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Best Hiking EVER! Thanks Carol!
07/03/2010, From Leeward to Windward, Carriacou

I'm proud to say that we've made some really wonderful cruising friends and I've made some great hiking partners along the way too! Carol, of S/V Sweet Caroline, has been hiking with me a lot lately. Carol is fun...we giggle a lot! We are both shutter bugs, so it's a steady, stop and start excursion getting nowhere fast! We chat, we hike, we shoot and that goes on for hours as often as we can. We decide the day before who's driving and doing the pickup. Whoever drives detaches their dingy from it's chains that bind it each night and all that's related to 'dink' duty. After slathering thick slabs of sunscreen for the another day in the blazing sun, packing our packs with plenty of water, cameras, hats and stowing our walking sticks so they don't 'jump' out of the dink when I'm driving and getting that teeny rubber boat on a plane...then we're off.

Today is a trip to the windward side where we should be able to see Sandy Island! The people are so friendly and they teach their children to be welcoming, respectful and kind also. They tell us almost everywhere how grateful they are that cruisers help to support their businesses, buy their veggies they grow, pay them to do our laundry, hire the tradesman to help with our repairs or parts. The beauty of sailing aruond these islands is that they all have survived from the sea and still support their families from the bounty of the oceans surrounding them. Consequently, we have been blessed to meet and hire many nautical craftsman.

I'm still not believing we are heading south again! Pinch me! It's fun to have friends we've nurtured travel with us...and it's that time of year when every cruiser joins the caravan heading to 12 degrees lattitude and further to Trinidad or Venezuela and beyond. Grenada lies at the lattitude marine insurance companies agree to cover damages if you are within the 'hurricane safe' box. We've sat at anchor and just watched the parade going south. We'll be right behind ya, to the dismay of my man. He truly believes this is the best time to be sailing around these windy isles not tucked away in some 'safe' place waiting out the best winds of the year.

Dudley and Bec

Fisherman's Birthday, Carriacou Style!
07/03/2010, Tyrell Bay Waterfront....

We had a long day, hiking, repairs, shopping and then we decided to go to the Lazy Turtle for pizza! Shucks, it's closed! We are out and hungry and thought we go find out what all the music was about. We passed "Spirited Lady" and Susie told us the Fisherman's Birthday block party was not to be missed. She was going because she's the one who has been cruising this area for years and knows the key places, the chefs, some locals and is extremely social and knew lots of cruisers too. Her boat is one of the most beautiful on our journey! Absolutely stunning, and oh, we love the Captain...Susie is a hoot and we've got lots of memories with her attached to our hearts.

The food was being cooked all over the waterfront but much earlier than we were privy. Susie managed to find the few pots of seafood, 'fish water', welks, and some fried mystery stuff, still available, and then the drinking and dancing began.

What a serendipitous night! A blast really and we want to thank you Susie! We love you! That's Susie, captain of her custom 56' "Spirited Lady", Devonti, partner to Lady "D" on Hallelujah Cafe (her floating bar and restaurant becoming famous among fellow cruisers and locals alike) and moi!

Dudley and Bec

Happy Birthday and Anniversary Wishes!
Dudley and Bec
07/01/2010, Locations Around the World!

It's really hard being so far from our loved ones when honoring their birth, their marriage, their retirements and all the important dates to which we are privy! This is our small way to remember and celebrate each month with a little artful Pizazz!

To Bonnie Ogle, we wish you a Happy Birthday on July 2, and we are absolutely positive you will be celebrating your birthday with style and passion; to Mike Arnold, Happy Happy Birthday on July 8, don't do anything we wouldn't do; to Pat Zumpfe, may your Birthday, July 10th, be very special and I hope you don't get another Sailrite machine this year...just jealously rearing it's ugly head; to my Gram, Ethel Solomon, you're in my heart forever, and I look up to the heavens and hope you know I'm sending a little smile on your day, July 11; to my Aunt (more like a sister), Tricia Krahling, Happy Happy birthday on July 20, party hearty forever; to the Man of my Dreams, Dudley Clark, Happy Birthday on July 23, here in Grenada, may I have your energy, your stamina, your drive, your love of sailing when I'm your age; to my neice, Angela Blackburn, Happy Birhday young woman, July 30th and last but never least, my friend for 30+ years, I love you, admire you, miss you, Happy Happy Birthday, Patti Poole Gartman...Party til you drop on July 30!

We would love to acknowledge our new friend's birthdays too, so please send us an email so we can honor your day here too!

Hugs, Dudley and Bec

Dudley says "Let's go Sailing"...
06/18/2010, Still Anchored in Admiralty Bay, Bequia

Dudley and I are still 'discussing' going sailing, you know the 'he said, she said' kind of conversation. He is suggesting "we sail as far as Martinique, then go back to Grenada..." because he's dying to go sailing!

I'm so in love with sailing, just not really sure if he isn't up to a sneaky move, and for the record I'm so in love with Dudley too. Just not positive he's hoping that when we get to Martinique we may want to go a little further, and a little get my drift. He says: "No honey, I would never try to do that"!

We are still in Bequia, and I'm getting a chance to air out my thoughts with Carol during our morning hikes around the island. The value of girl talk! Very important for all you guys out there.

St. Vincent, On the Road...
06/17/2010, Thru the Sunroof of Tour Guide's SUV!

You'll just have to wait and see the surprisingly good photos from standing thru the sunroof, while our Taxi driver, Reese is swiftly careening around St. Vincent to squeeze in all our wishes today! We were totally surprised that (1) we made it all day long without anything more than greasy armpits and clothes from the sunroof tracks, and (2) sore jaws from laughing at bouncing against each other without a single grumble.

I always ask permission before I shoot blatant closeups, only right ya know, however, I'm finding that there are a lot of 'hamsters' out there! This guy wasn't only amenable to the photography, but a showman too! That, by the way is a very large breadfruit he's trying to sell! And all we thought we were acquiring were directions! There I go thinking again!

The Photo Gallery entitled: St. Vincent...thru the SUNROOF! Pretty good stuff after all!

St. Vincent, Part Three!
06/17/2010, To Windward + Black Point...Jasper Tunnel!

We were swept away to the windward cost and O'M'God! When we get tired of the scenery, the sunsets, the great folks we meet, it will be time to go home! In the meantime, that hasn't even begun to happen. The last place on our wish list is Black Point Park, the home of the unique Jasper Tunnel. This tunnel is about 3,000 feet long and was ordered to be built by the British and constructed by slave labor in 1815 to provide an access route for sugar exports. This stunning achievement is mind boggling and the view at the end of the tunnel is over the top. Very hard to believe that anything could be loaded onto a vessel of any kind from these rocky shores, but it was! Incredible really!

Check out these amazing pix in the Photo Gallery entitled: St. Vincent, Black Point Tunnel!

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