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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Meet Cordula, Hostess with the Mostess!
02/16/2010, On the Beach at Roger's Bar

Happy Birthday Woman!

Cordula's Birthday Party
02/16/2010, Roger's Barefoot Beach Bar at Hog Island

It's Cordula's Birthday Party and we're invited. Cordula is a survivor! She has been invited aboard many boats since we've been listening here on the south coast of Grenada. She's a cook, a magician (pretty good one too), and crew who is looking to work on a boat to the Pacific! Wow!

The beach is filling up, looks like a good turn out with Roger getting the band and Mary doing the cooking.

Dudley and Bec

Miss Kitty with her Death by Chocolate treat!
02/14/2010, Hmmm, Clarkes Court Bay Marina, If we HAVE to!

Then...we HAD to show Sue and Phil CCBM because Miss Kitty is making desserts ONLY for Valentine's Day! We had dinner at Roger's devouring Mary's Valentine BBQ, however, I'm a friend of Kitty's so I got to taste the last couple of days of her baking...but not THIS ONE!

OHHHH, M'GOD good! The richest, darkest, creamiest chocolate brownie, drizzled with dark chocholate and a dolop of creamy, cool, vanilla X12 icecream on top.

We hate you...LOVE you...will never forgive you!

Love day continues at the 'hangout' with the Clarkes Court Bay Marina gang!


Sue and Phil on Elsa Jane are here!
02/14/2010, Roger's Barefoot Beach Bar, right in front of Altair!

What better way to welcome friends you haven't seen since Boqueron, 2 years ago. It felt like it was yesterday! We thought it our duty to show them "Roger's Bar"and carry on with this great day full of love.

Happy "Love Day" to S/V Elsa Jane and Roger and Mary at Roger's Barefoot Beach Bar!

Much Love, Dudley and Bec

It's Valentines Day...And WE got a love Baloon...
02/14/2010, Neighbors at Hog Island anchorage!

When delivering "Be Our Valentine" cards...We got a love baloon! To show how creative Olga is she tied the baloon with dental floss. Now that's space saving!

It's a beautiful day in Paradise!

Happy Love Day!!!

Dudley and Bec

I had a Painting Attack!
02/13/2010, Altair's Salon...Still Anchored at Hog Island!

There are friends I wanted to paint for today! It's love day...Everyday actually!

Hugs from Altair

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