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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
My Birthday Continued!
03/24/2010, Miami

None of us are youngsters anymore so you can imagine how hard we laughed when I got this from Loni! I'm definitely going to wear it with all the barefootin' on this journey aboard Altair.

Dudley, Jim and Loni gave me a wonderful birthday!


My Birthday @ Home
Becca the Birthday Girl...ugh Woooman!
03/24/2010, Miami, Florida

To quote Lucille Ball: "The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age"! Yessssss!

It was a great sweetheart, Dudley, our good friend Jim and his better half Loni took me to my FAV restaurant in Miami, Captain's Tavern. I'm 24 this year!


Going Home!
03/22/2010, Home Sweet Home!!!

Raymond has been our guide and our taxi driver for the 8 months we've been in Grenada! We didn't call him yesterday to remind him to take us to the airport and he forgot us! Poor guy...felt so bad, but we made it!

Jim, Dudley's Best friend, was waiting for us in Miami and it was freezing! Supposedly the winter in South Florida was horrendous with a few frosts thrown in this year! Glad we missed that!

Dudley and Bec

Leaving Hog Island Anchorage!
03/20/2010, Woburn Bay, Clarke's Court Bay Marina

Whew, we had one dirty chain, but with that said, it's a lot easier to clean than rode! Whew that would be me!

Our friend Gary offered to help us dock Altair when we get around to Clarke's Court Bay Marina! We picked him up and he took a little ride with us from Hog Island to Woburn Bay. We are always ready, always prepared, thanks to my Captain with the mostest.

Check out those reefs and waves.

FYI: The wind was blowing pretty briskly, which made for an exciting search for the channel markers, but we had a big crowd on the dock when we got there and we slipped in like we did it every day!

Dudley and Bec

We Love Epiphanies!
03/19/2010, Phare Bleu Marina

We are leaving the boat at Clarke's Court Bay Marina, going home for a couple of weeks and then we had an epiphany! We really, really need new cushions in the salon, the old ones being 36 years old. Now Dudley has done a great job since he's bought the boat in 1984...but can we say PANCAKES? Ouch...the fiddles are too much when you don't have enough cushion of our own.

So we contacted Dave at The Canvas Shop and he will be able to do the job for a fair price and by the time we get back on the 12th of April! Yippe, so excited. Finally!!!


Caribbean Security Meeting
03/17/2010, D'Big Fish Restaurant @ the head of Prickly Bay

Our table at the Security meeting was having fun. Caroline (S/V Sweet Caroline) is modeling two hats she bought today. The Roties were great! That's chicken or fish, veggies and curry in a tortilla...some are better than others, but this was huge and yummy!

Grenada is safe compared to St. Vincent, Trinidad and Venezuela! Unfortunately, there have been 5 incidents of violence and or thefts in the last year. A meeting was held with the Head of the Coast Guard, the Police Chief, the media and a huge cruiser turnout! A couple of the victims were present and posed a lot questions and complained! There were lots of questions which revealed the serious lack of funds. The Coast Guard Cutter sitting in the lagoon across from this place, De Big Fish, is derelecht and they have no money to revive the corpse. They have only two large inflatables which need to run between here and Trinidad along with everything else...and that's it! Thank goodness there isn't a lot of crime! One of the other issues is communication. The 911 number is not manned, or womaned (are they words) after 4p nor any assurance the other numbers that were posted are either.

All in all, the meeting was handled very calmly, very intelligently and with humor where appropriate!

When we were leaving, we thanked the Coast Guard guy and he said..."here's my cell me any time...I will get you help". We asked if we needed to clear that with his wife!

Thanks Grenada for being such a peaceful, loving and productive place to be!

Dudley and Bec

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