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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
My New Friend Mary!
02/25/2010, Altair's Diner and Rest Place!

I've been trying to find time when I could cook for Mary! She is Roger's wife and chef for "Roger's Barefoot Beach Bar".

Well it finally came to fruition and I finally got Roger to drop Mary off on Altair so I could do something for her! She never stops, is a workaholic and I wanted to give her a break. She has been so good to us...whenever we make it to the Beach Bar we have the pleasure of 'special treats' whenever she's doing something on the side for her family! Yippee, we must qualify.

So it's our turn...She really relaxed and I'm really thrilled to have a new 'local' friend to give back!


10th Treatment by Doc Adams
02/25/2010, Phare Blue Marina Complex

I cannot believe the healthy monster, Me, is on the mend! Doc Adams, my Chiropractor with the mostest has brought me back to vertebra health. I really am very blessed to have such a good strong constitution...but this sciatic nerve pain is severely aggravated when I hike, walk, gather water, hoist dingy, etc.

How did this happen...don't know but I'm 98% better and singing! Thank you honey for the care you and Doc Adams have given's been 10 visits and adjustments...who knew!

I love you honey...I'm so grateful Doc Adams!!!!


All the Caroline's in my life are Gems...
02/25/2010, Whisper Cover Marina

Caroline, of S/V Mrs. Desalia is truly an angel! They are leaving their boat at Whisper Cove because it's a Shangrila... because of it's flora... and the 2 legged fauna !

She's taking my waterlogged Canon waterproof camera back to the States, Virgina to be exact, which is near the Canon Headquarters. It's gonna be a lot faster this way than the snail cargo boat that normally takes mail two weeks to get from Grenada.

I dashed back to Altair, drafted a cover letter disguised as a bitch letter...I'm so pissed! I'm without a camera...AGAIN...and I have no idea when I will get it back!

Caroline is such a sweetheart! Thank you dear sweet friend!


Canon PowerShot D10 Underwater Camera....DIED!!!!!!
02/23/2010, Reef Between Calivigny and Phare Bleu Marina

Sue and I weren't in the water 10 minutes, 3' of water, working our way to deeper water and the reefs when the Canon died! NOOOOOOOO!!!! I got three shallow water shots and look, it's beautiful...then it crapped out on me...shiesa!!!

I cannot believe this! I've had such bad luck on this trip with cameras! We finally bit the bullet and bought a camera that could take the moisture and the abuse on a sailboat...but NOOOOOO!

I'm so upset! I researched digital underwater cameras until I was blue in the face...this had great reviews, Canon has a great reputation...done! NOT!

Now What?

Sue and I going snorkeling!
02/23/2010, East Side of Hog Island; West of Calivigny Island!

It's blowing pretty hard, but we managed to tie up to a dingy mooring and challenge the wave action. It wasn't too bad, but visibility was bad so we dinked over to Calivigny! I got my first underwater...okay 50/50 shot! Pretty cool eh? This is Mr. Cohen's Yacht. He's the owner of this island and the resort on it as well as numerous other locations in this country and around the world.

Very cool this Canon Underwater camera! I'm so syked! Can't wait to start shooting underwater. It's good to 10m or 33 feet. I can't snorkel that deep, so it should perfect. A perfect camera for the cruise at last.

The Birthday Girl
02/21/2010, The Aquarium Restaurant

This place is breathtaking. It's Caroline's Birthday! The party has begun!

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