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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
We need to assess the damage!
07/29/2010, Miami, Florida...on land...

It really nice to be home, but the reason is not! We have water damage in our two story townhouse and we're going to have to figure it out! Altair is always a work in progress and it's always nice to come home for some 'luxury'. We love the crusing lifestyle, the simplicity, living simply so others may simply live, my motto for about 40 years...but it's nice to have a fridge, a real shower with a glass enclosure and hot and cold running water. Then there's an oven, a car (well, not until we get it from our son's in West Palm Beach), tall ceilings, spaces for computers to live without having to break them down and stow them away each time. There's cable, high speed internet, mailmen, family and friends! The best for last, of course!!!

Speaking of family...we are renting a car to go to our Grandson's house warming tomorrow in Ocala...a 6 hour drive! This is his first home, his first job as a firefighter ( 3rd generation by the way) and the reason we didn't stay for CARNIVAL, Grenada style! Family rules!

And we thought we'd just take some quiet time and deal with the repairs on the house...NOT!!!


Now this is a Welcoming Site!
07/27/2010, Stiltsville...Miami 3 miles away!

We wanted to arrive home before hurricane season cranked up and we did with these icons marking the entrance to Biscayne Bay before us.

Stiltsville is an historic site going back to the days of prohibition! The wealthy connived a brilliant plan to be just far enough offshore in these very clever, very colorful, luxurious escape pads.

Sailing thru the markers guiding mariners past the shallows where these monuments of the daring built their dream homes, gambling houses, party palaces on stilts is humbling. Our adventure was exciting this historical site was thrilling X 12.

It's comforting to be home and that's what these gems represent for us...but we are emotionally split with the imaginary tug the Caribbean has upon us with our native friends, flora, fauna and cultures, and the lure of Miami with our dear friends of old and family's welcoming hugs!

Dudley and Bec

Just TWO more days...
07/26/2010, Port Louis Marina, St. Georges, Grenada

We have so much to do! We need a ll0v on the dock anymore; clamps for the Yamaha almost done to secure it the stern rail mount; sails down and stowed, change oil and tranny fluid, pack, and a list that would take days just to list and too boring to share! Tons!

Everybody has offered to keep an eye on Altair while we're gone, but it's our home away from home and it's still hard to leave her with just the solar to operate the bilge pumps! That's all that's running and there's just not enough time to have Southern electric make up the cables!

We did make time to have a bon voyage gathering at the pool! Carolyn and Danny came up from their snug spot @ Whisper Cove and another good time was had by all!'s gonna be good to be home for some quiet time! This is very active business! We thought we were very social folks, but this is nuts! Good NUTS that is!


Surprise, Surprise, Surprise...
07/23/2010, National Museum in St. George!

We just back to Port Louis Marina, to our friends, Lucy and Richard on SV Marie Galante, Wendy and Doug on SV Nahani River, Marilyn and Kent on MV Cardea, Scott on SV Rasmusan and our new friends Susan and Jack on MV Maggie Mae! What we didn't know was that they had been planning a surprise birthday party for Dudley!

Lucy and I immediately began our walks to Grand Anse and I coverty ordered decorations, cake, balloons and managed to get them to Oliver at his new restaurant in the National Museum.

How spendiferous and was he surprised! How wonderful and blessed to have made such great friends this past year come together and organize a very memorable celebration for Dudley's birthday this year! Thank you all!

He got some wonderful gifts, the food of great and we laughed all night!

Do ya think he was in his glory, surrounded by all the 'girls' smothering him with kisses?

Happy Birthday to you dear, wonderful, love of my life, Dudley!


It's Short but we're Sailing!
07/20/2010, Hog Island to Port Lous Marina

To quote a dear friend: "Pull up those white things and point the boat somewhere", thanks Phil! We it's only to Port Louis Marina, 8 miles around the southwest cape...from Hog Island, which we love to another place we feel very comfortable! Port Louis and all the folks who cater to our every need, for a price, of course feel very cozy...We think you're grand and never dreamed we've been here, in Grenada for a year! On July 8, 2009, we arrived here in Grenada...and we still love her! Clearly we don't move very fast...but then, we'd never have this opportunity for a journey like this.

We love it like this...blustery, a bit squally and we think it spikes the adrenalin for a change!

Dudley and Bec

Oooooh, the wind took the day off...
07/18/2010, The reef protecting Hog Island Anchorage!

We've tried many times to snorkel around Hog Island, Around Calivigny Island, around to Woburn Bay and to Hartman Bay, but we are in the Windward Islands after all. We really do love the wind...the hotflash queen is very grateful and it does give us much need "air" conditioning. We got lucky today because it was calm and easy to get out to the reef this afternoon. We are so connected to the earth, the sea and all it's inhabitants...that's why it's important to see what's happening to the reefs here!

They look great from the dingy when we are traveling to Hartman Bay, to Woburn Bay and to Egmont Bay.. but getting in the water is the real test.

The coral looks pretty good and again, we find it hard to spot a lot of fish! What can we all do to stop the overfishing, the pollution of our earths oceans? The Japanese are wooing the Grenadians to have 'whaling, turtle and fishing rights. In return, they will pay big bucks to the Grenadians who are so desperate for monetary help. We must be more proactive...What do you say?

In the meantime...enjoy the coral which we are thrilled to share!

Dudley and Bec

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