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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Celebration Time
05/01/2010, We're in Miami til the 5th of May...

We are so thankful for the *Family* and *Friends* that we have in our lives and this is one of the places we like to wish you a great day!

To my brother's daughter, Happy Happy Birthday Lacy which is on the 2nd of May. To Sue, we wish you the best and know that the Clark Clan will not let you down when celebrating your birthday on the 3rd. Joann, have a great birthday, whether you are in Miami with friends or on the west coast with your daughter on the 13th, have a great day sweetheart! Todd, having trouble reaching you but know that we wish you a great birthday celebration on the 15th! Happy Happy Birthday, Connie Banko...we wish you many laughs and lots of love. To our dear Granddaughter, Gabi, we wish we were there in Colorado to join in the birthday parties, Happy Birthday Honey! To Sawyer, my second cousin, son of James and Megan, will be turning one this year...Happy Birthday little one...can't wait to meet you!

That's it for the ones we know! Happy Birthday to the friends born in May that we don't know about! Sending Lots of Love!

Dudley and Bec

Grenada and Altair are Calling
04/29/2010, Miami

We love being home but it's CRAZY! This is my twisted painting of me being 'stretched'! When you see this image, it's me reaching a limit!

Our world and home needs are being realized: Dudley's heart is great; his corotid is healthy; our root canals and teeth cleaning are finished; thrift shopping completed; shoes purchased; boat cards designed and printed; Gastro doctor has great reports for Dudley and we got a CD player for Roger, "Rogers Beach Bar" on Hog Island.

The world has gone crazy too! It's a tragedy all: The Louisiana Oil Spill, the terrorist bomb attempt, the President wanting to explore oil drilling in the gulf; Greed, and I'm not even going further. We have truly lived in a bubble while on our journey...and as active as we are environmentally we can't do things about the political situation. We promise to be more active when we return, not just sending a check! We do participate in trash clean ups, donate to Haiti and properly dispose of oils, plastics and our rubbish safely in every way, always!


Dudley's Best Friend, Jim
04/25/2010, Palmetto Bay

Our friends never cease to amuse us! Jim's a veterinarian, sailor and a board member of the Coconut Grove Sailing Club. We've been wined and dined for a month now, and our friends never let us down! Always, talented, always busy and always 'talking' about joining us on our journey for a leg or two!

Here he is showing off! Cooking, joking and playing the harmonica!

Dudley and Bec


Early Morning Road Trip with Tom...
04/24/2010, Miami to Naples

I'm looking for any opportunity to hang or help my friends while we're in the States. I'm tagging along to help drive if need be because Tom is a 'mid century' antique dealer! He's picking up a piece for one of his designers in Naples and I'm helping! The Everglades are PHENOMINAL!

On the heels of Earth Day, we are appreciating the assets of our Everglades! Let's help to protect our earth one person at a time! By shortening your shower you and a few million others could change the world. Check out numerous other little ways to make a big impact.

We have to get back by 4p so Dudley and I can go visit more family! We're tired! All this socializing and 'shopping' is wearing us out!


Dudley's Clan who adopted me!
04/24/2010, Miami

We had no idea we'd still be in the States this long! We're totally thrilled that we had the opportunity to visit with the Clark Clan! Sue, Deb, John, Kelci, Nicholas to name a few. Not everybody could be there...but we were extremely happy to make the connection!

We all gathered at Deb and John's place and we love it! Reminds us of Whisper Cove Marina! John is a botonist, supporting the "Seaquarium" and bringing his botanical love home. Absolutely stunning!

Love the Clark Clan...and they've adopted me too!


Finally, We get to see Caroleeena!
04/14/2010, Townhouse & Red Lobster

I really miss my friends and Caroleena is at the top of the list. We've been in town for three weeks and are just now getting to visit! She's a busy we are lucky!

Miss you muchly girl! And we know how to have fun!


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