births of two dear deceased friends, Shiela Burrows and Jimmie Fawcett!

To Hilary Clark, Roger Richter, Ed Krahling and Kelci Clark HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND WE HOPE THAT YOU HAVE A GREAT CELEBRATION and know that we love you very much even if we can't be there for your day.


Dudley and Bec

Another Tour for Fish Friday!
08/28/2009, Guoyave, NW Coast Grenada

It's tough, but somebody has to do it! Another must while here in Grenada is the trip up the lee coast to a place called Guoyave! It's an event and Raymond, our favorite guide, took a bunch of us up for a fishy evening! Gouyave, known to many as the town that never sleeps, or action city, got it's name from the English Queen, married to King George III, Queen Charlotte. Today you can still hear people refer to Gouyave as Charlotte Town. During the French control of the island, the name was changed to Gouyave because of the vast amount of Guava trees growing here at the time.

Gouyave is a town famous for fishing and is known at the Fishing Capital of Grenada. On an average year, over 9 millon dollars are made from fishing in this area and over 3,000 people are directly or indirectly involved in this industry.

Friday is another tradition held by many villages around the island but this one is the most famous! All the restaurants and chefs set up a booth and sell their most requested fare! The two streets are packed with people, drummers and musicians are playing, people are dancing and the town must be seen again during daylight! Very cool!

Enjoy the photos "Fish Friday @ Gouyave"


A cooler job!
08/19/2009, Aloft at the dock!

I don't really blame him for wanting a 'cool' job. We're not talking about attitude, just temperature!

There's a lot that needs to be done aloft, but this trip up there is for sail protection. We wanted baggywrinkles, but they never made it on board! The tape he's wrapping if for antichafe rubber thingies!

We just got the small jib repaired, so we want to keep it safe from the spreaders!

Just another thing to check off the list.


08/18/2009, Where else, working on Altair, ugh!

I really am glad we have lots of friends to drag us away from all this work! He would never stop! It's also an old boat and living on it is just like your home! We did get a spot at a marina for the work, but we should have a 55' boat by now with the amount of work we've done on her.

Now he's replacing the water lines! They are a mess, and we are eating the filters way too fast which are exorbitantly expensive! Whatever!

Maybe we should rename the boat....'NEXT?'


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