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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
We've Moved on Land!
09/27/2009, Right Behind the Marina, RSR Apartments!

We have so much grinding, to do, we moved our bed (those cushy yet firm mattresses) off on to Lucy and Richard's boat along with all our good clothes and moved out! The fiberglass work of grinding away and moving the wall in the anchor locker is only a few days, with the major mess cleaned up right away!

But then...we still have loads of wiring to do and that means pulling out the old and doing the squeeze, shimmy and squirm thru the good sloop Altair!

We can see the boat right from the apartment! This is our view, and we have to exclaim that it's really nice to roll outta the bed and into the ''bathroom' without having to stroll down the dock, thru the pebbly parking lot to the temporary lews and stalls.

After seeing the shenanigans of having to shower on the dock, in our clothes because the marina is having their construction faux pas, you can understand the need to be in a more civilized environment.

We haven't swallowed the anchor, just in case you were wondering...just taking a humane break from the boat being torn apart. I'm having vivid memories of the years of prep for this adventure..oooooh will we ever be thrilled to get on anchor again!

With a brand new windlass, yippeee!!!!!!!

Dudley and Bec

Bon Voyage Lucy and Richard!!!
09/25/2009, Grenada to Europe!

What a wild bunch! We'll look for any excuse to party!

Lucy and her two sisters are celebrating the youngest's 50th birthday in PARIS! Yep, they have been talking about a big Europe trip the three of them and now it's going to happen!

The gang got together for a really nice pot luck at the picnic table the marina so graciously brought right next to our boat! Carol brought red chili lights, all the chefs brought out the good grub and we feasted and consumed large amounts of alchohol! Surprise!

Richard is going to Montreal at the same time, so this was for him too as our buddies and negihbors will be far, far away! We really like them alot!

Bon Voyage Lucy, Bon Voyage Richard

The Completed Dove Painting...Thanks Grenada!
09/23/2009, Mt. Hartman Visitor Center in the Heart of the Dove Sanctuary!

I am so proud to share the Dove Mural I finished for the Forestry Service here on Grenada! I wanted to thank all the Grenadians we've met since July 8 when we first arrived. I take that back...our first peek at Grenada was in Carricou and they announced "the joy, happiness and love the Grenadians have for all mankind... so be it! You'll see!"

The only painting I make time for is to say thanks. The universe works in mysterious ways, giving me an opportunity to meet Anthony Jerimiah, the Dove Man, who works for the National Forestry Service of Grenada. What evolved was the scaffolding being built for me, the whole gang seeing to it that I got on site for the mural and this wonderful opportunity to be way up high doing a mural after so long. The rest is history! Thanks again Happy, Hami, Jerry, Aden, Veron, Alicia, Antonette, Shawn and all the guys, Walker, Clive, Fabian and the list is too long for everybody who helped to make this happen.

Thanks Grenada for opening your arms to us!

Dudley and Bec

Forestry Service Invited me to Paint the Grenadian Dove!
09/21/2009, Mt. Hartman Visitor Center, Heart of the Dove Sanctuary!

I met Anthony Jeremiah thru Connie and Fred. They had just taken a bird tour with Jerry this afternoon when Dudley and I arrived on board this beautiful Lord Nelson we had only admired from afar until tonight. Somehow the fact that I'm an artist started a ball rolling that just wouldn't stop from plummeting into this 'grenada dove mural'.

I've been invited to paint the Grenada Dove, their national bird at National Forestry Service, Mt. Hartman Visitor Center! It took a while from the time I met Jerry 'til now and I'm proud to say it's really happening! I'm going to donate my time and talent to provide an emblem epitomizing the Forestry Service and Grenada's love of this bird. They built and provided me a scaffold for the place we agreed this painting to be. They also provided me with complete freedom to be creative. No boundaries. Veron, Alicia and Atonette were all three very professional, very knowledgeable about the Dove and we laughed. We had that bird laughing, she was crying, and she is squatting...a she of course, you get the idea...we had fun!

I was able to give. By doing what I love I gave them their National bird, The Grenada Dove painting in a place that is very sacred to everyone who cares for the Dove's survival.

Thanks Grenada for having us! For letting us hide from hurricanes and for being kind.

Thanks for the opportunity to give back to people who openly spread their arms of welcome.

Happy (what a great name for a happy man), Jerry, Aden, Shawn, Calvin, and others made this all happen! They picked me up every day at the marina and took me to the site! Thanks to Veron, Alicia and Antonette for everything!

Becca B

Raymond Pilgrim's OIL DOWN, Grenadian Style by Brandy!
09/19/2009, Raymond's Home...

We've seen many things on this island, thanks to Raymond. He's always been available for us, plays golf with Richard, our neighbor and good friend, and has guided us to many positions on Grenda's chart, since most of our choices are coastal to be reached by tourbus.

We are a curious bunch and one of the things that kept coming up was an "oil down".

Raymond got one of his friends who's a chef and invited us to his home for a true, culinary delight, no where else on earth and it's a Grenadian 'OIL DOWN'! Ok, it's like a stew with everything grown here! Chicken, salt fish and pigtails stewed in coconut milk, then vegtables like local pumpkin (nothing like our giants here for Halloween and Fair trophies), callaloo, ochra, breadfruit, plaintains all blended over slow heat with secret spices and love.

There were about 14 of us cruisers and two other friends, students who added a new dimension to our naturally 'nautical' state of mind.

Raymond was a grand host and we are just loving Grenada!

Thanks alot!

Dudley and Bec

Good Jazz and Good Birthday Party!!!
09/18/2009, National Museum, Pizza and Sushi for Brett!

There's always another reason to gather the cruisers together! The National Museum here in St. Georges has Jazz mostly every Friday evening. We thoroughly enjoyed the "Men of the Mainland" tonight, which were awesome and then headed to dinner for a continuation of Brett's Birthday party.

We piled the whole gang in a couple of van taxis and took off for the Pizza and Sushi Restaurants!

It was Brett's Birthday and he wanted to try sushi and chow down on pizza. With both restaurants right next to each other, he got his wish! The Van Wyck Family home schools their boys in everything and food tasting is one of them.

What a great bunch of cruisers to be hanging out with during Hurricane season 2009! We have quite a nice extended family gathered for the summer.

Happy Birthday Brett...who knew you youngin' from the Northwest Territory of Yellow Knife in Canada would end up celebrating your l5th birthday in the Caribbean with fun new friends.

Love you, Dudley and Bec

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