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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Amazing Growth...
11/01/2009, Our Townhouse in Miami!

When we last saw our home in August of '08, it was planted with a small Japanese Fern tree, lots of plants that like bright sun, and no canopy!

Now look...we live in a jungle! I planted with the hopes of blocking the headlights coming into our house from the street that does a 90 degree turn at our place. This way exceeds our expectations.

We lost a lot of the plants that needed full sun, but the gorgeous flowering vine that was on the port side of the driveway was my favorite! Booooo hooo...

My garden awaits the long lost voyagers! Or this greenthumbed author anyway!

Happy Halloween America, Home and Family!
10/31/2009, Grenada to Miami via AIR!

We had a long flight and it's sure 180 degrees from Sailing! Can't see a thing, miss the motion of the ocean and it's amazing that you can take 20 months to arrive and then thrive in Grenada, the West Indies, and only 3.5 hours to fly back home to Miami! Wow!

Jim picked us up at the airport and this is where we arrived...the Coconut Grove Sailing Club for Halloween! We were going to surprise everyone, but I made the mistake of contacting the "Channel" designer for the with the covert news, but the news was too much and word got out! The Halloween party was last night not this 31st of October! Oh well, it's good to be on US soil and better yet visiting our nearest and dearest at the Club where Dudley is a life member! Twenty five good years in good standing to achieve this and here we are!

Ohhhh, it's good to be home for family fix and our bestest friends are family too!

Bon Voyage from S/V Marie Galante II
10/30/2009, Port Louis Marina, Where else?

Lady Lulu, a great new friend! We have done so much in the short four months here in Grenada and Port Louis Marina, and I'm proud to say she's a really good friend! Really, if ever there was a class act...a lady, it's Lucy. I'm taking liberties because Lulu is a family nickname and I'm incorporating it into my feelings for her!

They cooked dinner for us this last night before we leave and were up at 4:30a to send us off with a warm loving breakfast too. Lucy and Richard really hold a special place in our hearts! As if that wasn't enough, they wanted to assure us of their care of Altair while we were away! How cool is that?

We love them! Thanks Lady Lulu and Richard!

Miami here we come!

What a Party!!!
10/23/2009, PLM...A Proven Scenerio for FUN!

The festivities were brewing days ago! We are all eager to celebrate the 'boys' and their birthdates both, and now it's here!

We are witness to Lucy's gift to Richard of an edible 'g' string! We never did get a report on the flavor or where in Europe she found this! Kent got some great gifts but Lucy's to Richard spoke volumes!

The picnic tables brought alongside Altair were functional toward canvas's been a great stage for the parties!

Excellent Hike!
10/22/2009, Seven Sisters...Grenada Waterfalls

We've had the pleasure to explore a lot of Grenada from a tour guide! This one was ambitious and phenomenally gorgeous!

This was planned to be a girl hike...but the hikers changed up and we got a cutie, Poirot, Richard's Daughter's boyfriend to join the 'girls'!

It was invigorating, thrilling and beautiful! Enjoy the photo album whenever I get around to reliving thru my multinudenous collection to date!

Last Day @ RSR Apts.
10/17/2009, Just behind Altair...

It's not like we are getting really fed up with our wee whittle sloop! However, we are totally enjoying this we whittle apartment!

This is the last night of ''SPACE" with Dudley keeping the place another day for a football game! We will be back on Altair in the morning!

We actually have a more comfy bed on Altairthan any place we've escaped so far!

We're coming back Altair...

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