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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Eyes Wide Open...
01/12/2010, Now we're at Lower Woburn, WOW!

We just can't believe how gorgeous this south coast of Grenada is to explore! We've had the pleasure of meeting cruisers who've spent years here and are now giving us the benefit of their local knowledge and guidance.

Not only do we get to explore, but we are keeping in shape! Check out this wonderland! I'm just above Whisper Cove Marina and the Hog Island anchorage is beyond that bridge way over there! Just a little geography sharing!


Absolutely Fabulous Hiking with Stonecutter, Ernie and Cathy
01/11/2010, Ruins at Martin's Marina, Mt. Hartman

Not only are the cruisers great, but so are the locations! This is one spectacular ruin. More in the gallery later. Mt. Hartman, one of the protected areas here on the south coast boasts numerous trails and hiking grounds, complete with all the flora, fauna and locals to spice it up!

Thanks Grenada! Truly the SPICE ISLAND! This wonderful island continues to amaze us even after six months of non stop adventures!

Dudley and Bec

Our Outboard returns tomorrow!
01/09/2010, Closer to Row!

We really loved it at Hog Island. We know now how calm and peaceful the anchorage was, even though we are totally pleased to be close enough to row! Yep, we are very close to Whisper Cove because Dudley has to row!

If you can read his t-shirt..."Good guys go to heaven, bad boys to the West Indies", you'll see it's a joke! He's truly Dudley Do Right, and has been the rower du jour since we arrived a couple of days ago.


Truly a Shangrila...Whisper Cove Marina!
01/08/2010, Whisper Cove, Eastern bank of Woburn Bay

We had the pleasure of stepping into a virtual garden of eden! Perched on a tiny cliff, this special, quaint marina is wonderful! We had the pleasure of meeting the managers, Vinciane and Gerard, Marie and Gilles (the chef and bakers), Roxanne, Violet, James and Nigel! The spell has been cast and they have completely captured our hearts! They are so endearing, so French!

We've been enraptured and really admire these wonderful caretakers of this beautiful wonderland! Our heads have been turned and we've been delightfully enamored with the French since Martinique! Wow! It helps that they speak English! We do have "French for Cruisers" on board, but it is very fortuitous that they can assist us with our lessons!

We get fresh baguettes, great meats, internet, laundry, ice and joy from each and every person there! Totally love them and this Shangrila!

There is only one thing that will prevent us from staying in this spot! We are rolling way too much! The swells are unbearable, even if we can get wifi from the boat! Shucks, darn! More on that soon!

Bec Monster Man!
01/06/2010, Just off Whisper Cove!

We've been hiking and exploring since we began this adventure at the end of February, 2008. My man is amazing in hiking and exploring each island southward since we left, but he's been wondering what's missing! His gym at home for one!

He decided he wanted to kick it up a notch and keep up with me on the hikes and improve his stamina all around! He got some weights and now is working out every day! I'm so impressed! I've always been astonished with his attitude, abilities and energy...but now he's showing me up! What a man!

How did I ever get so lucky? I can only hope to have half his energy when I get this age!


It's time to Explore a new Bay!
01/03/2010, Hog Island to Clark's Court Bay or Woburn Bay on Older charts

It was hard to leave the Hog anchorage, and a bit hairy too with lots of reefs protecting just about every anchorage. We were ready to explore yet another bay that we've heard so much about! We also heard that we could get wifi from the boat if we anchored just off Whisper Cove Marina. Cool name eh? Well, this place is really special too!

We are so grateful for modern technology. The chartplotter is our best friend these days, showing the skinny path to deeper waters. The photo ops are endless! Could we be any more blessed?

Dudley and Becca

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