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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Our Favorite Folks @ our FAV Hangout...
05/09/2010, Roger's Barefoot Beach Bar!

I'm sure it seems redundant...but we love this place! We also think Roger and Mary are pretty cool too! Here are some of our fellow partiers who are still in Grenada with us.

We were thinking about staying at home onboard Altair, but then we'd be sittin' around wishing we were there. Roger requested we bring back a cd player from the States and he's going to reimburse us tonight so we forced ourselves to be party animals. HAH!

It's getting really quiet around these parts, getting close to the time when people arrive to put their boat up for the hurricane season and head home! That's the reason Roger didn't have a band tonight, but as you can see, we didn't have a problem entertaining ourselves on bit.

Dudley and Bec

Altair Get's New Salon Cushions...
05/07/2010, Clarkes Court Bay Marina

The canvas shop said they would make them while we were in Miami and they did. But they don't fit! When we arrived back on board two days ago, we were so excited. A new fresh look and a comfy seat too. The old cushions were as old as the boat, scratchy and flat as a pancake. We were ready!

In our excitement to unload the 5 bags of stuff and return to our normal 'teeny space', we failed to see the error. The cushions were wrong. They don't fit and we want to leave Grenada and go sailing! Sheisa!

The Canvas Shop jumped right in and offered to correct and remake them, however, in the name of expediency, I gave them a way out. It's fast, it's cheap and it's agreeable.

The stripped bolster was made with a funky compatible fabric in record time and we can live with it! Thanks!

It's our home away from home and this journey our our wee whittle sloop needs all the comfort she can get. We're thrilled.

Dudley and Bec

Cinco de Mayo!
05/05/2010, Grenada is *Pulling *Us Back!

Cinco de Mayo started with the Mexican victory over the French that battle long ago in l862. The US and many other Spaniards celebrate it one way or the other and I'm just practicing my SPANISH!

Actually, we can't believe the plan for a 2 week return to our home in Miami would turn into 5 weeks! We are truly being pulled in two directions, with our need for family and friends from home on one end and the lure of the islands and the 10 month bond with our native and cruising friends in Grenada at the steamy end of the Carribean islands.

We might've been able to secure the slip at Clarkes Court Bay Marina and remain in the states for the predictable active stormy season. However, preparing the boat for hurricane season and removing all precious contents is not something we would ask anyone to do in our absence.

So here we are...Back in Grenada with our only plan, to quote my Captain with the mostest, Dudley, " to have no plan"!

Stay tuned...

Dudley and Bec

Last Visit Son, DIL, Grandson!
05/02/2010, West Palm Beach

We thought we'd be on a plane on April 25th to Grenada! NOT! We are waiting for one last doctor report for Dudley, so we are making time for one last visit with our son Doug, DIL, Raeleen and Matt, our very special grandson!

We decided to rent some kayaks at Okehelee Park! Just can't stay away from water. Not the Atlantic ocean, but a blast none the less.

Do you think we'll go back to Grenada?

Maybe we just might leave the boat @ Clarkes Court Bay Marina, Grenada, and return after hurricane season? It's just too hard to leave our family and friends!

Dudley and Bec

Celebration Time
05/01/2010, We're in Miami til the 5th of May...

We are so thankful for the *Family* and *Friends* that we have in our lives and this is one of the places we like to wish you a great day!

To my brother's daughter, Happy Happy Birthday Lacy which is on the 2nd of May. To Sue, we wish you the best and know that the Clark Clan will not let you down when celebrating your birthday on the 3rd. Joann, have a great birthday, whether you are in Miami with friends or on the west coast with your daughter on the 13th, have a great day sweetheart! Todd, having trouble reaching you but know that we wish you a great birthday celebration on the 15th! Happy Happy Birthday, Connie Banko...we wish you many laughs and lots of love. To our dear Granddaughter, Gabi, we wish we were there in Colorado to join in the birthday parties, Happy Birthday Honey! To Sawyer, my second cousin, son of James and Megan, will be turning one this year...Happy Birthday little one...can't wait to meet you!

That's it for the ones we know! Happy Birthday to the friends born in May that we don't know about! Sending Lots of Love!

Dudley and Bec

Grenada and Altair are Calling
04/29/2010, Miami

We love being home but it's CRAZY! This is my twisted painting of me being 'stretched'! When you see this image, it's me reaching a limit!

Our world and home needs are being realized: Dudley's heart is great; his corotid is healthy; our root canals and teeth cleaning are finished; thrift shopping completed; shoes purchased; boat cards designed and printed; Gastro doctor has great reports for Dudley and we got a CD player for Roger, "Rogers Beach Bar" on Hog Island.

The world has gone crazy too! It's a tragedy all: The Louisiana Oil Spill, the terrorist bomb attempt, the President wanting to explore oil drilling in the gulf; Greed, and I'm not even going further. We have truly lived in a bubble while on our journey...and as active as we are environmentally we can't do things about the political situation. We promise to be more active when we return, not just sending a check! We do participate in trash clean ups, donate to Haiti and properly dispose of oils, plastics and our rubbish safely in every way, always!


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