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Altair's Cruz Nuz
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Hiking to Mary's Place
02/27/2010, Grand Anse, Grenada

When Mary came to lunch the other day we talked about the longevity of "Roger's Barefoot Beach Bar". The Four Seasons bought the island, put a bridge from the mainland to Hog Island and divided it up with survey marks. Roger and Mary are building another bar on the ground floor of their house in anticipation of getting booted off the island when the development starts.

Since I'm jonesing to paint at every opportunity I've offered to help decorate.

Mary and I hiked from Clarks Court Bay to her house, an hour walk and I got the grand tour. I met their daughter, got the lay of the land and look at her grandbaby!

Getting the base painting done needs to happen before we head home March 22. Things happen slowly on these islands.

Will it happen before we leave?

I'm getting HELP!
02/27/2010, Whisper Cove

Not the mental help.

After pulling my hair out, Gerard, top banana at Whisper Cove, tried to help with the crashed laptop! No luck!

I should've gone to Ernie first...he's really brilliant too and is always sharing ideas. Wifi antennas are among the 1,000's of things and ideas he's willing to pass on! In safe mode he brought a mouse, the electronic kind and fixed the ACER! I tried that, but the touchpad died along with Windows 7 and I was stumped!

Thanks ERNIE! Thanks honey. Dudley bought us a mouse until we get back home and can fix the touchpad! But the Acer is back in action and no pix lost or anything else for that matter. I tried downloading numerous drivers...but still no luck. Always something!


02/26/2010, Still at Hog Island

This is really RIDICULOUS...THE ACER CRASHED! I figured I would go to my favorite place, Whisper Cove and get a strong connection, great folks, internet and best flora spot.

When I tried to download Norton's antivirus software (our ISP's free service) the laptop crashed!

What next..., the camera is on it's way back to Canon, now this!!!!


My New Friend Mary!
02/25/2010, Altair's Diner and Rest Place!

I've been trying to find time when I could cook for Mary! She is Roger's wife and chef for "Roger's Barefoot Beach Bar".

Well it finally came to fruition and I finally got Roger to drop Mary off on Altair so I could do something for her! She never stops, is a workaholic and I wanted to give her a break. She has been so good to us...whenever we make it to the Beach Bar we have the pleasure of 'special treats' whenever she's doing something on the side for her family! Yippee, we must qualify.

So it's our turn...She really relaxed and I'm really thrilled to have a new 'local' friend to give back!


10th Treatment by Doc Adams
02/25/2010, Phare Blue Marina Complex

I cannot believe the healthy monster, Me, is on the mend! Doc Adams, my Chiropractor with the mostest has brought me back to vertebra health. I really am very blessed to have such a good strong constitution...but this sciatic nerve pain is severely aggravated when I hike, walk, gather water, hoist dingy, etc.

How did this happen...don't know but I'm 98% better and singing! Thank you honey for the care you and Doc Adams have given's been 10 visits and adjustments...who knew!

I love you honey...I'm so grateful Doc Adams!!!!


All the Caroline's in my life are Gems...
02/25/2010, Whisper Cover Marina

Caroline, of S/V Mrs. Desalia is truly an angel! They are leaving their boat at Whisper Cove because it's a Shangrila... because of it's flora... and the 2 legged fauna !

She's taking my waterlogged Canon waterproof camera back to the States, Virgina to be exact, which is near the Canon Headquarters. It's gonna be a lot faster this way than the snail cargo boat that normally takes mail two weeks to get from Grenada.

I dashed back to Altair, drafted a cover letter disguised as a bitch letter...I'm so pissed! I'm without a camera...AGAIN...and I have no idea when I will get it back!

Caroline is such a sweetheart! Thank you dear sweet friend!


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