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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Celebration Day, February Style!
02/01/2011, Grenada, Still!

We love taking this opportunity to send e-love! So since February is Love month, it's February style! We like sending e-cards when we can...but it's better to do it here at you know you always hold that big huge spot in our hearts whether we can get an internet connection to hear your voice with a Skype call or not!

James, my gorgeous cousin in Maryland, we wish you a very Happy Birthday on Valentine's your day is shared with LOVE Day, very cool! You are still wild enough, cool enough and young enough that there's not a spec of doubt about your celebration. To my awesome friend Terry, I miss you lotsly! I miss your killer parties, so accept our wishes on the 23rd, for your day to be as spectacular as you are! To my cousin Cindy, I want details and I haven't heard from you in please accept our love and best wishes for a great Birthday on the 5th. Tricia, please give Cindy our email or blog address, ok? To Deb Clark, Dudley's cousin, we wish you a very merry Birthday today! We want to know where you went, as your travels always *are * a celebration and yours is no exception. Big Love!!! Last, and but never least, to our very own jokester, Happy Happy Birthday Doug! We love laughing with you! We miss you both very much and wish we were there to help you celebrate, wherever Nahani River has taken you! That's their big beautiful and spaceously lovely catamaran that has been the host of many delightful laughs!

Here's a great big hug for the birthdays and anniversaries we're not aware of, yet!

Big Love, Dudley and Bec

-- Dudley and Bec S/V Altair skype name: dbaltair skype #: 305.600.2308 [email protected] [email protected]

Altair is for Sale!
02/01/2011, Right here at PLM...4622

This is Tim, the guy on the right! He's retiring in a couple of months and told his and our buddies on Moondance, Carolyn and Robert, that he was coming to look at a boat for sale in Grenada! Ok, so how does this concern us?

Dudley has been saying for a while now that when we get back to Miami he wants to sell Altair and get a smaller boat... a Sharpie if truth be known. Hey, what about me! I love her too..

We spent hours discussing what we would leave if we sold her here! I cried...and truthfully, I just can't imagine Dudley selling his MISTRESS!!!

Oh well, well see!

We've been working like dogs, turning our stored boat, our house boat, into a sailboat again! We just got the opportunity to speed things up and clean her up having to see with different eyes!

Just like at home...if you want to really clean house...invite your friends for dinner.

Everything is for sale for the right price! Right? He did not make an offer, but the seed has been planted!


Our 3rd Grenadian Flag
01/30/2011, Here at PLM, still...

We've been here long enough that the locals are saying we are now natives! We just hate the thought of leaving, but we've been working like mad to make some sense of the mess we still have! Our last Grenadian Flag was in tatters...#3 it is!

This is Mr. Jules! He makes quality flags among other things, but manages to recognize the newbies or the returnees for his sales pitch!

We're not going to be flying this one for long...gotta GO North...

Dudley and Bec
S/V Altair
skype name: dbaltair
skype #: 305.600.2308
[email protected]
[email protected]

Fish Friday with Carolyn and Danny!
01/29/2011, Victoria, NW Coast of Grenada...

We had no way to reach S/V Mrs. Desilia, Carolyn and Danny, the radio won't reach way over the mountain ridge on the south coast in Hartman Bay. They emailed us this morning still no word! What's up>

We tried calling Shademan...the taxi driver, du jour, but he wasn't answering so I started chopping for salsa and gave up on this evening with the gang! We heard S/V Alde Baron on the radio with Shademan telling him we were trying to reach him earlier and we got talked into joining the two buses full to the gills with fellow cruisers looking for a different flavor in "Fish Fridays" on the lee coast of Grenada! If we must!!!

This is smaller than Gouave, the fish capital of Grenada, but they do the same thing...close off the a couple of streets to traffic, line up their booths and cook the local dishes for everyone to partake.

The only thing I was bummed about was not getting anyone to join me for a taste of manicou, tattou, mona and iguana! That would be possum, armadillo, monkey and then the lizard! No takers on the land fare, but we danced, we ate seafood, being "Fish Friday" and all, we laughed and probably drank too much! I'm starting to like my new concoction, dark rum and ting....yummy!

Dudley and Bec
S/V Altair skype name:
dbaltair skype #: 305.600.2308
[email protected]
[email protected]

Grenada Sailing Festival
01/28/2011, Hosted by Port Louis Marina, St. George

The races were off Grand Anse Beach with all the entertainment, awards and festivities being held right here at Port Louis Marina! My good friend Lucy and I hiked to a spot she had scouted and we had a perfect birds eye view of the races! I had my awesome Canon Power Shot, but just couldn't reach the actual races. The flora and fauna by my side is a different story.

Danny Donelan is the marketing guru who still is blazing trails and he just plunged "Saavy" the Carriacou sloop for the race! She's been refitted, spiffed up and painted bright "Carriacou RED"! Danny had a full crew, we tried to sign up, entering her in her first race just stylin'!

We just had to partake of the kickoff party tonight and Lucy and I are here congratulating the wild man !


Dudley and Bec
S/V Altair
skype name: dbaltair skype
#: 305.600.2308
[email protected]
[email protected]

01/25/2011, Port Louis Marina Neighbors

We were lucky to have met Pam and Brian, owners of this gorgeous 72' Gaff Foresail Schooner on the bus careening around Grand Anse the other day. They were sweet to invite us for sundowners and a photo session onboard *REBECCA* and she IS a work of art! She was built in Vineyard Haven @ Martha's Vineyard!

Pam and Brian were delightful as well, and you can meet them too! Just type in Rebecca of Viineyard Haven on your browser and she's available for charter!

It's very nice to be surrounded by the rich and famous here at Port Louis Marina! Feeling very cool...

Dudley and Bec

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