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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Can't get enough...Hiking, Flora, Friends...
07/13/2010, At Anchor, Calivigny Cut on Mrs. Desilia!

Now it's time for dinner...and I dont' have to cook tonight! Carolyn and Danny on S/V Mrs. Desilia have invited us for dinner! This means we will have to navigate the bridge, the waves on our nose in the dink which means for a wet arrival...and neighbors of SV MD all basking in the delirious breezes that soar thru this cut between Phare Blue Bay and Calivigny Island. Their boat is so big, so spacious and her galley...Love them more...but had to share!

Carolyn is a wonderful chef. Dinner and company was delightful and we're going to miss them! Aurevoir! Mon Amis! We're all learning French, since we've been hanging out with the folks at Whisper Cove. Ooooo la la! Bon!

Dudley and Bec

Another Full Day in Paradise!
07/13/2010, Grand Anse Valley...

I never get tired of hiking on these islands, but Grenada has been a true blessing. It's because of the time we've spent, a year, and we never could have predicted it. We've made some good friends, Grenadians too. Carol was brave enough to go visit Mary Ross's home in Grand Anse. It's a long one from Clark's Court Bay Marina, but so worth it! Another dark and overcast day...just like we like it! It's getting very steaming, very much like summer should be! Keeps us hydrated...'keeps the wrinkles at bay'!

It's time to find a hidy hole...
07/12/2010, Port Luis Marina, St. George

We couldn't find a better place! Location, location and location! Not to mention a great deal! They offered us a sweet summer package if we promise to stay there 4 months. We couldn't refuse!

Dudley and Bec

"Block-O", Grenada Style!
07/11/2010, Lower Woburn, South Coast Grenada!

We are going to miss Grenada's Carnival because we have to be home for a family event on the 31st! Shucks@#$%^%$#@$^&!!!

We have connections in high places friends Violet and Nigel at Whisper Cove filled us in on the ferocity of Grenadians when it comes to Carnival! They've been rehearsing for months and are starting to bring their music, magic and dancing on the streets a month early for "Block-Os" to work out the kinks!

It's nice to have the inside skinny! We dragged a few cruising friends, Carolyn, Danny, Carol and John and it's wonderful to feel so at peace with the locals! Thanks Violet...thanks Nigel! Thanks Grenada!

Dudley is checking out the local magician!

Dudley and Bec

It's so Great to have a Walking Partner...
07/10/2010, Woburn...Panorama Heaven....

It's nice to have a break from the SUN! It's great to have a fellow photographer friend! Thanks Carol! Thanks Grenada!


Live Well...Laugh Often...Love Much!
07/08/2010, Linzee's Cafe...

It seems we are acting like we're never coming back. Dudley is going with me again for a hike over to Prickley Bay! We are not walking from Hog Island or Clark's Court Bay...but we dingied over to Hartman Bay and cut off a mile or so of the 'on foot' part. With that being said...we got lost, asked for directions and then got a ride to our destination to boot. I kept saying "just tell us how to get there..." and Dudley is simultaneously agreeing generously "... to take the ride."

We've been hearing about Linzee's Cafe on the 'cruiser's net' every morning, how "reasonable", how "fresh" and how "accessible"! If you are anchored in Prickly Bay!

I thought it was a beautiful hike...check out the "Hike to Linzee's Cafe" photo album!

Dudley forgot all about the length of our 'hike', how hot he was, and couldn't remember that he was hungry either until we both snapped out fingers to see if he was paying attention to the question of "how do you want your eggs cooked?" when this sister/owner, Shyola, turned out to be a smart, beautiful AND creative exotic native...hissssssss, hissssss!

This was not a record breaking 'workout' day...but we didn't 'discuss' my taking too many pix, how many stops I made for pix, nor why I would want to take a pix it appeared I may have taken in the past. So we just may do more 'hiking' *together*!

Shyola asked for my pix of her place for some future advertising...I generously agreed.... "Seeeeeee"!

Dudley and Bec

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