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Altair's Cruz Nuz
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Calabash as Art, Locals call it Botte before it's Art!
01/31/2010, S/V Falcon and CCBM

If you're checking the adventures of Altair's crew...the first mate has just finished the new cockpit lampshade! You last saw this on my head where I won the "hat" contest during the Blue Moon, New Year's Eve Party at Clarks Court Bay Marina 12/31/09.

I had a great mentor, Miss Kitty, good friend, chef and Captain of S/V Falcon. She brought out her tools and the electric from the dock she's attached to, since our inverter doesn't like the dremmel tool. I really needed some guidance, tips and creative support with the act of carving a calabash. I'm pretty good with a paint brush, and am getting the hang of this medium too thanks to Miss Kitty!

My friend, Jessie at the open air farmer's market gave me some indigenous info about the calabash! They call the gourd Bolle before it is picked and Callabash after it has been cleaned, dried and then carved or painted! Love this lcoal knowledge!

Just in case you wanted to know, that's nutmeg and the mace that surrounds the interior nut! I carved peppers at the crown to shine on the canvas above, and the five nutmegs wrap around the bottom rim for a Grenadian flare to remind us each time we use this light.

Thanks Grenada for the inspiration, again!

Becca Art by Becca

It's Lobster Season and Fish Friday...
01/29/2010, Guoyave...Fishing Capital of Grenada!

We have another great reason to gather with our dear friends, Olga and Don. We love them and we love lobster too!

It's a long trip up the lee coast to the northern fishing capital of Guoyave! We've been lucky enough to have had a visit during the summer by our friend and tour guide Raymond "Maboat Tours", but this time Cutty was the tour guide du jour, and we filled his bus!

A great group, Olga, Don, Neal, his dad Adrian, Kevin, his Mom and Chris, Carol, Glenn, Ulrika and the two of us!

We were entertained again by the chef's who travel from all around the island to treat us with their culinary skills! The provisions accompanying each Grenadian meal are becoming delectably expected. Yummy.

We have so much to be thankful!

Dudley and Bec

Reuniting with Friends...
01/26/2010, Pebbles Jazz Bar, St. Georges, Grenada

We heard the announcement on the cruiser's net (delivered M-S...6 days a week). Jenny G, singer extraordinaire was belting out tunes of Phoebe Snow, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, et al, and an awesome sax player, Paul Alexander tonight at the Pebbles Jazz Club! Absolutely Fabulous. We completed the harmonica player and he said "it's very simple, really"...right! He was very good and the whole band was simpatico!

What better way to reunite with our dear friends Olga and Don! Jazz seems to be bringing us together a lot! (All summer, right next door...didn't know...we had the pleasure of jazz at the National Museum every Friday night.) Now fabulous!

The couple who own the Pebbles Jazz Club are both talented too! She has painted all the art hanging here at Pebbles and her hubby is on guitar frequently we understand.

Check out "Pebble JAZZ Club", to see our beautiful friend Olga, the photograher and wife of friend in the pic. The night was a blast, again...oh well, someone has to do it!

What a magical night! Great friends, awesome jazz and good pub food!

Dudley and Bec

Roger's Bar, Sunday BBQ
01/17/2010, Beach Bar on Hog Island

We've been anchored in front of Roger and Mary's beach bar and we love the energy here! We've had a great time each and every time, with a magic act by Corjula (who crews for boats worldwide) one time, different music all the time, Mary's food and Roger's drinks cranking every Sunday afternoon and whenever they announce a gathering or a bonfire! We have a front row spot whether we attend or are just a floating audience!

Check out Roger's Bar, Hog Island Photo Album and feel the 'groove'. Love them!

FYI, Hog Island is being developed, so we are hoping that funding and investors will be hard to come by for a very long time so that Roger and Mary can continue this longtime tradition for another long strech of time.

Dudley and Bec

Pasca's Goat!!!
01/15/2010, Hike up the Very Steep Hill to the road in Lower Woburn!

I asked if I could take a picture of his goat! Dudley is whispering "it's a sheep"! I asked the man his name and thanked him very much for letting me photograph him! He was too kind to correct me, but I apologized anyway with him laughing at the 'tourist'!

This City girl needs some island fauna lessons! Or at least "tails up it's a sheep, down it's a goat help!!!

Much Love, Bec

Eyes Wide Open...
01/12/2010, Now we're at Lower Woburn, WOW!

We just can't believe how gorgeous this south coast of Grenada is to explore! We've had the pleasure of meeting cruisers who've spent years here and are now giving us the benefit of their local knowledge and guidance.

Not only do we get to explore, but we are keeping in shape! Check out this wonderland! I'm just above Whisper Cove Marina and the Hog Island anchorage is beyond that bridge way over there! Just a little geography sharing!


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