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Altair's Cruz Nuz
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We did IT!
02/15/2011, Grenada to Carriacou...

Dudley wanted to leave @ 6:30 as a safety net! It took us 9 hours for a 7 hour trip @ 5kts the last time we did this leg! We didn't leave until 8a because the office doesn't open until 7a to read the water and electric meters, return our $500 (EC) deposit for the internet modem and check us out! "If we get to Carriacou after dark I'm going to be ticked", says my captain!

I read in Doyle's guide that hugging the Grenada coast until you get to the NW tip and then tacking to Sauteers (in the middle of the north coast) will give us a lot of easting and we can skirt the volcano exclusion zone well to the east. We did just that, cut through the Three Sisters, sped by Isle De Ronde and had a superb sail! It was rough, but the day was gorgeous and boisterous just the way we like it! Oh, it's so good to be sailing again.

We are now in Carriacou! Granted, it's only 35 miles (only l,750 to go "as the crow flies", says my honey), but @ 5 knots we made it in 7 hours and were anchored in Tyrell Bay by 3p.

The seas and weather are still predicted to be unruly, big and riotous, but we will just have to wait and see when we can leave for the Grenedines!

We made it...loved it...and it's wonderful to be cruisers again! Hip Hip Horay!

Dudley and Bec

We got a window to leave!
02/14/2011, Grenada to Carriacou...

We called our good friend Don and were checking on his father-in-law and Olga who had to fly home to Miami! We were talking about a possible weather window tomorrow, but it was me on skype, so he said "you have a long way to go Bec, so this opportunity to leave is as good as any to do a shakedown"! Darn, the voice of reason...not emotion!

Our friends on SV Epsilon, Josee and Michel, are leaving tomorrow too, so it sounds like this is for real this time!

We jumped into high speed mode and it took us all day to get ready. We had to put all the fiddles in, strap the fridge on the floor with a starboard tack, which will be the norm going north. We had to strap and secure the Yamaha and hoist it aboard, fill water tanks, solar showers and unhook the hose to stow it! After the rain dodger was removed, Shawn and Tan Tan helped put the dingy on the deck (very nice to see three men do what the two of us do), then said goodbye to Martin, Roger and all the marina folks! Good bye tears all around for Lucy and Richard on Marie Galante II. Fenders cleaned and stowed, dink tied down...and every single thing stowed or lashed for an 8 hour trip! We stow the two laptops, the printer, the cockpit light all bundled tightly between all the pillows and 'bed extension' and everything really fragile...but can't do that until we get out of bed in the morning.

We still have 15-20 knots of wind and big seas @ 7-10' but the waves are 10 seconds apart which makes the world of difference in our favor. We usually look for seas 4' or less and wind 15 knots or less...but like Don says: "Gotta go when you can, you have a big journey ahead if you want to get home by July"!

We put all the reef points in the main, removed the sail cover, and loaded the chart plotter with way points.

Wish us luck! We're rusty (right along with the good ship Altair)!

Dudley and Bec
S/V Altair
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Happy Valentine's Day
02/13/2011, National Museum, St. Georges

Happy Love Day!

We bought tickets along with Lucy and Richard for the brunch at the National Museum...very serendipitous and very cool! Sunday not Monday, but it's LOVE day, even if it is early!

They took us downtown to the Carenage in their dink and it was a top shelf! The company was grand, the food was wonderful...the steel band were a group called "The Angel Harp Steel Orchestra, excellent really!

We had the pleasure of meeting Sasha and Samuel and they joined us for the meal, and then these two little actresses or hams couldn't have had more fun posing, and just plain giggling til their sides split!

Hope your day was full of love!!!

Dudley and Bec

I must say goodbye to Jessie!
02/12/2011, Farmer's Market, St. George!

Friends are worth the hike anytime...this is my last visit with Jessie, a dear woman who's always ready with a hug and a gift when I buy from her stall... so I'm off!

I'm overwhelmed with Love, so no pix of Jessie just the fabulous market!


02/10/2011, Stuck at PLM, still...

We sent the laundry, one last time...we hope...but the seas are 10-15', the wind won't lay down, just blasting us with 20-30 knots for days and the just keeps coming and we're shriveled!

What's going on? We know there are cold fronts coming south from the USA, but this is ridiculous! Of course we want to go and now this!


Hike to Farmer's Market with Miles...
02/10/2011, St. Georges, Downtown!

I really wanted to walk to the market today, so I invited Miles because he really likes to walk too and I finally have some long legs to keep the pace active! We wanted some fresh food to go with all the canned and packaged provisions, so this is the answer. I also wanted to say goodbye to my friend Jessie at the market!

Diane, another vendor at the market that is a sweetheart told me the news..."Jessie is not here today, tomorrow".... She's beautiful and very preggy!

This is one of my favorite places here in this special country of Grenada. I've come to love these ambitious, enterprising and caring women too!

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