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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Altair Splashed...Moondancer's Dink!
12/23/2009, Prickly Bay, South Coast of Grenada

For real now! We are finally finished with the big work on Altair! We say that with trepidation of course. It's a boat!

We are just thrilled to be hanging out on the hook! Our new windlass is super and our buddies Nellie and Phil on Moondancer loaned us their dink until we launch ours and also invited us to a big feast for Christmas dinner!

We really miss being at home during the holidays, but we were lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving at home with relatives and friends who have become like family!

Can't wait to spend our second night on anchor being lulled to sleep with the wind and seas! How cool is this! Finally!

Altair has been REPLACED!
12/22/2009, Spice Island Marine BoatYard, Grenada

It's been five days in the yard and we made a few changes! See if you can tell!

Ok, added about 15' to her length and about 3' to her keel. Then we painted her this gorgeous color!

"Not"....this beauty was right behind us and gorgeous!

After five days in the yard, so is our wee little sloop Altair! We are exhausted, but she looks great! Ready for the journey north!

Sea View Apartments, a boatyard retreat!!!
12/18/2009, Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

I did manage to find a beautiful, peaceful, friendly and inexpensive apartment to relax in after a hard day @ the yard!

My captain, my hero, my idol...Dudley, truly amzing! I pray everyday to have the energy and the attitude of my man when I get to his age!

Sea View Apts. have cable, yeah for football and HORAAY for WIFI! Yippee for recliners too after a hard first day in the yard.

Check out the pics in the photo gallery. Joan, teaching me how to cultivate cinnamon and nutmeg. Glenn, the owner and his beautiful wife, Princess Margaret's herb garden and amazing fruit trees, sugar apple, papaya, ochra, banana, almond and many others I fail to remember that are lovingly being grown in their back yard!

Back in the yard, not a sandbox!
12/17/2009, Spice Island Marine Boat Yard

Cannot believe we are outta the marina! We had a beautiful night last night, sitting on anchor that was set with our new, gold plated windlass! Dudley is doing a great job having learned to set the snubber and not loose any fingers. Those cute red and black foot buttons took some getting used to and it's wonderful that he'll keep all his fingers! We are so happy to be here in Prickly Bay at last we are feeling the breeze, hearing the windlass doing it's job and the solar panel....our bestest purchase to date (next in line after the new windlass, of course).

Ok, that's it. It didn't last long, floating freely away from the dock that is. We hauled Altair today!! We needed to haul her for a new bottom. We had already decided on red again (my desire to introduce another color other than teal) and of course checking every thru hull, all the stuffing in the box, hehe, and cutlass bearing.

We have so much to do! Barrier coat on the old bottom paint, then new bright red bottom; I'm redoing the faux teak all around the boat that has surely seen better days; I'll be sanding and waxing the entire hull of it's oxidized paint and vertical rust stripes from the rub rail inferior screws and the list goes on!

Keep ya posted!

Finally sailing on Altair after 6 Months!
12/16/2009, St. George Lagoon to Prickly Bay

It was hard to say goodbye, but it's not au revoir, just see ya soon! We hope! If not, that what's still hard to learn...knowing that it's a transient experience, and everyone sooner or later leaves for their new destination or deadline. Knowing and accepting are two very different things. Whennnnnnnnnnnn.

Phil Kellet hopped on a bus from Prickly Bay to St George and jumped aboard Altair to get away from his boat Moondancer which is in the shipyard! He really needed a break and it was a spectacular day! We didn't know what to expect. Every past experience of going around the southwest corner of a country and bashing into the easterly swells and wind is usually frustrating to say the least.

It was anything but that. We sailed Altair around the SW cape and Port Saline Airport (the man-made peninsula that juts out into the sea) in a sweet l.5 hour glory trip. I think Phil was hoping for a few more hours away from the yard stress, but we all had a good time and we are finally at anchor.

I'll take bobbing at anchor, or sailing, at best, any day over being at a Marina!

We're FREE!

Dudley and Bec

Search for Apt while in the Boatyard!
12/12/2009, Prickly, True Blue or Grand Anse Estate, South Coast!

We've decided since we arrived at this most southern destination in the Windwards to treat ourselves to some 'space' whenever we felt the need after two years on our wee little sloop. Having the boat hauled and working like crazed maniacs in a dirty boatyard for an intense five full days clearly qualified.

It was my job to find the place!

As you've seen so far, we are in a verdant wonderland, so hiking, bussing and searching for the place was not a 'job'. It was very difficult though with so many sweet spots to choose from, but the price was obviously an issue with all the expense of the bottom paint, the yard bill and all the other supplies and parts while Altair is up in the air.

I'll show some of the spots I would've loved to stay, in the 'photo gallery', but I really needed to remember that we would be leaving just after sunrise and returning after sunset each day. Not too much time to partake of the goodies at these lush, posh, dreamy digs.

This is "Cinnamon Bay Resort", just sneaked a peak for the photo op to share with my honey when I returned with the search goodies! WOW!

Dudley and Bec

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