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Altair's Cruz Nuz
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We've been dragging for three days...
06/09/2010, Admiralty Bay, Bequia!

We're not talking energy either. It's really great to be back here to this active sea-faring island and we want to enjoy all that Bequia has to offer...but we MUST move on...northward...and that means a quickie! We should be immersed completely with this plan, since we've adopted the mantra "Gotta Go...North", but I'm not quite 100% there!

We anchored as close as possible to shore without snagging the huge underground cables on the charts, to get wifi. We always try to get a free wifi connection, but it looks like we are going to have to suck up and pay for it with "Hot, Hot, Hot Spot", which really ticks us off, as they are notoriously unreliable AND expensive!!! We signed up on line...and service!

We had to move and reset our anchor (for the third time), terrible holding, and then head into town to a HotHotHot office. We just happened to run into our friends Carol and John on "Sweet Caroline" and they said..."come over to Princess Margaret Beach, the holding IS good, the wifi is FREE and strong" off we went.

We just need to get weather to see when our next leg will be THEN we're off! Even if we are only staying for a short visit, we still manage to hike and exercise and shop. Check out my amazing man with Altair in the background. The flora and scenery on the northern end of this verdant, sea-faring paradise in the Photo Gallery called "Bequia's Flora and Views, Day 3" is breathtaking! Hmmmmmm, I wonder if I could interest a curator at Fairchild Botanical Gardens in Miami in any of my work?

You'll know what's happening when we know what's happening...keep checking!

Just as we LIKE it...Blustery, fast and Wild!
06/08/2010, Canouan to Bequia...

It was a blustery day, up early, only 20nm and it should take about 4 hours. We did make it in great time and we just couldn't believe it...Keniston, the photographer who flys out in his big dingy with his long lens and shot us again! Our favorite shot from the bunch last year is on our blog header and our new boat card!

If we knew we were going to have this shot, we would've waited to have our cards printed with this sensational image!

What do you think! We'll have some of the best of the bunch in Photo Gallery: "Altair Arrives in Bequia in Style!"

Canouan, The Island of Reefs!
06/07/2010, 5 miles north of the Cays...

We just left the Cays, the 'islands' of reefs...but the entire windward coast of Canouan is great big beautiful mass of reefs! The indians didn't mess around with the obvious!

We stayed only one night, because my man keeps telling me that we can't stop every place and if we do stop we can't stay long! This is going to be VERY hard to do!

We did manage to squeeze in a hike to the windward shore, do a little shopping, stop and have lunch at the Tamarind Hotel, meet a cool couple, Mike and Jennifer on a hunter named "Hunter", too funny, and catch a very brilliant sunset!

Even though we only spent two nights here, I got a lot of great shots...I can't stop! See photo gallery marked "Canouan, Reefs, Flora and Brilliant Skies"!

Quick Stop before Canouan!
06/06/2010, Petite Tabac, Tobago Cays, Con't...

We agreed, again, that, to go around the 2 mile horseshoe reef and check out the "day" anchorage at Petite Tabac! The number of times we've been here to the Cays have afforded a view of this island "way over there" and occasionally we'd spot a boat over yonder!

We have to wend our way out of the marine park, around the south end of the horseshoe reef and beyond...Not as far as the "End of the World Reef" WHICH YOU CAN SEE from Petite Tabac, but very cool! The only thing between the "end of the world reef' and Africa are the Cape Verde Islands. It feels very, very remote if you don't look west.

Check out the last of Cays we were to visit on this trip and if we continue north toward Puerto Rico as planned for Hurricane Season 2010, then it will be the last time. Wheeennnnnn!

Dive #5, I think I'm A FISH...But Wrinkled!
06/05/2010, Stuck in the water on the Windward side Baradel...Still!!!

We've seen this reef many times from shore and it's shallow, but this is where the fish are! It's the windward side, but the big horseshoe reef protects this inner reef and it's heavenly! I just can't or won't get outta the water! This little guy (or girl) wasn't fast enough, lost a flipper yet was 'swimmingly' fast as I was heading into shore.

It's exquisitely colorful and the Canon Powershot D-10 is working wonderfully!

Truly, Madly, Deeply (yes, it's a movie, and I loved it) is the way I'd describe the love I have for the Tobago Cays!

I'll make one big photo file in the Gallery called "Tobago Cays...Aqua Paradise" for these five dives.

Dive#4, Getting Better!
06/05/2010, Windward Side of Baradel!

I'm really getting tickled with this underwater learning curve! I'm so thrilled with the digital age and don't have to worry about film development! I'm shooting a 10-1 shooting ratio and don't even care! It's FAB!

Since we're snorkeling and not actually 'diving', I'm catching the surface in these shallow shots and I'm 'catching' some fish too, FINALLY!

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