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Altair's Cruz Nuz
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World Food Day!
10/05/2009, National Stadium, Grenada

We talked about it, we met about it and it happened again! The National Forestry Service requested my talent for a banner at World Food Day.

The theme this year is "Achieving Food Security in a Time of Crises". The Manicou (opossum), the Tatou (armadillo), the Mona Monkey, the Iguana and the Red Necked Pidgeon are all food on this island and World Food Day is about teaching! No hunting when 'off' season! Let them breed and survive so there will be food.

I'm so proud to be a part of this event! They liked my painting of the National Bird, now this! Wow, what an honor!

Lofrans is Out of the BOX, finally!
10/04/2009, Yep, still here at the Marina...

We have so much to do before we can check the windlass installation off the list!

We sure have had our problems! Lofrans was no help with the gypsy we needed and the parts that were missing...the large wire to replace the smaller 'large wire' won't fit thru the windlass. Another bit of misinformation! Then the gypsy we had to wait for was cracked! Do I have one p.o'd captain on my hands! Ruh Roh!

It's not an armrest anymore, but it's still a paper weight for now! New holes to be drilled in the deck, the metal plate and the beautiful heavy wood that "BC" will rest on.

BC you say...yes, that's "Best Crew", not BB, I've been replaced! It doesn't eat, doesn't wine, doesn't bitch and after the initial investment doesn't cost a thing!

It's outta the box though!

Dudley and Bec

Skin-Ups or Chinetts!
10/03/2009, Everywhere here in Grenada!

This is Natalie...a wonderful girl at the food market within strolling distance from the marina!

These beauties are "Skin-ups"...and they are very interesting! Upon first look they are plump, yet hard! You take one and crack the shell very gently between your top and bottom front teeth to expose a fuzzy, juicy, pale and creamy colored, delicate 'seed'. It is mostly the hard, non-edible seed, but everyone, EVERYWHERE is suckin' on these Skin-ups! They are wonderful...after you get over the fuzzies, they are tart, yummy and a healthy snack! Love em!

As with all fruits of unfamilar origin, you start slowly, search and get turned on to a perfectly ripe, rotund variety by the "in" crowd and voila, you are emulating a local Grenadian!

Can't wait to share all the delightful variety of fruit and veggies found here! Lots to learn!

Dudley and Bec

Dudley and Bec
10/01/2009, Everywhere!!!!

Happy Birthday dear daughter in law, Raeleen. To my Nephew, Matthew, I love you "more", Happy Happy B-Day. Mark Friedman, you are very special to us, big hugs dear, and a great birthday celebration is surely in the making by your awesome family. Phebe, we miss you and hope your day is GREAT! Bill Zumpfe, we really miss you too buddy, WHOOP IT UP Lastly, but surely not least, Karen, we wish you could've been here for your birthday, love you!

Hugs and Happy Happy Birthday dear Loved Ones!

Dudley and Bec

We've Moved on Land!
09/27/2009, Right Behind the Marina, RSR Apartments!

We have so much grinding, to do, we moved our bed (those cushy yet firm mattresses) off on to Lucy and Richard's boat along with all our good clothes and moved out! The fiberglass work of grinding away and moving the wall in the anchor locker is only a few days, with the major mess cleaned up right away!

But then...we still have loads of wiring to do and that means pulling out the old and doing the squeeze, shimmy and squirm thru the good sloop Altair!

We can see the boat right from the apartment! This is our view, and we have to exclaim that it's really nice to roll outta the bed and into the ''bathroom' without having to stroll down the dock, thru the pebbly parking lot to the temporary lews and stalls.

After seeing the shenanigans of having to shower on the dock, in our clothes because the marina is having their construction faux pas, you can understand the need to be in a more civilized environment.

We haven't swallowed the anchor, just in case you were wondering...just taking a humane break from the boat being torn apart. I'm having vivid memories of the years of prep for this adventure..oooooh will we ever be thrilled to get on anchor again!

With a brand new windlass, yippeee!!!!!!!

Dudley and Bec

Bon Voyage Lucy and Richard!!!
09/25/2009, Grenada to Europe!

What a wild bunch! We'll look for any excuse to party!

Lucy and her two sisters are celebrating the youngest's 50th birthday in PARIS! Yep, they have been talking about a big Europe trip the three of them and now it's going to happen!

The gang got together for a really nice pot luck at the picnic table the marina so graciously brought right next to our boat! Carol brought red chili lights, all the chefs brought out the good grub and we feasted and consumed large amounts of alchohol! Surprise!

Richard is going to Montreal at the same time, so this was for him too as our buddies and negihbors will be far, far away! We really like them alot!

Bon Voyage Lucy, Bon Voyage Richard

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