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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Good Jazz and Good Birthday Party!!!
09/18/2009, National Museum, Pizza and Sushi for Brett!

There's always another reason to gather the cruisers together! The National Museum here in St. Georges has Jazz mostly every Friday evening. We thoroughly enjoyed the "Men of the Mainland" tonight, which were awesome and then headed to dinner for a continuation of Brett's Birthday party.

We piled the whole gang in a couple of van taxis and took off for the Pizza and Sushi Restaurants!

It was Brett's Birthday and he wanted to try sushi and chow down on pizza. With both restaurants right next to each other, he got his wish! The Van Wyck Family home schools their boys in everything and food tasting is one of them.

What a great bunch of cruisers to be hanging out with during Hurricane season 2009! We have quite a nice extended family gathered for the summer.

Happy Birthday Brett...who knew you youngin' from the Northwest Territory of Yellow Knife in Canada would end up celebrating your l5th birthday in the Caribbean with fun new friends.

Love you, Dudley and Bec

We love Moondancer...Thank YOU Painting!
09/17/2009, @ Dragon Bay for Adventure and a vacation...

Nellie and Phil bought a 55' Tayana recently and just started cruising. They've had their challenges in getting everything just the way they want it on Moondancer and they're almost there! We think it's pretty awesome, rather huge and we now know, very cool to to have all the new goodies installed on their boat!

I painted some mementos from Tabago Cays and here in lushious Grenada. A little thank you for their awesome hospitality and the overnight mini vacation to Dragon Bay a couple of weeks ago. Bookmarks are my new favorite way to say thanks! I get to paint and who doesn't need bookmarks?

They're in Trinidad finishing up with their wish list of new toys for Moondancer and will be back here in Grenada soon we hope.

Dudley and Bec

The Cannon Power Shot D-10 arrived!!!!
09/16/2009, Island Water World, Custom's Agent here in Grenada

The camera issue has been a touchy and heated subject since St. Pierre in Martinique when the Nikon died. We've been blessed with an Olympus by Don and Olga in Le Marin, Martinique until we could get a replacement, and that died just before Carnival here in Grenada!

Here's the short version! Here's the new waterproof, shockproof camera that looks like the perfect photo solution for a journey like this!

It's SMART! It's cool! It's here! Thank you and Fed EX!

Dudley and Bec

Painting Alot and Loving IT!!!
09/15/2009, Another Port Louis Marina Party

The Van Wyck family is very cool and very musical! Brett's plays the guitar and it's his birthday! His Mom, Carol, plays the clarinet and his brother Dylan plays the saxaphone. We're immersed in the Sound of Music when S/V Dutch Dreamer and the Van Wyck family is present.

I'm feeling creative...feeling the love...having fun with a paint bruish in my grips again.

Happy 15th birthday Brett Van Wyck!

Love Dudley and Bec

MG's Hand Painted Anniversary Card...
09/14/2009, Altair, Port Louis Marina

Lucy and Richard are celebrating their second year of cruising. They left Lake Champlain, sailed thru the Erie Canal to the Atlantic Ocean and they made it here...Port Louis Marina, St. Georges, Grenada!

They are really fun, really bright and really FRENCH! We take back everything we've ever said about Frencies! French Canadian at that!

I'm feeling color, I'm feeling brushes, I'm feeling creative!

Happy Anniversary Marie Galante II, Lucy and Richard!

Love, Dudley and Bec

09/12/2009, Best open air market right downtown in St Georges.

Not into the heart of the island here either. Just around the wharf. The farmers market downtown means hiking the lagoon road to the Carenage, around the harbor, thru the old town and tunnel, or today around the fort! It's a climb but early birds get the best deals and it's cooler. We love these farmer's markets because nothing has been refridgerated which means it hangs out in the food hammocks instead of trying to decide what goes in our itty bitty fridge.

The best panaramas are always from the forts. Check out the town too. I love the old segued every which way into the present!

What a treasure trove of architecture, flora, the fishermen, entrepeneurs and fisherwomen. Ooooooo, the LOVE OF LIFE from their farms and rainforests, affection and happiness!

Thanks Grenada... we're in Love!

Dudley and Bec

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