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Altair's Cruz Nuz
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Oooooh, the wind took the day off...
07/18/2010, The reef protecting Hog Island Anchorage!

We've tried many times to snorkel around Hog Island, Around Calivigny Island, around to Woburn Bay and to Hartman Bay, but we are in the Windward Islands after all. We really do love the wind...the hotflash queen is very grateful and it does give us much need "air" conditioning. We got lucky today because it was calm and easy to get out to the reef this afternoon. We are so connected to the earth, the sea and all it's inhabitants...that's why it's important to see what's happening to the reefs here!

They look great from the dingy when we are traveling to Hartman Bay, to Woburn Bay and to Egmont Bay.. but getting in the water is the real test.

The coral looks pretty good and again, we find it hard to spot a lot of fish! What can we all do to stop the overfishing, the pollution of our earths oceans? The Japanese are wooing the Grenadians to have 'whaling, turtle and fishing rights. In return, they will pay big bucks to the Grenadians who are so desperate for monetary help. We must be more proactive...What do you say?

In the meantime...enjoy the coral which we are thrilled to share!

Dudley and Bec

Renting a Car with Carolyn and Danny!
07/16/2010, A Ring Around the Island...

Like I said, it seems like we are acting as if we are never coming back to Grenada! We rented a car with our good friends Carolyn and Danny and we had a blast!

You'll just have to check out the photo Album and look for "Around the Isle of Grenada in 13 hours! Awesome!

Dudley and Bec

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Hostess with the Mostest...Meet Crystal...
07/15/2010, Hog Island Anchorage on Dancing Dolphins!

Oh, it kills us to be meeting great new folks just as we are leaving for Port Luis Marina on the West Coast to store the boat for a few months. We have the pleasure of Crystal, pictured here, and her hubby Michael in other shots aboard their small, 38' catamaran, Dancing Dolphin who invited us to join some other friends to sundowners. This little catamaran, huge really when you compare it to Altair...anything is huge compared to Altair, actually, makes us yearn for more space. We must've been crazy thinkin' we could cruise on board this wee craft of ours. Fabulously so we are proud to exclaim.

We are really squeezing all the exploring, friends and places we can into the time we have left. This is as good a way as any, sitting on the back deck of a really cool folk's home on the seas. Ok, behind a really big reef protecting this sweet place, Hog Island Anchorage, we are calling home, right now anyway.

Stay tuned...more fun to squeeze in before we hop on that plane soon.

Dudley and Bec

Can't get enough...Hiking, Flora, Friends...
07/13/2010, At Anchor, Calivigny Cut on Mrs. Desilia!

Now it's time for dinner...and I dont' have to cook tonight! Carolyn and Danny on S/V Mrs. Desilia have invited us for dinner! This means we will have to navigate the bridge, the waves on our nose in the dink which means for a wet arrival...and neighbors of SV MD all basking in the delirious breezes that soar thru this cut between Phare Blue Bay and Calivigny Island. Their boat is so big, so spacious and her galley...Love them more...but had to share!

Carolyn is a wonderful chef. Dinner and company was delightful and we're going to miss them! Aurevoir! Mon Amis! We're all learning French, since we've been hanging out with the folks at Whisper Cove. Ooooo la la! Bon!

Dudley and Bec

Another Full Day in Paradise!
07/13/2010, Grand Anse Valley...

I never get tired of hiking on these islands, but Grenada has been a true blessing. It's because of the time we've spent, a year, and we never could have predicted it. We've made some good friends, Grenadians too. Carol was brave enough to go visit Mary Ross's home in Grand Anse. It's a long one from Clark's Court Bay Marina, but so worth it! Another dark and overcast day...just like we like it! It's getting very steaming, very much like summer should be! Keeps us hydrated...'keeps the wrinkles at bay'!

It's time to find a hidy hole...
07/12/2010, Port Luis Marina, St. George

We couldn't find a better place! Location, location and location! Not to mention a great deal! They offered us a sweet summer package if we promise to stay there 4 months. We couldn't refuse!

Dudley and Bec

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