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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Grenada Welcomes us BACK!
12/04/2009, Maurice Bishop Airport

It's hard to leave family at home...but we are morphing into boat rats...

We are new at this stocking up from your hometown! We thought about a barrel, filling it and having it arrive one week later on a Tropical cargo ship. That's crazy, Altair is already pretty full, but the cost! Everything is so expensive...

STRAWBERRIES...need I say more! If I could only ship them in a suitcase.

To make it short, we packed 4 duffle bags (the only luggage we can store on Altair) and we had receipts...we were so clued into what we needed to do, we came prepared to validate our replacement of vits and our need for new tennies! All boat things, right?

Well, it went so was late, they weren't interested... we skated by!

Only question now is where the heck are we going to put all this stuff! I'm really not worried. When I want something, I go to great lengths to find room.

Check out this decorating...and it's only December 4th!!!!

Culinary, Theatrical Shopping with a Latin Flair
11/29/2009, Bayside, Downtown Miami, Florida, Ola!

We really wanted to pick up a few indigenous trinkets for our Caribbean family we are attached to in Grenada! We have so much to be thankful for that a few musical lizards, the Cuban cigar, Benny More along with the delectable spices inherent in Cuban comida, kept us swirling with choices.

Here we are, shopping Miami style, dancing at the arena that juts out into the harbor at Miama (yep, that's how the early crackers pronounced Miami) Marina, and where is Dudley? He's drooling over a sailboat. This isn't any's the Heritage of Miami! Reminiscent of days long gone when we depended upon these strong workboats. This is the Heritage of Miami, a charter boat that Dudley hired to spread his Mom's ashes in Biscayne Bay, Florida way back when. He drooled and dreamed then when we had the chance to explore the nooks and crannies only imagined each and every time we crossed paths in our perfect sailing grounds.

He's still dreaming! He cannot help himself from scouring every sailing rag for 'the boat'. Do all sailors do this? Let's say our next cruiser is a 42' Pacific Sea Craft. Guaranteed he'd still be looking at a 44' Cabo Rico before long. Human Nature?

Dudley and Bec

We're staying Stateside for Gobble Gobble Day!
11/22/2009, Ocala Florida

It's so hard to convince family and friends we miss them when we are rushing off after a couple of weeks back to the good ship Altair.

It didn't take long to make the decision to stay for Thanksgiving and go see our grandson who just became a third generation firefighter in Ocala, Florida. His first official job, his first home and his first visit from the 'grandparents' as a full grown adult.

The majority of the gang stayed in their big campers, we opted for the cushy hotel. We got all the benefits of a full fledged American turkey feast, the campground which was lush, the campfires kept us all toasty for a couple of days and best and most appreciated was the family reunion! We so miss everyone!

Happy Gobble Gobble Day to all our Family and Friends!

My Favorite Miami Place to Go!
11/22/2009, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Miami, Florida

My honey didn't bulk, no wiggling out of it, no previous engagements...he happily joined me for the Ramble, Fairchild Garden's big annual event, with art, food and music sprinkled throughout the most magnificent botanic garden ever.

This is where my first art exhibit took place just months before the crunch to fit fit Altair for her big adventure! We were supposed to leave in 2007 and when that didn't happen I took a job at the Garden because my mural biz was drowning in Sunbrella, Easypoxy, stainless work, faux teak, to name a few projects on my "pink" list. I immediately found out who was in charge of the FBTG Ramble and was finally awarded the honor to paint for this festivals promotional package, t-shirts, canvas shopping bags. They gave me a booth and that's when I crunched for "Art by Becca" and painted 10 huge Botanicals in watercolor! It was a huge success because I sold a big close-up Royal Poinciana bloom to the CEO of the Garden! I was ecstatic!

To be back at the garden where we were members was exciting and to see old friends, both human and botanical was delightful!

Dudley and Bec

Trying to Squeeze Tons into Two Weeks in S. Fla
11/18/2009, Miami, Florida and Baltimore, Maryland

Whewwwwwwww... family, friends, doctors, dermatologists, haircuts, dentists, important documents, souvenir shopping, requests from Grenadian cruisers and now I'm flying north to the cold climes of Maryland.

I'm flying to Baltimore to see some of my family! My sister, Barb, my niece, nephew, and mostly my little great niece...I'm getting too old if I have to learn 'great' anything...Lily Marie Jones! 4 years old this past December '09. She's the latest in the Clark Line to date and I'm proud to introduce her.

That's what I did, chased a 4 year old, held, washed, told stories, watched cartoons, napped, wrestled, had bubble blowing contests with this creative, beautiful four year old. Just plain exhausted her out, ha!!! Four days with a four year old and I'm thrilled to have had this experience with her. She is a adorable and a petite tornado!

Kinda like cruisers, 79 year old and captains and health nuts! That's Dudley not me because I'm growing this not so adorable pot belly!

Home with the Kids/Grandkids!
11/06/2009, West Palm Beach, Florida

We've visited with Miami FAMILY and FRIENDS with a FRENZY and fueled the love tank! Need to be back home for a full LOVE tank but will take all the love we can get right now on this short visit.

It's all about the KIDS! Now that's where the big holes in our hearts need refilling! Our only vehicle now is the Toyota PU truck which is with the kids in West Palm Beach! So Jim loaned us his comfy Toyota such luxury!

We really needed this! Thanks Universe!

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