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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Gorgeous Anchorage, Fabulous Hiking, Developers!
01/02/2010, Hog Island, South Coast of Grenada

We couldn't wait to get off the boat after so long at the dock, get in the dink and explore. Now this may not seem like a lot to most of you, but it's huge to us. We've been at the marina and the boat yard long enough! It's time to be cruising again.

We are eager to show off this beautiful place. We boogied or motored into the gentle breeze the day after Christmas. What a paradise. After Prickly Bay, where we were rolling like it was a fair ride, we are now gently swaying in the cooling wind off this beautiful island called Hog! We can see the survey marks where the Four Seasons are planning to develop the island. They've built a bridge dividing the Hog Island Anchorage and Woburn Bay! Hopefully it will be a long time coming! Roger and Mary hope so too, since they have a sweet beach bar...for now!

This south coast is everything we've been dreaming of! Can't wait to wander!

Dudley and Bec

Celebrating our Loved Ones B'Days and Anniversaries
01/01/2010, From Hog Island, South Coast Grenada!

We are really behind in wishing everybody a Happy Birthday, Anniversary bows and hats off this month. It's January already, 2010 and I'm still in shock at how time flies!#%&*%$#^&()&%$

From Hog Island, south coast of Grenada's premiere anchorage, we wish David Hahn a Happy Birthday; Giovanni Haines, Happy Happy B'Day; Marcella Hickock, Happy 8th Birthday; Happy Anniversary to Caroleena and Will; Happy Birhday you Wonderful woman, Elaine Long; to my Honey when I moved in closer, way back when, January 16, '02; Olga First, where are you?, Happy Birthday dear friend; In Memory of Ed Ogle who passed away January 23, '06, may we celebrate your life always; to my Bestest Friend ever Tom Zoroya, May this be a Fantastic year for you, Happy Birthday, January 24 (won't tell the year); my long lost brother, Ricky Stamper, Happy Birthday also the 24th and last but not least....Have a great Birthday, as I know you know how, Karen Menges Peterson, on the 27th!

We miss you so very much, ALL! May this 2010 be a great one for you all, Birthdays, Anniversaries and just darn glad to be alive folks!


HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR, Feliz Anos Nuevo and Bonne Annee!
12/31/2009, Clark's Court Bay Marina

We were a little concerned about our New Year celebration and our 10th Anniversary!

Our outboard decided to quit after being 'pickled' during our marina stay from July 8th to the 16th of December! It's in the shop and the nice guy in his taxi boat that towed us yesterday, said he would take us to the party tonight if we needed it! We hadn't heard so I got on the radio! "If anyone is going to Clark's Court Bay for the New Year's Eve Party could we have a ride?" We waited for what seemed a very long time when Len and Yanna, S/V Present offered to pick us up and take us! Whew!

The rest is history! We had a wonderful time, with Miss Kitty, Jenny, Bob (the owner) all making the arrangements for a really fun night! They gave everyone a heads up, hehe, and said there was going to be a hat contest!

I won! (the calabash was planned to be a lampshade for our davis cockpit light when I got the dremmel out) but this is the first debut for the calabash which will be locked into Altair's history!


Merry Christmas!
12/25/2009, S/V Moondancer

We are really blessed! We are enjoying Prickly Bay, this beautiful anchorage near the southwest corner of the island and Christmas in the Islands!

We just love Grenada and we love our friends Nellie and Phil!

They invited us to a wonderful "English" dinner along with 5 others on board Moondancer! We enjoyed a delicious rack of lamb, prepared by Chef Nellie and everyone brought along a dish to accompany their generosity.

The evening progressed with several bottles of wine, then on to cognac laced "English Pudding" for dessert! Fabulous

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Altair Splashed...Moondancer's Dink!
12/23/2009, Prickly Bay, South Coast of Grenada

For real now! We are finally finished with the big work on Altair! We say that with trepidation of course. It's a boat!

We are just thrilled to be hanging out on the hook! Our new windlass is super and our buddies Nellie and Phil on Moondancer loaned us their dink until we launch ours and also invited us to a big feast for Christmas dinner!

We really miss being at home during the holidays, but we were lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving at home with relatives and friends who have become like family!

Can't wait to spend our second night on anchor being lulled to sleep with the wind and seas! How cool is this! Finally!

Altair has been REPLACED!
12/22/2009, Spice Island Marine BoatYard, Grenada

It's been five days in the yard and we made a few changes! See if you can tell!

Ok, added about 15' to her length and about 3' to her keel. Then we painted her this gorgeous color!

"Not"....this beauty was right behind us and gorgeous!

After five days in the yard, so is our wee little sloop Altair! We are exhausted, but she looks great! Ready for the journey north!

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