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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Dive #5, I think I'm A FISH...But Wrinkled!
06/05/2010, Stuck in the water on the Windward side Baradel...Still!!!

We've seen this reef many times from shore and it's shallow, but this is where the fish are! It's the windward side, but the big horseshoe reef protects this inner reef and it's heavenly! I just can't or won't get outta the water! This little guy (or girl) wasn't fast enough, lost a flipper yet was 'swimmingly' fast as I was heading into shore.

It's exquisitely colorful and the Canon Powershot D-10 is working wonderfully!

Truly, Madly, Deeply (yes, it's a movie, and I loved it) is the way I'd describe the love I have for the Tobago Cays!

I'll make one big photo file in the Gallery called "Tobago Cays...Aqua Paradise" for these five dives.

Dive#4, Getting Better!
06/05/2010, Windward Side of Baradel!

I'm really getting tickled with this underwater learning curve! I'm so thrilled with the digital age and don't have to worry about film development! I'm shooting a 10-1 shooting ratio and don't even care! It's FAB!

Since we're snorkeling and not actually 'diving', I'm catching the surface in these shallow shots and I'm 'catching' some fish too, FINALLY!

Dive #3, The Turtle Sanctuary....
06/05/2010, Baradel, Northeast Near the Horseshoe Reef

We headed over to visit the turtles and I couldn't believe how barren the western, rocky coast of Baradel was. Dudley slowly putted around waiting to see where I would go when we decided to tow me! It was pretty cool and I would let go when something interested me!

I did see some turtles, some squid, gorgeous star fish, lots of 'nursery' fish, but thought this was a very cool 'traveling' shot! I'm still learning how to shoot underwater...those darned fish are too fast and I have to learn to anticipate where those little buggers will go and shoot ahead of them!

Learning CURVE doncha know! Hense the prop and bubbles and no marine life!

Dive #2, Deeper Dive
06/05/2010, Petite Rameau, North Coast Still!

We thought if we went further east, still on the north shore of Petite Rameau, we'd be in deeper water and see bigger fish. We've seen bigger fish at anchor and on the horseshoe reef, but we were surprised. The reefs are very nice, the fish were more plentiful but the water was rougher as the only slim cut in the big reef was just ahead of us and the current was very strong. I took off on a solo adventure and my captain wants to relax topside! I'm finally getting this...

He's agreed to 'chauffeur' me anywhere I want to beans!

Dudley was up for checking out another spot, and I was definitely eager to explore more possibilities today! Let's Go!

Dive #1, Last day...First Dive in Aqua Paradise!
06/05/2010, Petite Rameau, Tobago Cays, Still...

We took off for the windward side of Petite Rameau, the northern most island of the Cays, hoping to find a sweet spot to dive. There was nothing on the eastern shore, too rough anyway, but this northern coast was yummy! We dropped the wee dink anchor and deliciously, surprisingly colorful!

I'm so loving this place and couldn't be happier to have another day in the water, shooting digitally like I never did with film, here in Aqua Paradise!

The fish were to fast in this shot, just so loving this capable, easy, perfect little camera for a trip like this! Thanks honey! Thanks Canon, finally!

Dudley and Bec

Meet Walter, Free Spirit (Boat Boy)
06/04/2010, Tobago Cays, the cut Between Petite Rameau and Petite Bateau!

We didn't know we'd run into Walter taking a break in taking care of us cruisers while sitting in this beautiful cut working on his boat, Free Spirt.

We've pretty much hiked all possibilities here at the Marine Park. There are five islands that make up the "Cays" here in the Grenedines, none of which are inhabited, developed or ruined in any way. Petite Bateau has paths, very precarious the higher you go (we know first hand), with astonishingly magnificent views, a pristine beach on the western coast, even in light of the 'beach barbecues historically hosted here. The only other island you can hike, with sandy paths and not very strenuous , is Baradel, which hosts the turtle sanctuary. Petite Rameau is not writtten up in the guide for much of anything except the diving around it. Jamesby island to the South looks rocky, too high to climb and is basically a waypoint in our GPS. Petite Tabac, looks very interesting, is east of the big horseshoe reef and we don't know much about that one.

Today we decided to explore in our itty, bitty inflatable, not by foot or fin, and we found Walter anchored between Petite Rameau and Bateau, one of the most beautiful spots on our journey, working on his work boat, Free Spirit. These guys, many of whom work really hard to please cruisers as well as make a living, come from the surrounding inhabited islands of Mayreu, Union and Canouan to sell their wares, fish, t-shirts, fruit and veggies and occasionally are available for boat work.

Walter, our favorite 'boat boy' (a man of 50 years if we were to guess, not a boy at all) has a wife named Lorna that we met after looking her up on one occasion at Union Island. She makes the most incredible banana bread and before we became the size of a manatee, we started asking if we could buy half a loaf! Walter, being ever eager to please agreed and saved us from sure obesity!

We really admire Walter's work ethic, his manners, personality and sense of humor. He's a really good guy! Thanks for you do!

Dudley and Bec

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