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Altair's Cruz Nuz
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Canon Drama Continues...
03/09/2010, Canon Repair in Virginia

I got two e-mails from Canon that the repair office received the camera and it will be 10 days at the outside to fix.

The second e-mail was to give me a tracking number because they're finished and shipped it today. The camera was water damaged and they completely replaced it with a new camera!

This is supposed to be water resistant to 10m...33f !!!!

Now what? Start making calls, that's what!

"Hair of the DAWG"
03/07/2010, Roger's Barefoot Beach Bar

We said we would hang out with our buddies to do some snorkeling, then revisit the 'dawg' that bit us all on SV Lucille last night!

We didn't make the snorkeling (we said 'the wind was too strong', but we know better) but we crawled to the table for a short visit on Hog Island @ Roger's Place! No 'jumpin up' or any other kind of dancing tonight!

We bumped into a group of folks on the beach singing "You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille" and the four of us managed the sing along and that was the most ambitious act today! Lucille and Company left on cue.

Thanks Roger for the best bar around (not for us tonight), and Mary, you did it again! Your BBQ meal was superb!

Meet Lucille's Captain, Gary, back there in the orange shirt, and the beautiful woman up front, stage right, is Laura, the Admiral of Lucille.

Dudley and Bec


Dinner ala Laura and Gary
03/06/2010, Big, colorful, spacious CATAMARAN, LUCILLE!

When we went downtown to the market today, our friends that we haven't seen since Dominica invited us for Fish dinner! You could ballroom dance in the space. These friends really know how to entertain and ooooo sooooo comfortably. Yippee! When we entertain on Altair you get a seat and stay put! Whew! We sail better though, neener, neener, neener!

Hugs to you both!

Dudley and Bec


Farmer's Market!
03/06/2010, Downtown St. Georges

Another favorite spot is the market downtown! I know I've written about my friends at the Market, Jessie and Diane, and all the wonderful bounty found here... but it's a great place to go with friends, see friends, meet new friends...LIFE IS GOOD!

Dudley and Bec

S/V Lucille, Laura and Gary are here!
03/05/2010, Hog Island, South Coast Grenada

This is supposed to be a sail blog. We aren't doing any sailing, but friends we've met are! Sue and Phil joined us last month, Don and Olga, Laura and Gary are here! We met Laura and Gary in The Saints, just below Guadeloupe last year! It's so cool to stay in touch with our new friends and even better to reconnect. They are so cool too! That beautiful person in center on Dudley's right is Laura and her wild man hubby, Gary in the foreground.

Maybe we'll go soon!

USA friends were supposed to come visit us here in Grenada...but that hasn't stopped us from exploring the south coast and connecting with friends we meet cruising and the locals we meet too!

Happy Birthday Family and Friends...Same!
03/01/2010, Hog Island, Grenada

It's hard to believe it's already March, 2010. It's also time to wish the March babies in our life and the anniversaries of our loved ones lots of love and many more years of happiness and joy!

To Doug Clark, we are so proud of what you've accomplished at this wonderful age and March 5th is your day, have a great celebration and feel the love which is enormous! Happy Birthday dear Patty N...On March 12th we are wishing you a wild ride on this day special to all of us that you were born into our lives...Happy 17th Annniversary to Pat and Bill Zumpfe, many years ahead of love, respect and honor following you both 'til you Suzie Banko, many many parties to celebrate your day, March 22....then it's mine, March 24th...ugh, here again...but it's actually getting more exciting each and every day...thanks universe...and last, but never least...Happy Birthday dear Kelly Jones, March niece with the you sweetie!

Hugs to all, love to everyone in our lives...whether your family, friend and fellow to all... birthdays and anniversaries we aren't privy to and any other celebration you want to share with us that we can help celebrate on this website!

Love Dudley and Bec

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