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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
02/03/2010, Grenada Still!!!!

We are having a real trying time getting wifi on the boat! Our great wifi antenna we purchased in Antigua last year has been great until Grenada! We think it's just the signal on the island! We tried paying for internet throughout our time in the marina...argh! We were able to get free wifi for a little while from the Chandlery across the lagoon! Argh, not for long!

So we bit the bullet! We tried to be incognito, but there are times when we just have to have a phone! We were successful for two years, so I'm thinkin' we've held out very nicely until NOW. Skype is our wonderful free, almost, phone over internet protocol! We love it!

We're not giving the number out and don't want to chat unless it's really necessary or we don't want to advertise we're both off the boat...might as well go home for that!

Just had to share! ARGH!!!!

Dudley and Bec

Custom Made Walking Stick, by Becca
02/02/2010, On Altair @ Anchor, Hog Island...

We've been picking up sticks since we left Miami so long ago for dog deterrants, hill climbing and hiking. Now I have my very own custom made walking stick!

I was on a hike recently way up in Woburn when a kid, Jimmy, invited us to check out his "Island View Bamboo Café" which will be hosting their grand opening soon! We chatted for quite a while and he introduced me to the investor "Bubba" (who used to cook for Roger's Beach Bar for years). He was totally proud of the success he's having in finishing the construction and design of the "Bamboo Café. I lamented that we've been searching for bamboo groves during our hikes to make walking sticks with no success so far!

After lots of advice about getting a vhf radio to reach the cruisers, getting a flyer to hand out locally, then a website, he and Bubba offered me a 12' stalk of bamboo perfect for two walking sticks. Amazing what we can tote around in our dingy!

This is my finished design...can't wait to check it out! Just have to get the approval of Doc Adams, the Chiropractor I'm seeing for my back! Then my very own Doc Clark who makes sure I don't make matters worse 'til I'm better.

Hobbling and hunching Becca

Dudley and Bec
02/01/2010, Everywhere our Family and Friends are!

We really hope that our loved ones know we are remembering their special day!

To Deb Clark, Happy Happy birthday, to my cousin Cindy, A Very Joyous Birthday, Terry, love you lots, party hearty, and my other cousin James Fox, Happy Birthday you wild man!

We are sending love to you all this special day of yours and to all our loved ones...Many, many hugs!

Dudley and Bec

My Chiropractor, Doc Adams
02/01/2010, Phare Bleu Marina

I've been to a couple of doctors, here in Grenada and one in the States in November. I have a pinched nerve in my back and the most repeated advice was to strengthen my core! Now, that pot belly I've not been able to shed needs to be shaved once and for all. I've been exercising regularly for as long as I can remember, but no luck!

After Carnival in August, 09, where my friends and I boogied all the way around the lagoon and carenage, my back hikes, long walks, and every boat related duty, I'm snookered. What to do!

Doc Adams and his treatment is my new hope! I had my first chiropractic treatment in my life this morning! I don't can't report any news yet...think it's going to take a few treatments.

More later! I WANT to, NEED to, HAVE to walk, hike, exercise! Wish me luck! I've been very blessed with good health til this! Ugh.


Calabash as Art, Locals call it Botte before it's Art!
01/31/2010, S/V Falcon and CCBM

If you're checking the adventures of Altair's crew...the first mate has just finished the new cockpit lampshade! You last saw this on my head where I won the "hat" contest during the Blue Moon, New Year's Eve Party at Clarks Court Bay Marina 12/31/09.

I had a great mentor, Miss Kitty, good friend, chef and Captain of S/V Falcon. She brought out her tools and the electric from the dock she's attached to, since our inverter doesn't like the dremmel tool. I really needed some guidance, tips and creative support with the act of carving a calabash. I'm pretty good with a paint brush, and am getting the hang of this medium too thanks to Miss Kitty!

My friend, Jessie at the open air farmer's market gave me some indigenous info about the calabash! They call the gourd Bolle before it is picked and Callabash after it has been cleaned, dried and then carved or painted! Love this lcoal knowledge!

Just in case you wanted to know, that's nutmeg and the mace that surrounds the interior nut! I carved peppers at the crown to shine on the canvas above, and the five nutmegs wrap around the bottom rim for a Grenadian flare to remind us each time we use this light.

Thanks Grenada for the inspiration, again!

Becca Art by Becca

It's Lobster Season and Fish Friday...
01/29/2010, Guoyave...Fishing Capital of Grenada!

We have another great reason to gather with our dear friends, Olga and Don. We love them and we love lobster too!

It's a long trip up the lee coast to the northern fishing capital of Guoyave! We've been lucky enough to have had a visit during the summer by our friend and tour guide Raymond "Maboat Tours", but this time Cutty was the tour guide du jour, and we filled his bus!

A great group, Olga, Don, Neal, his dad Adrian, Kevin, his Mom and Chris, Carol, Glenn, Ulrika and the two of us!

We were entertained again by the chef's who travel from all around the island to treat us with their culinary skills! The provisions accompanying each Grenadian meal are becoming delectably expected. Yummy.

We have so much to be thankful!

Dudley and Bec

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