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Altair's Cruz Nuz
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The Beauty of Reef Protection...
06/02/2010, Newman's Reef Protecting Clifton Harbor, Union Island!

We are leaving for the Tobago Keys this morning, but we love Union Island too! It's just so hard to say goodbye! This is a peek at the reefs for which we are grateful...they seem wrap themselves around a harbor to be protecting each and every anchorage so we get all the wind and no waves. Very cool! Next are the Keys which have an awesome place in our hearts set aside for turtles, snorkeling and hiking and we haven't been disappointed yet. We've heard that the wind can pick up at a moments notice and hang for days on end which turns the entire protected area into an untenable and nightmarish anchorage! Wish us luck.

That's "Happy Island" in the background. The creator, Jaunti, built his place with the future of our earth in mind. He recycles everything and has built the foundation with the skeleton conch shells he painstakingly cleared up from various 'trash' piles of his native shores to the location which is now...Happy Island. We think he's pretty special!

Dudley and Bec

We're Really Doing It...
06/01/2010, Union Island, The 1st of the Grenadines!

We still don't believe it ourselves...pinch us! We have officially left Grenada! Making friends that have touched our lives in one way or many, then saying 'goodbye' was the hardest! We are trying to embrace, apply, believe and know "It's never goodbye really, it's just plain being grateful that you've met them." Thanks Kitty, S/V Falcon!

You remember Wen and Doug...our family core from PLM since June, 2009! They are going south...we keep hearing that... heading back to Grenada for the Hurricane season and we are so happy to see them one last time as we are going north...did I mention that?

You never know if or when our paths will cross again...Just so glad to have touched each other's lives a little along the journey.

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary
06/01/2010, All Around the World!

It's that time where we try and really, really want to display our love for the family and friends celebrating life and love this June 2010. Can you believe it's 2010 already...crazy how our lives are flying before us! So in that light, we wish love to Elaine and Jim...who twenty years ago made a commitment to love and cherish each other for as long as they live, congrats to you dear loved ones and may your celebration on the 2nd fill you with explosive endorphins! To my Peruvian bombshell girlfriend, so far away in California, witch, I'm green with jealously (not really, but roarrrrrrr), happy birthday and hope your party on the 8th was grand. Grace, Happy Birthday to your daughter, Miranda, born one day after you on the 9th, lots of fun, cake and fanfare little one! Hey Caroleeeeena, my dear bestest girlfriend, Happy Birthday "exactly 6 months before Christmas'...may June 25th bring you lots of parties, lots of fun and lots of love! Last, but never least, John Clark, Dudley's cousin with the mostest, botantist extraordinaire, great family man, Happy Birthday and party somewhere great on the 27th, as we know you know how!

We love you all very much and wish we could be there in the flesh! This is the best we've got and we are loving the times where we can be sitting on our boat way down in the Windward Islands and can send some wishes!

Hugs, Dudley and Bec

05/30/2010, Sandy Island, Carriacou...

We missed this little slip of sand last year on our way south. Sandy Island is surrounded by coral, years ago boasting of a pristine state, that's been damaged dramatically by tropical storms and hurricanes recently. It's another wee nursery for both fish and corals, each peeking tentatively out of their chosen nooks of deceased ancestors. It's very shallow, crystal clear and we're thrilled to have visited the pelicans and other seabirds taking a cautious break in their day just a short distance off our port beam.

We are within swimming distance, hmmmmmmmm, binocular distance from Hillsboro. Now to you it means us it's goodbye Grenada. Really, Grenada has been very good to us and didn't want to release us from her hugs!

Some really great news on the Canon fiasco...the pix for this post and the photo galley are the proof that we actually did get the camera needed for a 'wet' journey like this! I'm so excited to be able to shoot underwater at last. Not having enough room for scuba equipment, means more weight on the snorkeling vantage point. We are about to enter the land of 'perfectly saturated canvases of baby reefs and fish", frivolously frolicing before the replacement Canon D-10, Power Shot and us who are desperately in need of a snorkeling adventure! A small offering from the reef gods, priming our desire for bigger and better "aquariums".

Tobago Cays, here we come!

Dudley and Bec

We thought we were leaving TODAY!
Becca B
05/28/2010, Tyrell Bay, Carriacou!

Dudley has already has already reminded me of our agreement with a reality check..."If we are going to make it to Puerto Rico by the middle of July, we will not be able to stop every place we want, nor stay as long as we want!" I know this to be true, but it doesn't make this any easier to swallow or follow!

We jumped into action and started to remove the outboard from the dink and mount it on the stern as we have done 100's of times, but it's not going to happen today! The screws for the clamping system completely wallowed out the receiving end of the outboard! We have no way to hold the Yamaha, 8hp to the dink, nor to the board on the stern of Altair! My captain made an immediate decision to stay and search for a solution! Weld the old holes closed, too big anymore, useless in the state they're in right now, then tap and drill new holes! Easy right? NOT! He just doesn't have a 1/2" tap on board, go figure. Neither does anyone else for that matter.

We're staying til Monday because checking in or out on a Sunday is overtime in the land of custom's and immigration offices in most countries we've visited so far!

I'm thrilled to be able to explore more, but my guy will be searching all over the island for some help. He asked Chris and Charles, friends anchored here in Tyrell Bay too and it's unanimous..."sounds like a good idea 'til you try to execute it on a small island"!

Stay tuned, Dudley and Bec

This is IT!
05/25/2010, Leaving Grenada for Carriacou!

We took off for our first big sail since July of 2009. We anticipated a 6 hour sail...but we know better!

We had a spectacular sail up the lee coast of Grenada with winds off our beam and speeds of 6-7 knots all the way to the "Kick'em Jenny, Underwater Volcano Exclusion zone. That's when we decided to continue sailing up past Tyrell Bay for a shot a single tack! NOT!

It took us 9 hours, the last 4 hours bashing into the wind and seas with only the main up to steady the boat, sort of!

We were soaked, tired and loved it! What a treat to have the wind, the speed of sail and dusting off the cobwebs!

When we arrived in Tyrell Bay, we pulled up next to "Halleluyah, Lady D's floating bar! Who yells over but Robert and Caroline, offering to pick us up! "Just leave the dink on the deck and we'll come get ya"!!!

What a great way to end a fabulous sail after so long! North no less!

Hugs, Dudley and Bec

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