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Altair's Cruz Nuz
cruising, vb, kroozing, working on your boat in exotic locations around the Caribbean....Dudley and Becca
Goodbye Bequia...
03/07/2011, Tudi's Home...NW corner, looking South @ Admiralty Bay, Bequia!

We were not pulling the anchor up until 6p tonight for our first over nighter in 2 years! I talked Dudley into letting me go for one last hike, we'd eat a late, late lunch, a big one...somewhere, and then head out after the 2 hours it takes to turn the houseboat in a sailing machine.

I hiked to the ruins of the Fort on the NW corner of Admiralty bay, sat and chilled for a few minutes and began my trek back down the mountain. I said hello to a woman on her porch with the spectacular view and shared my gratitude for having us in their country! We became instant friends. Tudi lives in St. Croix and here in Bequia, and her kids are both in the National Guard. She is a very proud woman and was not shy about telling me so either. Tudi and her granddaughter pictured here, entertained me, gave me some fish she just cooked and some bread she cooked earlier! After I emoted that my man was going to send out a search party, she reminded me that I was bringing him home a freshly cooked lunch! I cannot believe how much love is available when you give it too! The only concern I had now was the dog population that will surely be my traveling mates back down that 'hill'.

My honey and I discussed walking the wharf and going for a short dive before jumping in action...getting the boat ready for the 60 mile, 12 hour journey to St. Lucia! We did not get that dive in and we did not leave a 5p like my captain wanted! We left just before sunset and it was a beautiful send off for our first over nighter in a very long time. We are rusty, that's for sure!

What about those whales which are running right now? Don't happy!


We SQUEEZED in a hike to Friendship Bay!
03/06/2011, Port Elizabeth to West Cay...Bequia!

All I have to say is "I did not try to wear my man out!" We hiked for 5 hours...over to Friendship Bay and to the Whaling Capital of the West Indies. We met a local fisherman, "Duncan"; another multi-generational historian; Audie Bandana, pictured here, at his"Cultural Park" created wholely by his hand; the Church we were drawn to and sat in for a service and gave a donation; the Whaling Lodge (which turned out to be a private home, says Dudley) and the Whaling Museum, narrated by a real live whaler, Mr. Austin. What a spectacular day! Thanks Universe, thanks honey for taking such an ambitious hike with me! The guidebook says "Local buses can be useful for getting around the island, especially if you are going down to La Pompe or Paget Farm, both of which can seem like a never-ending walk. Just watch for one and stick out your arm". When I read this for Dudley, he had that wide eyed deer in the headlights look..."right?" We did get a bus back to Port Elizabeth, where our dingy was tied...not a bit too soon I might add.

We make it back, just in time to get our laundry, which was delivered to another Altair with Susan and Paul on board. These were not our friends from the Bahamas, three years ago, Jill and Mike, from the UK. Life could not be better in Altair's waterworld!

We will leave sometime around 5-6p tomorrow! It's a 12 hour passage, so we will take heed of the weather sites. We are looking at taking advantage of the easterly winds and waves...passing St. Vincent on her windward coast... then... around midnight, when the winds are predicted to go NE, have a beam reach to View Fort, the southern tip of St. Lucia!

More tomorrow when we know more!


It's Sooooo Good to be back!
03/05/2011, Port Elizabeth, Admiralty Bay, Bequia

We had a lovely day, asking about Moonhole, this very unusual getaway, asking about Friendship Bay, the Whaling Museum and the fishing industry. The man we asked was a 5th generation Bequian, Mr. Oliver Lubin. If you take the time to sit and talk with a local are rewarded immensely. Mr. Lubin wound up buying his family's land back from a foreigner and is determined to restore his legacy.

We provisioned patronizing all the local markets, Knights, Doris' Gourmet delight, the veggie street vendors, the tourist office to see if I can get in touch with "Emma" a Brit who migrated here and set up her professional hairdressing shop and the seafood vendors. It's a cruisers paradise!

Gotta go, we KNOW! Weather looks like Monday for St. Lucia!


Hello Bequia! We're Back!!!!
03/04/2011, Princess Margaret Beach, Admiralty Bay

We are anchored near our friends "SV Jule", Cathy and Chris...but they stopped by to say they are leaving in the morning for St. Lucia...this hello goodbye stuff is for the birds! It's so hard to say goodbye!


Nooooooooo...A serious TANTRUM!!!
Becca B.
03/04/2011, Tobago Cays, just south of Petite Bateau to Bequia!

Dudley agreed to get in the water for two days, instead of the plan we had agreed to when we decided to bash ahead for Miami in 5 months! I know I need to be rational and not emotional, like a woman, go figure...but I don't ever want to leave this place! Sharks or not! We have Union and Mayreau for our needs and these are a few of the boat boys and their boats they paint with their moniker...very creative stuff. They bring us everything we need, for a price.

We took off at 9:14 (after agreeing to leave between 8:30a and 9, just yesterday). Again, "we must get there by dark" and believe it or not..."the wind is always on the nose!" Says my captain, my man.

Today was an exception. Thank you sailing gods! We made it in 6.5 hours and sailed fabulously the whole way! Now I know I sound like I'm exaggerating, like I do sometimes, but it was really hoity toity snubbing our noses up at Mustique...saying "we like Bequia better!" "Neener, neener, neener!"

We love Bequia, a lot, just in case you haven't noticed!

Dudley and Bec

Dudley and Bec
S/V Altair
skype name: dbaltair
skype #: 305.600.2308
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[email protected]

Just a fraction of a second...and we were in...
03/02/2011, Tobago Cays, St. Vincent and The Grenadines!

The first thing, for both of us, to enter into a relax mode is sailing, the more vigorous the better, and secondly, it's plunging into the water as if your life depended upon it for sustenance. This phenomenal wonderland, the Cays of Tobago, are the perfect peaceful escape for us. There are so many charter boats, but this time, knowing it will be our last time, we didn't even notice. We didn't notice how old and craggy looking Altair has become...we didn't notice the time of day, the list of projects, none of it. How beautiful to be here was the star today.

This amazing specimen of mother nature took me by surprise! He liked me to! He circled me, a few times, getting closer and closer each time, so I decided it was time to go! He and his two mates, freeloaders for real, the ramoras didn't mind whether or not I was there anyway.

I popped up to the surface to see that Dudley was back on the dingy and I started to work my way back to him! I saw a reef shark! He was not huge, but rocket streamlined, pointy, sharp, menacing and gone! I did NOT get a picture. I don't miss a thing that screams for my lens...but I could not get a shot of him..." never miss an opportunity to immortalize your subjects forever....and you didn't get the shark?", said my trusting, believer, my man Dudley. We never ever think of seeing shark in these shallow waters...hmmmmmm..

It's so nice to be here, REALLY...we are on working on your boat in the Cays! Dudley said we can stay for two days and that's GOOD. We got weather on the net before we left Union to cover us until we get to Bequia. No internet/weather, that's NOT GOOD with the weather being so crazy this year!

Stay tuned!

-- Dudley and Bec S/V Altair skype name: dbaltair skype #: 305.600.2308 [email protected] [email protected]

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