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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
I had a Painting Attack!
02/13/2010, Altair's Salon...Still Anchored at Hog Island!

There are friends I wanted to paint for today! It's love day...Everyday actually!

Hugs from Altair

Lady Lulu!
02/12/2010, Where else, CCBM!

Can you believe this beautiful bed! Charles, S/V Margaret Sharon, built the cruising FAMILY cat, Miss Kitty, Charle's best friend; and the Clarkes Court Bay Marina gang's cat, LULU, a bed. How FINE!

This beautiful cat is spoiled just like the 5 dogs they adopted! But they don't have a bed like this!


Succulent Feast ala Olga and Don!
02/11/2010, Aboard RC

How did we get to be so blessed? Truly, deeply, madly! We love you!

Thanks for all YOU are! They are a Class Act!

Hugs, Dudley and Bec

His Music Transforms YOU!
02/09/2010, Oasis Club House...

We love music and this musician makes your soul sing! Just another jewel of the 'enjoy yourself' montra here at Clarkes Court Bay Marina.


Bob on Mike, Singin' Sachmo!
02/09/2010, Bob's Marina @ Clarkes Court Bay, Grenada

This is a great guy! We have grown to care alot having visited his devine digs for Wed burger night, his Fri Fish Fry, New Year's Eve, Valentines Day, St. Patricks day. Then there's pizza on Sundays, lunch whenever you want, Cricket, American Pro and College Football along with the best collection of music videos this side of the Atlantic Ocean brilliantly displayed on his huge flat screen tv with kick butt sound system.

Bob and his marina family never waiver when it comes to makin' sure everyone has a good time!


Beautiful Workboat Races!
02/06/2010, Grand Anse Beach, Lee Coast Grenada!

The Grenadians are celebrating a tradition of working on the water with these beautiful boats restored for racing!

This weekend is Grenada's Independence weekend! Tomorrow is actually the anniversary of their independence, and they will close everything on Monday for a workday holiday for the locals!

We were lucky enough to catch a bus (two buses actually) for the event! Olga and Don were walking from Martin's Marina...whennnn, I would've been by their side on a normal day except for my back! I'm being good and bussed it with my friend Diane on Jabulani! We couldn't asked for a better day to be spectators and the racers were ecstatic to have such spirited wind!

Enjoy the photos in the gallery entitled "Workboat Races at Grand Anse Beach!

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