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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Meet Walter, Free Spirit (Boat Boy)
06/04/2010, Tobago Cays, the cut Between Petite Rameau and Petite Bateau!

We didn't know we'd run into Walter taking a break in taking care of us cruisers while sitting in this beautiful cut working on his boat, Free Spirt.

We've pretty much hiked all possibilities here at the Marine Park. There are five islands that make up the "Cays" here in the Grenedines, none of which are inhabited, developed or ruined in any way. Petite Bateau has paths, very precarious the higher you go (we know first hand), with astonishingly magnificent views, a pristine beach on the western coast, even in light of the 'beach barbecues historically hosted here. The only other island you can hike, with sandy paths and not very strenuous , is Baradel, which hosts the turtle sanctuary. Petite Rameau is not writtten up in the guide for much of anything except the diving around it. Jamesby island to the South looks rocky, too high to climb and is basically a waypoint in our GPS. Petite Tabac, looks very interesting, is east of the big horseshoe reef and we don't know much about that one.

Today we decided to explore in our itty, bitty inflatable, not by foot or fin, and we found Walter anchored between Petite Rameau and Bateau, one of the most beautiful spots on our journey, working on his work boat, Free Spirit. These guys, many of whom work really hard to please cruisers as well as make a living, come from the surrounding inhabited islands of Mayreu, Union and Canouan to sell their wares, fish, t-shirts, fruit and veggies and occasionally are available for boat work.

Walter, our favorite 'boat boy' (a man of 50 years if we were to guess, not a boy at all) has a wife named Lorna that we met after looking her up on one occasion at Union Island. She makes the most incredible banana bread and before we became the size of a manatee, we started asking if we could buy half a loaf! Walter, being ever eager to please agreed and saved us from sure obesity!

We really admire Walter's work ethic, his manners, personality and sense of humor. He's a really good guy! Thanks for you do!

Dudley and Bec

10 minutes flat...
06/03/2010, Turtle Sanctuary, Baradel Island, Tobago Cays!

Dudley just wanted to relax, listen to the Universe's music...wind and waves lapping at the hull! I, on the other hand, jumped into warp speed, got the oars untied which were so secure they needed a miracle to release, and was off! Didn't want to take time to lower the outboard so I just rowed. I just couldn't wait to see the turtles and begin my underwater photography. I tied to the barrier which is a rope held in place by floats preventing boats with deep keels or big props from entering the sanctuary and completely surrounds the turtle feeding area! What a peaceful, beautiful place to share...and check out this beauty. She/He(?) is a green turtle and could possibly be one of the lucky ones that Brother Orton King released back into the wild. Met him at his sanctuary last year in Bequia where he saves, protects, raises and releases both Green and Hawksbill turtles back to their savage wonderland.

I'm really in love with this place and there is Mayreau right behind the Cays for provisions. On top of that, we have Walter...he will bring you anything you need (within reason of course) if you tell him before he returns home to Union Island for delivery the next day! Ice, milk, his wife Lorna's famous banana bread!

So you see why I could 'move' here!

Dudley and Bec

Truly Paradise..."We're Back!!!!!"
06/03/2010, Tobago Cays, The Grenadines, Windward Islands

Meet Byron and Haroun (exactly like the local Caribbean beer) the Park Rangers! That would be this extraordinary, magical underwater world surrounded by a two mile long "horseshoe" reef. We had the pleasure of exploring this special place last year, a couple of times before actually, but
it is truly a place we cannot get out of our hearts, love of reefs and all that the reef shelters.

We had to pay, as with all parks, but if you love nature, be it above or below sea level, then it is truly a small price to pay for the upkeep.

OK, you are both really nice, very polite, but go away, we have snorkeling to do! Se ya!

The Beauty of Reef Protection...
06/02/2010, Newman's Reef Protecting Clifton Harbor, Union Island!

We are leaving for the Tobago Keys this morning, but we love Union Island too! It's just so hard to say goodbye! This is a peek at the reefs for which we are grateful...they seem wrap themselves around a harbor to be protecting each and every anchorage so we get all the wind and no waves. Very cool! Next are the Keys which have an awesome place in our hearts set aside for turtles, snorkeling and hiking and we haven't been disappointed yet. We've heard that the wind can pick up at a moments notice and hang for days on end which turns the entire protected area into an untenable and nightmarish anchorage! Wish us luck.

That's "Happy Island" in the background. The creator, Jaunti, built his place with the future of our earth in mind. He recycles everything and has built the foundation with the skeleton conch shells he painstakingly cleared up from various 'trash' piles of his native shores to the location which is now...Happy Island. We think he's pretty special!

Dudley and Bec

We're Really Doing It...
06/01/2010, Union Island, The 1st of the Grenadines!

We still don't believe it ourselves...pinch us! We have officially left Grenada! Making friends that have touched our lives in one way or many, then saying 'goodbye' was the hardest! We are trying to embrace, apply, believe and know "It's never goodbye really, it's just plain being grateful that you've met them." Thanks Kitty, S/V Falcon!

You remember Wen and Doug...our family core from PLM since June, 2009! They are going south...we keep hearing that... heading back to Grenada for the Hurricane season and we are so happy to see them one last time as we are going north...did I mention that?

You never know if or when our paths will cross again...Just so glad to have touched each other's lives a little along the journey.

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary
06/01/2010, All Around the World!

It's that time where we try and really, really want to display our love for the family and friends celebrating life and love this June 2010. Can you believe it's 2010 already...crazy how our lives are flying before us! So in that light, we wish love to Elaine and Jim...who twenty years ago made a commitment to love and cherish each other for as long as they live, congrats to you dear loved ones and may your celebration on the 2nd fill you with explosive endorphins! To my Peruvian bombshell girlfriend, so far away in California, witch, I'm green with jealously (not really, but roarrrrrrr), happy birthday and hope your party on the 8th was grand. Grace, Happy Birthday to your daughter, Miranda, born one day after you on the 9th, lots of fun, cake and fanfare little one! Hey Caroleeeeena, my dear bestest girlfriend, Happy Birthday "exactly 6 months before Christmas'...may June 25th bring you lots of parties, lots of fun and lots of love! Last, but never least, John Clark, Dudley's cousin with the mostest, botantist extraordinaire, great family man, Happy Birthday and party somewhere great on the 27th, as we know you know how!

We love you all very much and wish we could be there in the flesh! This is the best we've got and we are loving the times where we can be sitting on our boat way down in the Windward Islands and can send some wishes!

Hugs, Dudley and Bec

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