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Grenada's Independence Day
02/07/2011, National Stadium, St. George

The people of Grenada are so proud! Their green, red and yellow banners of every variety have been displayed for weeks now in preparation for this grand day! This is the 37th year of their independence and we were there to help them celebrate!

A few of us, Jo Ann and Gene, our neighbors on Eli Blue, Miles on Lonestar and I hiked to the stadium! Richard took Lucy, Michelle and Josee in their dingy to the Carenage, shaving off half the walk for those three. He went back to join Dudley and they both had a day off staying nice and dry at the marina with some quiet time.

We were treated to a stunning parade and just wanted to share their colors completely and gloriously displayed on these two gracious beautiful young ladies!


Hiking to Mary's Again...
02/06/2011, Grand Anse Valley, across the hill from the Dove Sanctuary!

The friends I've met have made here on this awesome island have burrowed a huge home in my heart!

This is my friend Mary and I'm so happy to have this opportunity to see Josh her son and her new garden! Just wanted to get a hug/give a hug to let her know how special she is to me!

We're leaving Grenada for real this time and she looked at me with those big brown eyes and said "take me with you"!

Love you Mary! I promise to keep in touch!


Grenada's Beauty!!!
02/06/2011, Grand Anse Valley

I hike everyday! Since we've been back to Grenada, I've been hell bent on loosing the 8-l0 punds I packed on while at home in Miami with friends cooking for us, having the oven turned on too much, eating out instead of the healthy menus I usually prepare, etc.

Just had to share as often as I can...enjoy!


Work Boat Races...with Lots of Wind and Big Seas!
02/05/2011, Grand Anse Beach!!!

This is a really cool event each year and this is our second time to enjoy the races! Very cool...killer boats...and this year it was really exciting!

The seas were big, swamping the boats as they shoved off the beach...the winds were high and the boats were over canvased, crashing into each other and just so exhilarating!

Again, oil downs being cooked in large caldrons every 50 feet, music from the humongous speakers, iron man contests and kids and families wearing their national colors in anticipation of Independence Day in a couple of days! Just a blast and a bunch of our friends showed up to help them celebrate this tradition.

Thanks once again Grenada...we are so going to miss this country!


An Invitation to take a Spin on the Water!
02/04/2011, St. Georges, Grenada

Lucy and Richard, our friends since we arrived in Grenada...just got a new outboard! "Do we want to take a spin and a break from the work on the boat"?

"You BET!!!!" Cameras in tow, we all wanted to check out this monster!

This boat, our inspiration for the 'spin', is called "Le Grand Blue"...she's so decadent that she carries on board a huge sailing yacht on her port side complete with crane and a very large stink-pot on her starboard deck. If they are cost conscious at all do you think they placed only one crane for both boats? NOT. Clearly!!! How smart to you have to be to have that much money? Clearly we aren't, but we're happy!


International Whaling Committee
02/03/2011, Grenada and the entire Caribbean!

I was on one of my hikes to visit my friend Mary Ross in Grand Anse Valley! While I was sitting there talking about her hard times and that of "Rogers Barefoot Beach Bar" her boyfriend (man friend, actually) my friend Tony Jeramiah, National Forestry sees me and stops by for some of Mary's good cooking! Damn it, he had to go because they were meeting with the Japanese about the IWC. They, the Japanese, are giving favors, bribing and buying votes within the IWC to acquire whaling rights here in Grenada and all over the Caribbean, in fact.

This is not new news...but we have to get involved...The Japanese say it's their national policy to help developing countries! BS...they will eat anything they can get from the sea and it will be void of everything that swims if they continue to have control of the IWC.

Let's vote to keep the ban in place...let the whales reproduce and eat something else for a while! The Grenadians are teaching at the school level to refrain from hunting during mating season....are they so desperate for monetary help they have to sell the whaling rights?


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