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Easter Feast at the Lambertis!
04/04/2010, Coconut Grove, Florida

Not only did we go to our favorite Church for Easter, but we got a delightful invitation to dinner! The Lambertis, Krisan and Dom, always throw a good dinner party, but this was like a small Fellini film. The characters that shared the evening were a hoot and the good time is still being talked about!


Easter Service with Dom in Choir!
04/04/2010, St. Stephens Episcopal Church

We've been trying to get to St. Stephens to listen to Dom's Choir practice. Dom has a great voice, is in a Barber Shop Quartet, among other venues, so Easter was a great reason to see our dear friends Dom, Krisan and one of their daughters, Krista!

It was a lovely service, a female Priest, and a heartwarming reunion! Women Rule!

I miss YOU Sooooooooo!
04/03/2010, Florida City, FL

My best buddy and art mentor, Tom! We've got a lot of history. Sailing is not one of them...but that doesn't stop us from being best friends!

He's in Florida City because the building he lives in caught on fire and was evacuated. He's over it...but made time for me! I drove down to Florida City, had lunch, and then we saw Alice in Wonderland (unfortunately, no 3D), but FAB!

Love ya, Bec


Celebration Time!
04/01/2010, Miami for a couple of weeks!

Dudley and I want to wish Sally a laugh out loud Birthday on the 2nd. To Deb and Mike Arnold who are celebrating on the 5th their wedding anniversary. Lucie Perron, we wish that all your wishes come true! Martha, my dear friend and awesome neighbor, I want details about your birthday on the 19th! Matthew, cool, smart, talented grandson who's turning 16 this April 21st . Applauding their 53rd Anniversary are Marge and Jo Marino, Happy Happy Day...Congratulations!!!!

We love you all so much! "O... Happy Day" to each and every great person in our lives!

Dudley and Bec

Ohhhh it's nice to be home!
03/28/2010, Townhouse in Miami!

We've been home for nine days and it's been jam packed with eye doctors, documentation papers, new RAM mike, replacement solar showers, registration documents, ebay for new sewing machine to do the canvas work, replacement camera, new boat cards, E-Pirb renewal, US Customs sticker, new Dell battery, vitamin refills and the list goes on!!!

It's pretty amazing to have running water...not foot pumps. We have 3 bathrooms and don't have to squeeze into and wait for the only head on board our wee little sloop. We have a dishwasher, an oven and four burners! The fridge is huge and we've even got an ice maker that we turned off because we aren't used to having ice unless we jump in the dink and head to the nearest marina to purchase it! We are now seeing the benefit of our itty bitty "Engle" and the long trips to the market which is keeping us fit! Being in the land of plenty takes a lot of discipline to refrain from processed food. I think we've gained wait because we're WEAK!!! The fresh food we get at the Caribbean farmer's markets are plentiful and ooooooh so fantastic and HEALTHY!

We have a vehicle right outside our front door and don't have to jump in the dink to head to the dock nearest a bus. We actually miss that! It also adds to the healthy routine.

We still have lots to do, friends and family to hug, and we love the activity. Stay tuned!

Dudley and Bec

Family is First Priority...
03/28/2010, West Palm Beach

We have so much to do in the short time we are home...but Family if first! Our son Doug and his wife (pictured here with Dudley) are our lifeline while we are away!

We miss them soooooo muchly!


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