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cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Live Well...Laugh Often...Love Much!
07/08/2010, Linzee's Cafe...

It seems we are acting like we're never coming back. Dudley is going with me again for a hike over to Prickley Bay! We are not walking from Hog Island or Clark's Court Bay...but we dingied over to Hartman Bay and cut off a mile or so of the 'on foot' part. With that being said...we got lost, asked for directions and then got a ride to our destination to boot. I kept saying "just tell us how to get there..." and Dudley is simultaneously agreeing generously "... to take the ride."

We've been hearing about Linzee's Cafe on the 'cruiser's net' every morning, how "reasonable", how "fresh" and how "accessible"! If you are anchored in Prickly Bay!

I thought it was a beautiful hike...check out the "Hike to Linzee's Cafe" photo album!

Dudley forgot all about the length of our 'hike', how hot he was, and couldn't remember that he was hungry either until we both snapped out fingers to see if he was paying attention to the question of "how do you want your eggs cooked?" when this sister/owner, Shyola, turned out to be a smart, beautiful AND creative exotic native...hissssssss, hissssss!

This was not a record breaking 'workout' day...but we didn't 'discuss' my taking too many pix, how many stops I made for pix, nor why I would want to take a pix it appeared I may have taken in the past. So we just may do more 'hiking' *together*!

Shyola asked for my pix of her place for some future advertising...I generously agreed.... "Seeeeeee"!

Dudley and Bec

Back to Grenada after only 3 *FORTNIGHTS*
07/06/2010, Hog Island Anchorage...

You would never know that we provisioned for six months (it seems) before we left to go north on May 25th...that's only 40 days ago. We've also done or had laundry done for us 3 or 4 times too! We've stopped at every outdoor veggie vendor, spent waaaay too much money at Doris' Gourmet Market drooling with longing for most everything expensive, fattening and ooooooh so bad for you!

And here were are rushing our 'dink duty' to get our 'dirty' laundry to CCBM (the one luxury we afford ourselves on this adventure). Salty clothes are the new 'dirty' in our eyes. Everything feels dirty all the time...and bed clothes...always feel great after a day around we like 'fresh' sheets often. It's a ROYAL pain in the the tush removing or reinstalling my custom sheets, but it's one of those teeny luxuries we adore!

It feels like we never left! We said goodbye for real waaay back in May...we were heading north, towards home, towards Miami and would never see our Grenadian Friends again! We had to dash over to Whisper Cove, say hello and give and get hugs there too!

Miss Kitty, SV Falcon says something like this "Don't be sad to leave your new friends...just be thankful you met them in the first place!"

And here we are, back already...How could we have ever known we'd be looking at the Hog Island anchorage again.

Dudley and Bec

Isle de Rhonde, Bye...!
07/05/2010, Part of the Grenada 'chain'....

This is where we decide whether to go left and see the windward coast of Grenada or NOT...

This is Isle de Rhonde on our port side...due east...Diamond Rock on our starboard side, three sisters up there past Isle de Rhonde and finally Grenada in the FAR-ground. We are going to discuss our choices...I would love to make a left here to the east, then make a hard right down the windward coast and head south. First I think it would be exciting having never done this, that's sail on the windward coast of any island, hanging right when we get to the south coast and have the wind and SEAS behind us! We ALWAYS sail on the lee coast to our lee destination or always have to round the southwest corner with the wind and seas on our nose for a south coast destination.

Dudley is the captain...and he's right...again...the wind is outta the south/southeast and the tide is running southeast to northwest. There we are again, he explains, tacking east because west is not an option (Grenada, the country, in the way) and we'd be in the same place as later on...bashing into the wind and seas on our nose. He said, she said...

By going with the "HE SAID" OPTION...we may have time to stop at the next choice which is "Dragon's Bay" to dive off Moliniere Point.

Again...We'll see! By going THIS way we are going to have to set a course very far West...2l0 or 220 to clear Kick'em Jenny! This is the underwater volcano that does erupt every so often, still... Again, Dudley Do Right insists we clear the 5 mile exclusion zone instead of the l.5 (no activity for a while) zone that 'She SAID'.

Again, you'll find out when we do...

Dudley and Bec

Where to NEXT?
07/05/2010, Tyrell Bay, Carriacou...

This trip began, way back in February of 2008 with..."How far will we go?" "How long will we stay?" "How long to wait after the weather changes in our favor for the seas to lie down?" Just to name a few unknowns.

The hardest challenge of all was the not knowing and it has not changed one bit. To quote John Lennon: "It's fear of the unknown. The Unknown is what it is. To be frightened of what it is sends everybody scurring around chasing dreams, illusions, wars, peace, love, hate, all that---it's all illusion. Unknown is what it is. Accept that it's unknown and it's plain sailing. Everything is unknown--then your ahead of the game. That's what it is. Right?"

The choices we have plugged into the chart plotter are: Isle de Ronde, Mulinerre Point, Sandy Point or Hog Island.

Guess we'll share when we know!

Aurevoir Carriacou...we love you!

Dudley and Bec

HAPPY 4th of July America!
07/04/2010, Tyrell bay...Carriacou

Since July 4th is an American holiday we were limited to our own devices. We didn't have any Brits sharing their jokes and frivolity of our independence and their good riddence...but we know how to celebrate and wanted to share God's help in our simbolic Red, White and Blue...enjoy the sunset!

Happy 4th to all our fellow Americans!

Dudley and Bec

Best Hiking EVER! Thanks Carol!
07/03/2010, From Leeward to Windward, Carriacou

I'm proud to say that we've made some really wonderful cruising friends and I've made some great hiking partners along the way too! Carol, of S/V Sweet Caroline, has been hiking with me a lot lately. Carol is fun...we giggle a lot! We are both shutter bugs, so it's a steady, stop and start excursion getting nowhere fast! We chat, we hike, we shoot and that goes on for hours as often as we can. We decide the day before who's driving and doing the pickup. Whoever drives detaches their dingy from it's chains that bind it each night and all that's related to 'dink' duty. After slathering thick slabs of sunscreen for the another day in the blazing sun, packing our packs with plenty of water, cameras, hats and stowing our walking sticks so they don't 'jump' out of the dink when I'm driving and getting that teeny rubber boat on a plane...then we're off.

Today is a trip to the windward side where we should be able to see Sandy Island! The people are so friendly and they teach their children to be welcoming, respectful and kind also. They tell us almost everywhere how grateful they are that cruisers help to support their businesses, buy their veggies they grow, pay them to do our laundry, hire the tradesman to help with our repairs or parts. The beauty of sailing aruond these islands is that they all have survived from the sea and still support their families from the bounty of the oceans surrounding them. Consequently, we have been blessed to meet and hire many nautical craftsman.

I'm still not believing we are heading south again! Pinch me! It's fun to have friends we've nurtured travel with us...and it's that time of year when every cruiser joins the caravan heading to 12 degrees lattitude and further to Trinidad or Venezuela and beyond. Grenada lies at the lattitude marine insurance companies agree to cover damages if you are within the 'hurricane safe' box. We've sat at anchor and just watched the parade going south. We'll be right behind ya, to the dismay of my man. He truly believes this is the best time to be sailing around these windy isles not tucked away in some 'safe' place waiting out the best winds of the year.

Dudley and Bec

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